31. They sat together around the table, with
(门关着). (shut)
[思路分析] 此题的答案为 the door shut. 该题考查的是 with 的复合结构, with +宾语+宾语补足语, 即 补足语可以是现在分词(表示主动,宾语是分词动作的执行者;动作正在进行),过去分词(表被动,宾 语是分词动作的对象;动作已完成),形容词(表状态),不定式(将要发生),介词短语(表状态)等. 又如: Come on, please give me some ideas about the project. Sorry .With so much work A. filled B. filling C. to fill D. being filled 正确答案为 B,work-fill-mind 构成主-谓-宾的关系. my mind, I almost break down. (2007 福建 26 题)

  32. I haven't the slightest idea
(他正在说什么). (talk)
[思路分析] 此题的答案为(of) what he is talking about.此题有三个考点,一是宾语从句,并要注意宾 语从句是陈述句,二是现在进行时,三是与 talk 连用的介词.

  33. The fact
(他失败了数次) makes him very upset. (he, fail )
[思路分析] 答案为 that he has failed (for) several times.此题考查了两个方面,一是对现在完成时定义 的理解,即"动作发生在过去,到说话时已经结束,但对现在有影响和结果",我们称之为"已完成"用法; 二是从单词 fact 来分析,此题考查了同位语从句,同位语从句的引导词 that 不能省略.

  34. Last night, John was answering the letters that
(寄给他的) during the past two weeks. (arrive)
[思路分析] 此题的答案为 had arrived for him.该题有两个考点要注意,一是时态,二是和 arrive 连用 的介词. during the past two weeks 可以知道, 句子应用完成时, 从 因为像短语 during / in / over the past years, so far, up till now, to date 都是使用现在完成时的标志, 加上主句的谓语是过去时态, 而得到信是在回信之前, 即"过去的过去",故用过去完成时.另外,arrive 是不及物动词,不能直接加宾语,若要接宾语,要在其后 加上适当的介词, 如到达某地用 arrive in / at. 这里的 arrive for him 中的 for 不是固定搭配, 它是 the letters for him 的意思,for 后接表对象或用途的词,具体含义为"对于;供;适合于". 又如: ① This is a junior school. You should go to a senior school A. for B. about C. from D. to the meeting. (2007 宁夏 23 题) ② The manager suggested an earlier date A. on B. for C. about D. with (应允许……的学习) at their own pace. (allow) girls of your age. (2007 北京 21 题)

  35. He believes that children
[思路分析] 此题的答案为 should /ought to / must be allowed to learn / study.该题考查了 allow sb. to do sh.的句式结构,因主语 children 和谓语动词 allow 有逻辑上的动宾关系,即被动关系,所以要用被动语态.

  36. She has an excellent 力".例如:
(对名字的记忆力), which helps her quite a lot in her work. (memory)
[思路分析] 答案为 memory for names. have a good / bad memory for ... 的含义为"对……有好/差的记忆
I have a good memory for faces.
我对人的面孔有良好的记忆力. He has a bad memory for dates. 他对日期的记忆力很差.

(他是否出过国) doesn't make much difference. (he, abroad)
[思路分析] 答案为 Whether he has been abroad or not.此题考查了三个方面的基础知识,一是现在完 成时的"已完成"用法,二是 have gone abroad(人在国外,还没有回来)与 have been abroad (出过国,但 人已回来)的区别,三是 whether ... or not 引出的主语从句,引导主语从句时不能用 if.

  38. The factory's output of cars this year is
(大约是去年的三倍). (as, great)
[思路分析] 答案为 about three times as great as that of last year.此句考查的是倍数的表达方式.一般来 讲,倍数的表达法有三种,一是 A is +twice(倍数) as big(形容词的原形)as that of B.二是 A is +twice (倍数) bigger (形容词的比较级)than that of B; 三是 A is + twice 倍数) size / width / length /depth / weight ( the / height ... of B;故如果不提供单词 as,该题的答案还可以是 about three times greater than that of last year.

  39. Not only who need it. (give)
(要帮助) the disabled to find jobs, but also medical treatment will be provided for those
[思路分析] 答案为 will help be given to.此题主要考查倒装句的用法,当 not only ... but also 连接两个 并列分句且 not only 放在句首时,not only 后紧跟着的句子的主谓语要倒装.另外,因为 not only ... but also 连接是两个并列的结构,所以前后两个句子的谓语形式应当一样,即用现在将来时,再看 help 与 give 的 关系应该是动宾关系,因此要用被动语态.

  40. It is possible that the King of Stonehenge was linked to the stones: he monument or in helping transport and pull up the stones. (hand)
(可能参与) in planning the
[思路分析] 答案为 may / might / could have had a hand.该题是完成句子 10 道题中最难的一道题.学 生的难点在于不知道 hand 用作名词时的固定搭配 have a hand in ...具有"参与,插手"的含义.但是如果我 们打开英语高二下册,翻到第 76 页,看到第 8 行,我们就会大吃一惊,原来是课本中的原句,一字不多, 一字不少.另外此题还检测了"情态动词+现在完成时"表示对过去事实推测的用法.



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