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湖南省长沙市一中? 湖南省长沙市一中?雅礼中学 2010 届高三三月联考
SECTION A Directions: In this section you’ll hear 6 conversations between 2 speakers. For each conversation, there are several questions and each questions is followed by 3 choices. Listen to the conversations carefully and then answer the questions by marking the corresponding letter (A, B or C) on the question booklet. You will hear each conversation TWICE. Conversation 1: W: You look tired. M: Yeah, I am worn out. I’ve been surfing the Internet. W: Were you doing school work or playing games? M: Well, I wanted to get some information about America for my project, but I found a really good movie and a chatting room. W: Did you get the information you needed? M: Yes, but then I chatted with people in different countries about other interests as watching the movie. 1 What makes the man worn out? A. Playing games. B. Surfing the Internet. C. Searching for a project.
  2. Whom did the man chat with? A. People from America. B. People who are watching a movie. C. People in different countries. Conversation 2: M: Susan, Please pass me a copy of Beijing Review. W: Here you are. M: I want to find what’s on this weekend. W: Is there anything good on? M: The Beijing Opera is showing on Saturday evening. Do you like Beijing Opera? W: Oh, yes. Very much. When and where will it be? M: At 7:30 in ChaoYang Park. W: Let's go and see it, OK? M: Good idea!
  3. Where are they going at the weekend? A. Beijing Theater. B. Beihai Park.
  4. What are they going there for? A. To go outing. B. To see Beijing Opera.
C. ChaoYang Park. C. To learn Beijing Opera.
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Conversation 3: M: I think I was very lucky to enter this school. But it lies in the suburb. W: Ah, this is a developing area. There will be a lot more people here in about five years' time. And there won't be many factories. M: Yes. We can breathe fresh air every day. What do you think of the teachers here? W: Very good and kind. They are helpful. I am making progress. W: I hope I can get used to the life here soon.
  5. What are the speakers? A. Teachers. B. Students. C. Parents.
  6. What does the woman think of the school? A. Very good. B. Just so-so. C. Bad. Conversation 4: M: Mary, we are going to have a party on New Year’s Eve. I’m sure we’ll have a good time. Would you like to join us? W: I’d like to. Where are you going to have it? M: In our classroom. We are going to decorate it and turn it into a splendid ballroom. W: Oh, it is great. I shall be very glad to spend my first New Year in China with you. M: But we are going to ask everyone at the party to give a performance. Do sing us some English songs, please. W: I will. My voice is not very pleasant to the ear, though. M: I heard you sing once. Your voice was sweet and beautiful. I’m sure you’ll be the star of our New Year party. W: Oh, thank you.
  7. What is the probable relationship between the two speakers? A. Friends. B. Teachers and students. C. relatives.
  8. What will the classroom turn into? A. A bedroom. B. A dance hall. C. A dining hall.
  9. What will Mary do at the party? A. She will sing some Chinese songs. B. She will sing some English songs. C. She will be the hostess at the party. Conversation 5: W: Dad, can you lend Jenny and me some money? M: For what? W: We want to get tickets for a rock concert. We’ll pay you back out of baby-sitting. M: How much are these tickets? W: Eighteen dollars each. M: Eighteen dollars? That’s a lot of money. W: That’s not very much for this band, Dad. They are great singers, very popular. M: When will you need the money? W: Bob is also going and he’s going to town tomorrow to get the tickets.
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M: All right. Here’s a fifty. W: Thanks a lot, Dad. I’ll call Bob right now.
