We Offer 我们提供: Highly competitive salary 有竞争力的底薪 Full social welfare and complimentary medical insurance 完备的社会保险及补充商业保险 Highly professional training for the position 完善的培训机制 Free WSE English training course 免费华尔街英语培训 Paid annual vacation and award trips 带薪年假及旅游 Careers Plan: Course Consult 课程顾问 Course Consult Team Leader 课程顾问主管 Deputy Center Director Trainee 储备副中心总监 Deputy Center Director 副中心总监 Center Director Trainee 储备中心总监 Center Director 中心总监 Responsibilities:
  1. Introduce WSI courses to potential customers (including new prospects and old contacts, individual clients and companies) 向顾客介绍华尔街英语的课程
  2. Design suitable courses for potential customers and minimize the refund of the course 为顾客设计符合顾客需求的课程,并尽可能降低
  3. Follow up payment installment and guarantee the installment is paid on time and minimize the cancellation. 跟进课程费用的支付流程
  4. Student Follow-up 学员学习状况跟进
  5. Complete Consultant's diary and working agenda on time and build up prospect, corporate and student database 按时完成顾问日记和工作计划,建立潜在顾客,公司和学员的数据库
  6. Attend regular meetings and training sessions and complete Daily Sales Report, contract modification and so on. 定期参加会议和培训,完成销售日报,合同修改等其他工作。 Requirements:
  1. Sales Experience or experience on possessing an international sales and service mentality in high-end companies. 具备销售经验或者跨国企业国际销售和服务经验
  2. Good communications abilities, such as listening and speaking, asking questions, expressing ideas, mirroring and so on. 具备良好的沟通能力和技巧,例如良好的英语听说能力,在交谈中善于观察,提出问题,表 达观点等等。
  3. High level problem solving skills
  4. Be a team player with optimistic attitude, service-orientation, high responsibility, trustworthy and ability to work under pressure. 具备合作精神,乐观的态度,良好的服务意识,高度的责任感和信任感,并适应在压力下工 作
  5. Have professional, neat, tidy, modern/urban appearance, a sense of own style and conduct with absolute integrity and honesty. 仪表整洁,谈吐得体,具有专业精神和个人风格, 诚实守信
  6. Be able to demonstrate 2-3 years same job or at least a trend of stability. 想长期或在 2-3 年内从事此项工作
  7. College diploma or above, Direct sales or hospitality or real estate or education 大专及以上学历,销售、房地产、教育以及相关专业
  8. Good at using Windows Office Software, e.g. Windows Words, PPT, Excel and etc. 熟练操作 Windows 办公软件,例如:Windows XP, PPT, Excel 等等
  9. Good if once be a WSI student 具有华尔街英语培训经历者将优先录取
Disney is looking for highly driven Course Consultants to execute all sales activities for Disney English Language Learning Centers in Beijing. The main focus of the Course Consultant will be to develop strong individual relationships with potential customers to achieve monthly center sales targets in order to ensure that monthly learner enrollment meets Disney goals. Course Consultants also need to ensure that strong relationships are in place with existing students and parents in offering a customer-focused and long-lasting relationship with Disney English. The Course consultant reports to the Senior Course Consultant. General Roles and Responsibilities: ? Successfully handle initial inquiries from parents as well as consultations and conferences with parents. ? Promptly contact or respond to leads provided by marketing in order to schedule individual and age/level appropriate sales meetings/consultations in the center. ? Maintain an active dialogue with potential customers including those scheduled for appointments in the center, those that have missed an appointment and those that visited a center but have not yet decided to purchase a program. ? Engage existing customers to obtain feedback about the program and center and discuss opportunities for renewals and customer referrals. ? Monitor and track personal sales performance and revenues to consistently meet or exceed individual sales targets on a monthly basis. ? Provide on-going feedback to the Senior Course consultant in regards to the sales strategy and sales material used in the center. ? Demonstrate a high level of teamwork and energy while always having fun. ? Maintain a professional and polished Disney appearance at all times.
Job Qualifications: ? At least 2 years work experience in a fast moving premium sales environment. ? Experience working in a children's English Language center or similar educational service business highly preferred ? Ability to work in a high pressure environment and driven to achieve monthly goals ? Bachelor degree or above required ? Strong English skills ? Strong computer skills including MS Word and Excel and ability to easily learn new software ? Flexibility to work on weekends and evening as required. 课程顾问 迪士尼诚聘优秀的课程顾问来为北京的迪士尼英语中心执行所有的销售活动。 课程顾问主要 负责建立起与潜在客户间的良好的关系, 从而完成每月的销售指标, 确保每月的新增学员数 量达到指定指标。同时,课程顾问也需要确保和已经在册的学生和家长保持良好的关系,让 他们感受到迪士尼英语关注客户的服务理念。课程顾问向高级课程顾问汇报。 主要职责 ? 妥善地处理来自家长的初步询问,提供咨询和讨论。 ? 对市场部提供的倡议迅速进行接触或做出反应,在中心安排针对个人和年龄/水平的销售 会议/咨询顾问。 ? 和潜在客户保持积极的沟通,包括有计划来中心的客户,或约好但没有来中心的客户, 和来过中心,但没有决定是否购买课程的客户。 ? 和现有客户保持联系,取得他们对于课程及中心的反馈,挖掘其后继需求,以及是否有 潜在的推荐客户。 ? 控制和追踪个人销售表现和业绩,确保每月能够持续达到及超过个人销售指标。 ? 及时向高级课程顾问做出关于销售策略和中心使用的销售材料的反馈。 ? 展示出高水平的团队合作精神和士气,享受工作带来的乐趣。 ? 始终保持代表迪士尼形象的专业、得体的仪表。 职位要求 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 至少两年以上在高端快速消费行业销售工作经验。 具有在儿童英语教育中心或相似教育机构工作经验者为佳。 能够在压力下工作,完成每月指标。 本科及以上学历。 良好的英语能力。 良好的电脑运用能力(MS Word, Excel),能够很快学会新软件的使用。 能接受弹性灵活的工作时间,包括晚上和周末。
Course Consultant EQEnglish
Join us and be a part of the next big thing in English training… EQEnglish.com uses advanced technology and new business models to deliver live one-on-one professional English training to students online. Our service is raising people's ability to speak English more quickly, at lower cost and more effectively than anyone else in the world. It’s so effective that we are the first company to offer a money-back guarantee on our test preparation courses. We are already delivering thousands of lessons a week to students all over China with our professional foreign teachers. We are backed by Xu Xiao Ping, co-founder of New Oriental as well as other famous advisors who invested in companies like Google and 校内网. Be part of our hard working, fun loving multinational team and discover a culture like none other. As our sales have increased rapidly we are looking for high potential course consultants to join our team and drive our success. If you love sales, learn fast and want to develop yourself ? don’t miss this opportunity! Role: Advise students on EQEnglish course benefits Listen to and understand prospective students’ needs Recommend a study plan and course for students to achieve their English goals Work as part of a high powered sales team to achieve monthly sales goals through on going training, hard work and having fun Profile: You love sales (and bonuses for success) You love education and helping people succeed You communicate well with people and have good listening skills You have a diploma or above and can communicate in English Benefits: Base salary + attractive sales commission Complete insurance + housing fund benefits High potential career path for successful employees 1:1 English training with EQEnglish foreign teachers Bilingual language environment in multicultural team We have opportunities available now ? submit your resume to careers@eqenglish.com and we will contact you for an interview. Please visit us at www.eqenglish.com EQ 英语 课程顾问 加入我们,成为未来英语培训龙头企业的一员。
EQ 英语采用先进的技术和新颖的商务模式给学生提供实时的一对一在线专业英语培训。我 们的服务能迅速提高人们的英语表达能力,并且是以世上最低成本的价格和最有效的方法。 我们是第一家承诺培训效果的公司。 我们每周都要向遍及全国各地的学生传授上千课时的专业外教课程。 我们的投资方是新东方 创始人徐小平以及 Google、校内网的知名顾问。 勤奋工作之余,我们这个来自不同国家的人组成的多国团队尽情娱乐。 由于我们的业务迅猛发展, 我们期待具有优质潜能的课程顾问加入我们的团队, 推动我们获 得成功。如果你热爱销售,学习能力超强并愿意自我发展?不要错过机会! 职责: 将 EQ 英语课程的益处介绍给学生 倾听并理解潜在学生的需要 为学员推荐能达到其学习目标的学习计划和课程 在一个高效销售团队中, 通过持续不断的培训实现每月销售目标, 努力工作并享受工作的乐 趣 要求: 热爱销售(以奖金促成功) 热爱教育,热心助人成功 擅长沟通,善于倾听 大专以上学历,能用英语交流 我们提供: 底薪+高额提成 完备的社会保险+住房公积金 良好的职业前景 EQ 英语外教提供的一对一在线英语学习机会 跨国团队的双语工作环境 Division EF School for Adult (EF Professional English) The Role Introduce suitable EF course and study plan according to customer's needs. Develop good relationship with customer and achieve monthly sales target. Profile
  1.You love education and culture industry
  2.You love sales (and bonuses)
  3.and you are good with people
  4.You like working in a multicultural environment

