华师 10 秋学期《大学英语(
  2) 》在线作业答案 单选题(共 50 道试题,共 100 分。 )
  1. He was too arrogant to listen to others' advise and the problem soon.A. emerged B. appeared C. rose D. raised 正确答案:A
  2. Do you remember for smoking at the library last timeA. to be fined B. being fined C. to fine D. fining 正确答案:B
  3. Mrs.Green is out. I have to her baby.A. look around B. look up C. look after D. look for 正确答案:C
  4. ?You have lovely children. ?.A. No, no, no. They are not B. Oh, no, no C. You're talking too much D. Thanks 正确答案:D
  5. All roads lead Rome.A. to B. in C. about D. from 正确答案:A
  6. ?Oh, I'm sorry. But I promise I'll be careful next time. ?.A. It's nothing at all B. Oh, never mind. It doesn't matter C. Thank you D. There are no questions 正确答案:B
  7. His with the local languages surprised me.A. familiar B. unfamiliar C. unfamiliarity D. familiarity 正确答案:C
  8. ?Dinner is ready. Help yourself! ?Wow! It delicious.Could you please tell me how to cook it?A. tastes B. looks C. sounds D. feels 正确答案:A
  9. I knew his father for the simplest, hardest working man drew the breath of lifeA. which B. x C. that D. who 正确答案:C
  10. ?Please help yourself to the fish. ?.A. Thanks, but I don't like fish B. Sorry, I can't help C. Well, fish don't suit me D. No, I can't 正确答案:A
  11. Not only interested in football but beginning to show an interest in it.A. the teacher himself is…all his students are B. the teacher himself is…are all his students C. is the teacher himself…are all his students D. is the teacher himself…all his students are 正确答案:D
  12. The new English dictionary I bought yesterday me almost twenty yuanA. spent B. paid C. cost D. took 正确答案:C
  13. Magaret scarcely comes to visit you on Christmas Day, ?A. doesn't she B. does she C. do you D. don't you 正确答案:B
  14. In aerospace devices the weight of the necessary power producing equipment is A. vital B. possible C. competent D. reliable 正确答案:A
  15. What you have done is the doctor's ordersA. attached to B. resistant to C. responsible to D. contrary to 正确答案:D
  16. Will you me a favor, please?A. do B. make C. bring D. give 正确答 案:A
  17. Rob stood in the hallway, from where he could the happenings on the streetA. choose B. obtain C. observe D. present 正确答案:C
  18. If you continue to spend money like that, you will soon brokeA. end in B. end up C. end to D. end with 正确答案:B

  19. You don't have to describe her. I her several times.A. had met B. have met C. met D. meet 正确答案:B
  20. Japan has to employ an increasing number of overseas workers because there is no easy solution to itsJapan has to employ an increasing number of overseas workers because there is no easy solution to its labor A. decline B. rarity C. vacancy D. shortage 正确答案:D
  21. I don't mind by bus, but I hate in queues.A. to travel...standing B. having traveled...standing C. traveling...to stand D. traveling...standing 正确答案: D
  22. He is fond of playing piano while his brother is interested in listening to music.A. /; the B. /;/ C. the; / D. the; the 正确答案:C
  23. The wounded soldier, , wouldn't give up the attempt to find his troopA. in case B. in case of C. any case D. in any case 正确答案:D
  24. The social security system in our country provides for all retired workers and cadresA. allowance B. pensions C. salary D. wages 正确答案:B
  25. The court strenographer the trial proceedingsA. generated B. regulated C. registered D. stretched 正确答案:C
  26. Teaching a pronunciation class to a mixed group of learning can a teacher with many challenging problemsA. present B. produce C. project D. create 正确 答案:A
  27. They hurried into the hall, their engagement to us.A. announcing B. talking about C. proposing D. speaking 正确答案:A
  28. What about double quantities of everything today? We have hardly time to go next week.A. buying...to shop B. buy...shopping C. buying...shopping D. to buy...shopping 正确答案:C
  29. He a wonderful story to explain his absenceA. made out B. made up C. made for D. made up for 正确答案:B