  10. Why did the girl borrow some money from her father? A. To see a film. B. To watch a play.
  11. How much money did the girl need? A. Fifty-four dollars. B. Thirty-six dollars.
  12. How many children want to go to the concert? A. One. B. Two.
C. To go to a concert. C. Eighteen dollars. C. Three.
Conversation 6: M: Morning, Alice. Did you enjoy your weekend in the country? W: Yes, thanks. We had a great time. And some friends went with us. M: Where did you stay? In a hotel? W: We camped in the mountains, near Snowdown. We cooked all our meals on an open fire and ate outside. M: Sounds wonderful. Was the weather good? W: The sun shone almost every day and it didn’t rain once. M: Did you like the people there? W: Yes, they were great and friendly. We met some farmers and had tea in their houses. M: When did you get back? Last night? W: No. You might think we were mad. We came back this morning. I got up at 4:30, left at 5:00 and arrived here at 9:
  00. I’m so tired. What about you? Did you have a good weekend? M: Yes, but I didn’t do much. I just stayed in. The weather was terrible.
  13. What is the topic of the dialogue? A. A weekend. B. Life in the country.
  14. Where did Alice spend the nights in the country? A. In a farmer’s. B. In the open air.
  15. How long did it take Alice to come back from the country? A. Half an hour. B. Four hours.
C. Traveling with friends. C. In a hotel. C. Four hours and a half.
SECTION B Directions: In this section, you’ll hear a mini-talk. Listen carefully and then fill in the numbered blanks with the information you have got. Fill in each blank with NO MORE THAN 3 WORDS. You will hear the mini-talk TWICE. Mini-talk: Making sure that your vacation goes according to a plan is not difficult, but it does need to be planned carefully to enjoy a vacation. First of all, you need to decide where to go. Once you have decided where you want to go on vacation, you can start to plan the things you want to see and do. Secondly, after you have figured out where you want to go and what you want to do when
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you are there, you should choose your hotel. There are many different websites that offer the best prices on hotels, so make sure that you check several of them before making a final decision. Most of these sites will offer pictures of the hotel facilities and the different rooms. After looking at the hotels, pick the top 3 and do a search on the Internet for them. Try to find reviews from people that have stayed there before. The hotel’s website is always going to tell you how great the hotel is, but if someone who has been there tells you what the hotel is like, then you can be pretty sure they are telling you the truth. Next, pack the right clothes. Unless you are going to some place where the weather is always the same, make sure that you pack clothes for both good and bad weather. It is also always helpful to buy a travel guide for wherever you are going. Besides providing helpful information for things to see and foods to eat, many of them offer discounts for attractions. Title: Purpose Step 1 Step 2 To Decide 17 18 What to do and see Surfing the internet for the prices, pictures, facilities and different rooms; from people that have stayed there before; 19 Clothes for both good and bad weather Getting information for things to see, food to eat and items with discounts.
  18. where to go
  19. Finding reviews / opinions 16 a vacation
Choose your hotel
Step 3 Others
Pack the
Buy a travel guide

  16. Planning
  20. right clothes

  17. enjoy a vacation
Part two: language Knowledge Section A (15 points) Directions: Beneath each of the following sentences there are 4 choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one answer that best completes the sentence.
  21. A killer whale at Sea World Orlando jumped out of its tank on Wednesday and fatally attacked a worker as horrified visitors . A. has been looking up B. looked on C. had looked off D. was looking in 本周三,美国奥兰多海洋世界的一头虎鲸突然从水池中跳出,将一名驯鲸员咬伤致死, 让现场围观的游客惊恐不已。
  22. Put yourself in situations you will be forced to communicate in English, and you will see more progress over time . A. when B. that C. where D. how 本题考查定语从句中连接词的用法。当先行词为 situations 时,关系副词为 where。句意:把 自己置身于下面的情境中:你被迫只能用英语交流,过段时间你会看到自己的进步。
  23. Hong Kong 31st on a 2009 livability survey of world's 140 cities by Economist magazine, the best performance among nine Chinese cities that edged into the list, the China News Agency citing a news report said.
