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  2. Me my family and friends Unit
  2. Feelings Period One
Teaching contents:Look and read Teaching Aims
  1. Language focus: Using adjectives to describle how people feel Asking Yes/No questions to obtain simple responses
  2. Language skills: Locate specific information in a short text in response to questions Teaching aids: Cassette 3A and a cassette player Workbook 3A page13 Photocopiable page15 Teaching procedure 教学步骤
  1.Warming up .
  2.Revision . 方法与手段
  1.Sing a song
  2.Daily Talk
  1. Try to introduce about you
  2. Say and out .Tow fat boys in the rain
  3. Review the number New lesson
  1. Show a card of the party Say the word “party” after the teacher.
  2. New words “happy” and “sad” Show the picture: Learn the word :happy Happy,happy,happy. I’m happy By the same method teach “sad”
  3. New words “thirsty” “hungry” and 补充与修改

  3. Pre-task procedure
T :Now,I’m very hungry. So I want to eat some bread. What’s the meaning of “hungry”?
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Say it after the teacher. T :If I’m thirsty .I want to drink some water. What’s the meaning of “thirsty “? Listen carefully.Pay attention to pronuncation of “thirsty”
  4. Say and act. Showthepictureof Mr.Lee,Ben,Peter,Kitty,and Alice. Listen to the teacher :Mr. Lee is happy. Ben is happy. Peter is sad. Kitty is hungry. Alice is thirsty .
  4.Post-task activities
  1. Ask and answer :Say :yes”or “no” e.g: a.Is Mr Lee happy? b. Is Peter hungry? C .Is kitty thirsty? 2 .Do activity: Read and tick Practise : P1,actP2 Say.

Read the text twice.
课 后 随 笔
板 书 设 计
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Period Two
Teaching contents :Look and learn. Teaching aims:
  1. Using formulaic expression to make offers. e.g. An ice cream
  2. Using formulaic expression to express acceptance. e.g. Yes,please.
  3. Using formulaic expression to expression to express thanks and refusal. e.g. Thank you /No, thank you. Teaching aids: Bring a balloon. Teaching procedure: 教学步骤 方法与手段 补充与修改
  1. Warming
  1. Say and act <<Two fat boys in the up rains >>
  2. Free talk.
  2. Revision
  3.Pre-task procedure
  1..The letters
  2.I’m…..You’re…..He’s….She’s……. New lesson
  1. The title “Look and learn”
  2. To teach “cake” a.T: Oh, I’m hungry . What can I eat ? Let me have a look. Show a picture of cake. It’s a cake, cake, cake. Say it after the teacher. Check the Pronunciation.
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b. T: If you want. You can say :Yes, please Drill : A: A cake? B: Yes, please. A: Here you are. B:Thank you.
  3. Repeat the precwss with picture ?
  4. To teach “an ice-cream” If you don’t want. You can say: No, thank you.
  5. Game : I want…… (Turn round and round and say I want …..If you right. I’ll give you a balloon.
  6. To teach a balloon
  4.Post-task activities
  1.Read the new words.
  2.Drill picture 14
  3.Work in pairs.
  1. Recite the new words.
  2. Copy the new words.
Period three
Teaching contents : Ask and answer Learn the letters Teaching Aims:
  1. Asking “WH”- questions to find out various kind of specific information about a thing e.g. What is it?
  2. Asking yes/ no questions to obtain simple responses. e.g. Is it a bag?
  3. Using formulaic expressions to confirmordeny. e.g. Yes / no. Teaching aids:
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  1. Bring some scrap wrapping paper and coloured string for wrapping presents
  2. Ask the students to bring small soft toys or other favourite toys. Teaching procedure: 教学步骤
  1.Pre-task preparation 方法与手段 一. Warming up
  1. Sing a song
  2. Daily talk 二. Revision
  1. Play a game
  2. Revision the letter Rr?Uu
  2.While-task procedure 一. Presentation
  1. Take out a card Guess:What is it? P: T: No/Yes(Open it and see) T: It’s a pen T: If you guess what is it in the parcel? You can say :What is it ? Is it a….? Do you know how to guess? What is it ? Is it a….?(Writing on the blackboard.) Read it one by one.
  2. Practice e.g. P: What is it ? Is it a….? P : Yes. / No. (
  1).Work in pairs. (
  2).Ask the pupils to read after recording. 补充与修改
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  3.Post task activities

  1. Play a game There are some presents in the box . Please guess
  2. Listen to the tape and say it after the tape.

Workbook 3A 14 and
  15. 成功与经验
课 后 随 笔 思考与对策
板 书 设 计
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