  30. Jane no strong emotion when they told her the newsA. displayed B. frustrated C. signed D. observed 正确答案:A
  31. If it quite to you, I will visit you next Tuesday.A. convenient B. fair C. easy D. comfortable 正确答案:A
  32. Nobody will believe how difficult his work has been ?A. will he B. won't nobody C. will they D. won't they 正确答案:C
  33. She is to catch up with the top students in her classA. decided B. determined C. declared D. settled 正确答案:B
  34. Where is the bus A. bound B. bound for C. responsible for D. likely to 正确答案:B
  35. ?How are you feeling? ?Much better. .A. Thanks for coming to see me. B. You look great. C. You are so tired. D. Don't mention it. 正确答案:A
  36. The boy is so tall that he has his old coat bought last yearA. worn out B. thrown away C. torn D. outgrown 正确答案:D
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  37. Jack has coffee with breakfast, ?A. hasn't Jack B. hasn't he C. doesn't Jack D. doesn't he 正确答案:D
  38. he saw me, he turned paleA. The occasion B. The chance C. The period D. The moment 正确答案:D
  39. The student made no to the teacher's callA. respond B. response C. responsibility D. respect 正确答案:B
  40. We've a conclusion that this is a true storyA. arrived B. got to C. come out D. reached 正确答案:D
  41. You had some trouble finding where I live, ?A. didn't you B. hadn't you C. do I D. don't I 正确答案:A
  42. ?Could you be so kind as to turn down that rock “n” roll? I am preparing for tomorrow's exam. ?A. It's none of your business. B. What are you doing? C. Sure. Sorry to disturb you. D. No, I don't think so. 正确答案:C
  43. There is no reason why you shouldn't tell them that you are goingA. in advance B. on schedule C. by change D. for pleasure 正确答案:A
  44. ?Tomorrow is my birthday. ?.A. Oh, I have a good idea. B. I am glad you like it. C. Many happy returns of the day! D. You must be very happy. 正 确答案:C
  45. I'm rather uncertain whether I've made the right decisionA. as to B. on C. to D. for 正确答案:A
  46. Dress warmly, you'll catch cold.A. on the contrary B. or rather C. or else D. in no way 正确答案:C
  47. All these matters are attentionA. worth B. worthy C. worth of D. worthy of 正确答案:D
  48. The open-air celebration has been put off the bad weather.A. in case of B. in spite of C. instead of D. because of 正确答案:D
  49. Next to air, water is the element most necessary for .A. atmosphere B. survival C. environment D. particles 正确答案:B
  50. Before long he reverted his bad habit of drinking and smokingA. to B. back C. from D. on 正确答案:A
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单选题( 道试题) 单选题(共 85 道试题) 1
  51. Don't worry about it! The baby will look like her father her mother. A. not only, and B. also, too C. either, or 答案:C 1
  52. His grandfather is very healthy. He drinks smokes. A. both, and B. neither, nor C. neither, or 答案:B 1
  53. her mother she was at home when the thief came in. A. Neither, or B. Each, and C. Neither, nor 答案:C 1
  54. Mr Hilton is not good at music. Neither his children. A. are B. is C. be 答案:A 1
  55. A: I didn't have time for lunch today. B: I didn't . A. neither B. too C. either 答案:C 1
  56. Richard works really hard, and you. A. so do B. so are C. so did 答案:A 1
  57. He bought two books. I. A. So was B. So did C. So do 答案:B 1
  58. The film was that I fell asleep in the cinema. A. too bored B. so bored C. so boring 答案:C 1
  59. He is a doctor, so . A. he does wife B. is his wife C. his wife is 答案:B 1
  60. Mike offered to help and so John. A. does B. is C. did 答案:C 1
  61. You're driving , slow down! A. too fast B. very slow C. not fast 答案:A 1
  62. This jacket is not for me. I need a bigger size. A. enough big B. smaller C. big enough 答案:C 1
  63. She jogging every morning. A. goes B. does C. plays 答案:A 1
  64. Is it difficult to learn to Tai Chi? A. do B. play C. go 答案:A 1
  65. A: Thank you for lending me your dictionary. B: You're welcome. But could you to me tomorrow? A. give it back B. give back it C. get back 答案:A 1