  5.You are trustworthy, presentable and persistent Key requirements
  1.Diploma or above
  2.Good English communication skill If you possess the above quality, you are the exact person we are looking for! Join EF, you will join one of the world's most dynamic companies! Please send your CV to bj.recruit@ef.com indicating the job vacancy and location you are applying for. 课程顾问 部门 EF 成人英语培训中心 (EF Professional English) 职位描述 根据学员的需求为学员设计课程及学习计划。 保持与顾客的良好沟通与联系并且完成既定的 销售目标。 背景
  3.销售是你的兴趣,BONUS 是你的目标
  5.你为人诚信,对于目标坚持不懈 核心要求
  2.出色的沟通技巧 Description Competence and training design consultant is aimed to drive, manage and develop Competence consulting and training business, covering the below responsible areas: Proactive interact with Learning Services product marketing & sales push team, regional service sales push team and KAMs to explore customer needs, work out the relevant solution and pursue the business opportunities to be finally fulfilled related with competence consulting and business management training Responsible for competence consulting project implementation and delivery workforce build-up Cooperate with training team, combine competence consulting and business management training Explore new training solution combined technical and business training Securing that all actual business within his/her area is correctly fire-coded Secure the customer satisfaction for relevant delivered services Manage and buildup business partners in relevant areas
Full responsible for assigned business targets and numbers Qualifications At least three years experience from competence consulting or learning services within a telecom vendor, or telecom operator or other relevant service company. Project experiences in consulting project management, e.g. competence analysis, training path and course design Good Knowledge about customer competence model and training system To be able to analyze and develop solution on the base of customer's needs exploration and cultivation Skilled Project Leader and know how to motivate and create commitment Skilled and excellent in training solution architecture Excellent in presentation, negotiation and



