Part I Vocabulary and structure (20 points) Direction: There are twenty incomplete sentences in this section. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter in the Answer Sheet One with a single line through the center.
  21.The editorial?now will appear in tomorrow’S newspaper? A.writing write C.being written D.write
  2.Though he isworker,he works very hard. A.a common ordinary C.a usual D.a general
  3.I’m looking after Tom today.He’S been at my house
  8:00 this morning. A.since B.for D.till
  4.When he retired,his son the business. A.took over B.took off C.took in D.took up
  5.Please call again.Jim a bath Just now? A.had B.having having D. has
  6.On no condition with him. A.we cannot agree B.would we agree C.can we agree D. we can agree
  7.once environmental damage ,it takes many years for the system to recover? A.has done to do C.does D. is done
  8. we are doing has never been done before. A.That B. What C.Which D.Whether
  9.They at least ten minutes ago. A.are leave B.must have left C.were left D.1eave
  10.There is more land in Australia than the government knows . A.what to do with do with it to do do it
  11.While people may refer to television for Up?to?the?minute news,it is unlikely that television the newspaper completely. A.replace B.Was replaced C.replaced D.will replace
  12.Because the first pair of trousers did not fit properly,he asked for A.another trousers B.others trousers C.the others ones D.another pair
  13.In Britain today women
  44% of the workforce,and nearly half the mothers with children are in paid work. up B.make up C.stand for D.send up
  14.This is the place I want to go to. A.mostly B.the mostly C.most D.much
  15.The hours the children spend in their one-way relationship with television people undoubtedly affect their relationship with real?life people. A.that B.when which D.on which
  16.Whether he can pass the examination is thought to be for his going abroad. A.personal B.special C.conventional D.crucial
  17.I do wish you could these sheets of paper together. A.mend C.paste D.patch
  18.In Britain,the Prince of Wales is to the throne. A.advisor B.heir C.owner D.protector
  19.She is now in of happiness with her family members. A.closure B.pursuit C.credibility D.phenomenon
  20.The government has decided to reduce a(n) on all imports. A.exposure B.tariff C.fee D.service 资料来源:www.tg08土管 0803/0804 班) Part III Reading Comprehension (40 points) Direction: There are twenty incomplete sentences in this section. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter in the Answer Sheet One with a single line through the center. Passage 1 Ants are great athletes in proportion to their size.They can lilt a weight four hundred times their own weight.Theoretically a five-pound ant could easily lilt a ton. The most skillful farmers in the insect world are the small,heavily armored parasol ants. They work at night and it is nothing for them to strip a large tree at a time,marching off with bits Of leaf held over them like parasols. Surprisingly enough,these ants do not eat the vegetation they got.Rather they use it as raw material for their remarkable underground gardens,which they tend themselves.The shreds of the leaves are literally chewed into a rich compost which is used to strengthen the garden where a thread-like fungus is cultivated.This species of fungus is their only source of food. Included in the extraordinary parasol ant society are tiny garden workers,and slightly bigger workers who dig the interconnecting chambers of the hive.The parasol queen ant, more than one hundred times me size of the garden workers,is waited upon hand and foot by hundreds of her citizens.
  21.An ant is very strong in proportion to its weight.Ants call lift a weight . A.300 times their own weight B.600 times their own weight C.five-pound more than their own weight D.400 times their own weight
  22.In a short time,they call strip a tree of all its leaves in order to make a
A.home for the queen ant B.compost for their gardens C.species of fungus D.kind of food
  23.When did the armored parasol ants work? A.At daytime. B.At night. C.In the morning. D.At noon.
  24.What’S the usage of fungus? A.To decorate the garden. B.The only source of the ant’s food. C.To protect the tree. D.The place for them to live in.
  25.The armored parasols are regarded as A.great athletes B.skillful farmers C.queen ants D.chamber builders Passage 2 Psychology is the study of the mind and mental activities. example, For psychologists are interested in why some things make you sad, others make you but happy. They want to know why some people are shy, others are quite talkative. but They also want to know why people do the things that they do. They test intelligence. Psychologists deal with the minds and behavior of people. Your mind consists of all your feelings, thoughts, ideas. is the results of the part of the brain and It called the cerebrum.Your behavior is the way you act or conduct yourself. Examples of behavior include shouting,crying,laughing,and sleeping. Several people have been instrumental in the field of psychology. Wilhelm Wudt set up the first psychological laboratory in Leipzig, Germany, in18
  79. Ivan Pavlov, Russian, noted for his experiments with dogs in which he studied their relaxes and reactions. a is Around 19
  00, Sigmund Freud stated his theory that people try to repress any memories or thoughts that they believed were not good, Psychologists should not be confused with psychiatrists.Psychiatrists deal only with mental illness.They are medical doctors who treat people.