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A. ranked B. ranged C. listed D. lined 中新社援引报道称, 《经济学人》公布的世界宜居城市调查中,香港在全球 140 个城市中排 名 31 位,比挤进榜单的其它 9 个中国城市表现更好。
  24. The Los Angeles district attorney on Monday charged Michael Jackson's personal physician, Conrad Murray, involuntary manslaughter in connection with the pop icon's death in June. A. of B. for C. with D. as 本题考查 charge sb. with sth. 洛杉矶地方检察官周一指控迈克尔?杰克逊的私人医生莫瑞在 这位流行巨星去年 6 月猝死事件中犯有过失杀人罪。
  25. Space exploration is something that China has done to create jobs in a high-tech industry, to show “ don't just make cheap clothes”. A. We B. You C. They D. I 考查代词的用法。句意:太空探索代表中国在高科技工业所取得的成就,是为了显示出“我 们并不只是制作便宜衣服”。
  26. When she left the restaurant, she also left the young boy with a life lesson: You can tell a lot about a person he or she treats the waiter. A. in a way B. by the way C. in any way D. on the way 考查 way 短语。句意:当她离开餐馆的时候,她留给了那个年轻人一个生活教训。根据一 个人对待服务员的方式你可以看出一个人的内心。tell…by…“通过…来分辨”,the way 后接 定语从句可以省略引导词 that 或 in which。
  27. The look on her face suggested that she her manager’s idea. A. confusing; wouldn’t quite understand B. confused, hadn’t quite understood C. confusing; hadn’t quite understood D. confused; shouldn’t quite understand 考查非谓语动词和虚拟语气。the confused look 表示“感到困惑的表情” ,suggest 此处表示 “表明”其后需跟陈述语气,只有表示“建议”时其宾语从句中才用 should+ 动词原形。
  6. She had understood nothing, had she sought to understand. A. so B. either C. nor D. or 考查特殊句式。句意:她什么都不懂,她也不追求去弄懂。nor 用于否定句句首,句子需要 用部分倒装,表示后者的情况和前者一样。
  12. Meals in Spain are quite different from they have in China. A. which B. what C. that D. whom 考查名词性从句。句意:西班牙的饮食和他们在中国吃的完全不同。from 后由 what 引导宾 语从句,其本身在从句中充当 have 的宾语,表示所吃的东西。
  30. As their memories decline, some old people tend to be talkative because they forget what has just been said. A. anxiously B. particularly C. easily D. hardly 考查副词。句意:随着记忆力的下降,一些老人变得越来越健谈,因为他们容易忘记自己所 说过的事情。easily“容易地,轻易地” 。
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  31. Don’t you think this shirt is too tight the shoulders? A. across B. over C. above D. through 考查介词的用法。句意:难道你不觉得这件衬衣肩部太紧了吗?across the shoulders 此处 表示“从肩的一边到另一边” 。over,above 指在上方,through 常用来指在事物的内部穿过。
  12. Did Jack take the doctor’s advice that he in bed for a couple of days? If only he . A. lies; does B. lay; did C. lie; did D. lie; had 考查动词用法和虚拟语气。句意:杰克是否采纳了医生的建议,在家里躺了几天?要是 他真那样做就好了。第一空考查 advice 的同位语从句,用 should+动词原词,should 可以省 略所以选 lie,第二空 If only 后表示虚拟,与过去事实相反选择 had done。
  33. It’s necessary to be prepared for a job interview. will certainly do you good. A. Well dressed B. Well dressing C. Being well dressed D. Well dressing up 考查非谓语动词作主语。句意:参加工作面试时有必要做准备,穿合适的衣服肯定对你有好 处。 doing 能作主语, “穿着什么样的衣服” 表示 需用 be dressed in, 由此可知答案为 being well dressed。
  34. The drunk driver is for the traffic jam yesterday. A. to blame; occurred B. to blame; occurring C. to be blamed; occurred D. to be blamed; occurring be to blame 为习惯用法,表示”应受责备” ;第二空应填 occuring,为现在分词短语作后置 定语,相当于定语从句 that occurred。
  35. It’s



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