   We Offer 我们提供: Highly competitive salary 有竞争力的底薪 Full social welfare and complimentary medical insurance 完备的社会保险及补充商业保险 Highly professional training for the position 完善的培训机制 Free WSE English training course 免费华尔街英语培训 Paid annual vacation and award ...


   华尔街英语: 华尔街英语:营销动作双向延展 三方获利其乐融融 营销学大师科特勒曾经说过“营销的本质就是使推销变得多 余”。首先,对于消费者,近日热起的互动营销就是一把万能钥匙, 消费者希望营销人员明白他们喜欢什么,“创意来自民间”。他们会 在营销活动中积极地表达自己的观点, 营销人需要充分的捕捉与组合 这些观点,然后将品牌信息植入。互动营销的方式可以将品牌想要传 达的信息有效的植入消费者头脑认知。其次,对于商业合作单位,也 是营销内容的重要一笔。 企业之间的彼此合作可以达到互利双赢的效 果。 ...


   13.1 E 1.Well, here we are, back in Bighton, standing in front of our hotel. 2.Today, we’re visiting new English friends of mine, who live here in Brighton. 3.… 4.Yes, today, honey, so where was I? Right, they’re friends of mine. 5.Their names are ...


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   华尔街英语( 华尔街英语(waystage) ) 13.1 E 1. Well, here we are, back in Bighton, standing in front of our hotel. 2. Today, we’re visiting new English friends of mine, who live here in Brighton. 3. … 4. Yes, today, honey, so where was I? Right, they’re frien ...


   文章结尾形式 1 结论性 通过对文章前面的讨论 ,引出或重申文章的中心思想及观点 . e.g:   [1]. From what has been discussed above, we may safely draw theconclusion that ……   [2]. In summary/In a word , it is more valuable …… 2 后果性 揭示所讨论的问题若不解决, 将产生的严重后果. e.g:    [1]. We must call for an i ...


   非常抱歉,该文档存在转换错误,不能在本机显示。建议您重新选择其它文档 ...