  26:A good title for this selection is A.Studying the Mind B.Feelings and Behavior of Human Beings C.Psychology and Psychiatry D.Famous Psychologists
  27. “Some people are shy.’That means ’ A.they are modest B.they are quiet C.they never say a word D.they are ashamed
  28.We may conclude that psychologists physical diseases as well with animals more often than with people C.are not medical,doctors D.are interested in things that make you sad
  29.Pavlov worked with A.people B.dogs C.mental illness D.abnormal behavior
  30.The cerebrum controls A.the mind B.the body C.the whole brain D.the field of psychology Passage 3 What do you do with your empty cans and bottles? There are two choices,throwing them away or recycling.Throwing away a metal beverage container wastes as much energy as filling a can with gasoline and pouring half out. Besides wasting energy,throwing away bottles a11d cans causes pollution, increases the volume of solid wastes, uses up natural resources. To control these problems, and only nine states have adopted bottle laws. The United States governrnent should require every state to have a bottle law or constitute a national bottle law? To understand how a bottle law can help,you must know how it works. When consumers buy canned or bottled beverages at the store,they pay deposits.This deposit can range from twenty to fifty cents per bottle or can.In order to get this deposit back, the bottles and cans must be returned to supermarkets after they are emptied.The supermarkets then return the bottles and cans to their manufacturers for either reuse or recycling. 。 ’ Bottle laws are currently effective in Oregon,Vermont,Maine,Michigan,Iowa,Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts,and New York. These laws work largely because the general public supports them. recent poll(民意测验) of Americans revealed A that 73 percent support bottle laws。This support undoubtedly results from people’s concern about pollution and our planet slimited resources.

  31.Ⅵmat is the bad thing if one throws away metal Calls after drinking? A.Wasting energy. B.Going against the national law. C.Pouring half of the gasoline out. D.Causing personal inconvenience.
  32.Throwing away metal containers people will affect the environment by A.preserving natural resources B.recycling them C.using natural resources D。causing pollution
  33.What does the author suggest in order to solve the problems of cans and bottles? A.Putting the bottle laws into effect. B.Preventing people from pouring out beverage? C.Making a national bottle law. D.Having the manufacturers recycle the containers.
  34.Who would pay the deposits for the beverage containers? A.The supermarket. B.The manufacturer. ? C.The consumer. D.The government.
  35.According to the author,a bottle law can work if A.the consumers,supermarkets and manufacturers make joint efforts B.the manufacturers recycle the empty containers C.the consumers pay deposits D.the nine states support it Passage 4 Reading is not the only way to gain knowledge of the work in the past.There is another large reservoir(知识库)which may 如 called experience,and the college student will find that every craftsman has something he can teach and will generally teach gladly to any college student who does not look down upon them.The information from them differs from that in textbooks and papers chiefly in that its theoretical part?me explanations of why things happen--is frequently quite fantastic.But the demonstration and report of what happens,and how it happens are correct even if the reports ale in completely unscientific terms(术语).Presently the college student will learn,in this Case also,what to accept and what to reject.One important thing for a college student to remember is that if Aristotle could talk to the fisherman.So can he. Another source of knowledge is the vast store of traditional practices handed down from father to son,or mother to daughter, of old country customs,of folklore(风俗).All this is very difficult for a college student to examine,for much knowledge and personal experience is needed here to separate good.plants from wild grass.The college student should learn to realize and remember how much of real value science has found in this wide,confused wilderness and how often scientific discoveries of what had existed in this area long age.
  36.In the last paragraph the phrase“this wide,confused wilderness”refers to A.personal experience . B.wild weeds among good plants C.the information from the parents D.the vast store of traditional practices
  37.Which of the following statements is supported by the passage, A.The college students have trouble separating good plants from wild grass B.Craftsman s experience is usually unscientific. C.The contemptuous(傲慢的)college students will receive nothing from craftsmen D.Traditional practices are as important as experience for the college student?
  38.From this passage we can infer that A.we’ll invite the craftsman to teach in the college B.schools and books are not the only way to knowledge c.Scientific discoveries are based on personal experience D.discoveries and rediscoveries are the most important source of knowledge for a college student
  39.The author advises the college student to contemptuous to the craftsman patient in helping the craftsman with scientlflc tems C.1earn the craftsman’s experience by judging it carefully D.gain the craftsman’s experience without rejection
  40.The main idea of this passage is about ? A.what to learn from the parents to gain knowledge C.why to learn from craftsman to deal with experience
Paper Two Part IV Cloze(10 points) Directions: There are 10 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are 4 choices marked A, B, C and D. You should choose the ONE answer that best fits into the passage. Then mark the corresponding on the Answer Sheet One with a pencil. Electricity is such a part of our everyday life and so much taken for granted nowadays that we__41__think twice when we switch on the light or turn on the radio , At light roads are brightly lit, enabling people and traffic to move freely ,In the home ,many labor-saving __42__are powered by electricity ,__43__when we turn off the lamp and fall asleep , electricity is working for us ,__44__our refrigerators , heating our water , or keeping our rooms air-conditioned we rarely __45__to consider why or how they run provided something goes wrong In the summer of 1959,somrthing did go wrong with power-plant that provided New Your with electricity ,For great many hours life came almost to a standstill .Trains __46__to move and people sat __47__and frightened in the dark __48__an unseen enemy had landed from marks ,When the lights come on again , _49__p person in the city can have turned on a switch __50__ reflecting , what a great servant electricity is!
  41.A.rarely B.usually C.scarcely D.only 42



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