  66. A: Whose book is this? B: It's . A. me B. mine C. my 答案:B st 1
  67. June 1 is Day. A. Children's B. Childrens' C. Children 答案:A 1
  68. This red bicycle is and that blue one is . A. his, Tom B. his, Tom's C. his, Toms 答案:B 1
  69. Where's newspaper? A. today B. today 's C. todays' 答案:B 1
  70. He is a good friend of .
A. our B. our's C. ours 答案:C 1
  71. stole his camera while he is lying on the beach. A. Anyone B. Someone C. Everyone 答案:B 1
  72. Tomorrow is my mother's birthday. I want to buy for her. A. anything special B. special something C. something special 答案:C 1
  73. I didn't buy the book because I didn't have money on me. A. no B. any C. some 答案:B 1
  74. I'm going to buy Mary a birthday gift. Do you have in mind? A. special something B. special anything C. anything special 答案:C 1
  75. It's very easy to clean up the room. can do it. A. Anyone B. Someone C. No one 答案:A 1
  76. Today is too busy. Let's discuss it next week. A. sometimes B. some times C. sometime 答案:C 1
  77. They leave next Friday. A. decided B. decided to C. decide 答案:B 1
  78. They named the island its discoverer. A. after B. in C. to 答案:A 1
  79. The child fluent French. A. says B. speaks C. talks 答案:B 1
  80. The book was rather expensive, but I bought it . A. any way B. anyway C. even though 答案:B 1
  81. Could you tell me how to my English? A. alter B. improve C. change 答案:B 1
  82. He failed all his efforts. A. even if B. although C. in spite of 答案:C 1
  83. You should be more patient your children. A. for B. of C. with 答案:C 1
  84. This idea hit me when I this morning. A. awoke up B. woke C. woke up 答案:C 1
  85. An application form will be sent to you . A. on request B. on a request C. in request 答案:A 1
  86. You won't get better if you don't smoking. A. give up B. give away C. give out 答案:A 1
  87. Don't him. He is writing a letter now. A. disturb to B. disturb C. disturbing 答案:B 1
  88. We are very pleased our new house. A. with B. at C. for 答案:A 1
  89. Is the supermarket the right or left? A. on B. in C. at 答案:A 1
  90. You can remember what you do if you . A. take a diary B. keep a diary C. make a diary 答案:B 1
  91. is this beautiful handbag? A. How many B. How cost C. How much 答案:C 1
  92. A: is at the door?
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B: It must be our new neighbour, Mrs Jones. A. What B. Which C. Who 答案:C 1
  93. of these books are yours? A. What B. Which C. How 答案:B 1
  94. I don't know to explain it. A. what B. why C. how 答案:C 1
  95. It's a long way to get there. This is we started so early. A. why B. what C. how 答案:A 1
  96. After they finished football, they went for a drink in a pub. A. playing B. to play C. play 答案:A 1
  97. He stopped TV when dinner was ready. A. watching B. to watch C. watch 答案:A 1
  98. You'd better stop . We're listening to the news. A. to talk B. talking C. talk 答案:B 1
  99. If I don't have to work late on Friday, I might dancing with friends. A. play B. get C. go 答案:C 2
  00. I've always enjoyed . A. swimming B. to swim C. swim 答案:A 2
  01. Be careful! Don't cut with the knife. A. you B. yours C. yourself 答案:C 2
  02. The children are enjoying at the party. A. himself B. theirs C. themselves 答案:C 2
  03. We built the house . Nobody helped us. A. ourselves B. ours C. myself 答案:A 2
  04. My aunt was angry with her family and went away . A. in herself B. by herself C. with herself 答案:B 2
  05. Can Mary express in Chinese? A. herself B. hers C. her 答案:A 2
  06. I have no idea who stole his wallet. It anyone. A. could have been B. should have been C. must have been 答案:A 2
  07. I don't know where the key is, but I suppose I it at home. A. could have left B. should have left C. must leave 答案:A 2
  08. A: I ha



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