   Pb 元素符号:Pb 元素符号 中文名称:铅 中文名称 铅 英文名称:Lead 英文名称 原子序数:82 原子序数 原子量:207.2 原子量 外围电子排布:6s2 6p2 外围电子排布 核外电子排布:2,8,18,32,18,4 核外电子排布 常见化合价:+2,+4 常见化合价 密度:11.34 密度 溶点:327.502 溶点 沸点:1740 沸点 所属周期:6 所属周期 所属族数:IVA 所属族数 原子半径:1.81 原子半径 离子半径:1.19(+2) 离子半径 共价半径:1.47 ...


   考研时从 10 月份开始准备,国庆后才开始买资料复习,从头到尾一共可能就三个月多点的 时间, 不过从一开始我就坚信自己会有一套行之有效的方法可以迅速攻克考研英语, 毕竟以 前在雅思和托福的英语考试上有了比较充分的感悟。 结果考出来 84 分,还算理想,证明自己的一些想法是符合实际的。为了回报沪江和朋友 们, 决心把自己在考研英语复习上的体会总结成详细的文字跟大家分享, 希望能够给大家一 点帮助。 文章会比较长,请有兴趣的朋友给点耐心看完,然后结合自己的想法来讨论一下,共同提 高。如果有任何问 ...


初中初一年级英语优课展评教案及反思 4

   A brief teaching plan Unit 4 Reading 设计理念: 新课程标准积极提倡任务型教学原则,让学生通过体验实践,参与,讨论,交流,合作与探究的方式,学 习和运用英语,从而激发学生的学习热情.本节课试图培养学生通过阅读来获得信息的能力,联系学生的 生活实际,引导学生思考饮食与健康的关系,启发学生知晓什么是健康食品,什么是不健康食品,使学生 养成良好的饮食习惯,形成正确的生活方式.本节课充分利用多媒体,以学生为中心,使学生在学习的过 程中一直处于互动,合作的状态,以达 ...


   第一篇:英语 4,6 级必杀技,考前一星期看,成绩快速提高 70 分以上保你轻松过 4,6 级!! 听力 一. 应试技巧 重要的问题来考查.并且部分长对话还秉承了短文理解的一个重要 的考查方式,就是在对话的开头部分一定会出题目 方法:1.话题与场景的判断第一句话中的核心词汇揭示答案 在长对话中,寒暄过后的第一句话一般起到引出话题的作用,很 可能是对话的主题所在,也是回答主旨,话题以及场景题的依据,正 确的答案往往是核心词汇的重现,同义词,或者是由该单词所得出的 自然的推论. 2.细节题听到什 ...


   教材:人教版九年义务教育三年制初中英语第三册第三单元第 10 课 一、说教材 1、教材的地位和作用 在单元第 10 课是一篇题为“ MAKF OUR WORLD MORE BEAUTIFUL "的阅读教材,通过对环 境保护这一话题的叙述增强学生环境保护的意识, 懂得如何在日常生活中保护环境, 文中主要运 用现在完成时态的句子, 其中也穿插了一般现在时和过去时, 学生在特定的语境中感觉和发现英 语时态的变化,从而达到正确运用英语的时态能力。 2、教学目的 教学大纲指出要从英语的学科的 ...


   无论是什么种类的英语考试,让同学们头痛的事有两个,一个是单词 不认识,另一个就是单词都认识,但句子却看不懂。相信只要这两个 问题解决了,那所有的英语考试的难度就降低了一大半。 首先就考研的阅读理解来看,我做过很多调查,同学们存在的问题 不是找不到题目答案的定位点,而是能找到答案所在的句子,句子的 单词也认识,但是这句话却怎么也读不懂,导致费了很大的劲,最终 还是功亏一篑,失败在最后一步。其次,长难句分析在翻译中的作用 就更毋庸置疑了。考研翻译评分标准就是分段给分,微观扣分。也就 是说考生在做 ...


   大学英语四级基础实力班阅读教案 第一节 四级阅读总体概述 1. 课程简介 A. 大学英语新四级考试阅读部分题型解析(30 分钟) a. 快速阅读(Skimming and Scanning) 总的原则:快速阅读不是为了阅读而阅读,而是为了考试而阅读。 解题原则:顺序原则 快速阅读所考题型脱胎于雅思考试,总计十题,前七题为判断题或选择题,后三题为完成句子题。 判断题是前三次考试所用题型,选择题是最近两次考试所用题型。从难度上而言,判断题略高于 选择题。但二者做题思路是一致的,因为本部分考察的是 ...