华中师大一附中 2009 年高中招生考试文科综合测试英语部分
一、单项选择 ( )
  1. good news! We have never heard B. How … so wonderful news. C. What … such the Great Wall. C. have visited . B. has gone to… two years D. have been in … two years ago of a running stream. C. voice D. sound D. has visited D. How… so a
A. What a … such a (
  2. So far, everyone in our class except Tom and Jack A. are visiting B. is visiting China since
  3. Lily with her parents A. has been in… two years ago C. have been to … two years
  4. The music made me think of the A. shout B. noise
  5. The singer and dancer A. is going to be in
our party this evening. C. were going to be in D. is going to in
B. are going to be in
  6.When I hurriedly got to the airport, the lady at the window told me that there were no left on that plane. A. places B. seats holiday in C. space . B. two-day … two day’s time D. two days … two-day time and broke it. B. coffee’s cup C. cup for coffee D. coffee cup D. room
  7. I hear we will have a A. two day’s … two day’s time C. two-day … two days’ time
  8. He dropped the A. cup of coffee
  9.British people eat A. chicken
a lot, and they are usually cooked in different ways. B. beef ? B. your sister friend D. your sister friends C. fish D. potatoes
  10. Is this dictionary sent by A. a friend of your sister C. a friend of your sister’s
  11. In America, which festival is as important as the Spring Festival of China? A. Thanks-giving Day C. Christmas Day B. April Fool’s Day D. National Day
are all water sports. B. Canoeing, surfing, swimming D. Water-skiing, boat racing, shooting
A. Scuba diving, rafting, jumping C. Water polo, wind-surfing, running 二、阅读短文,选择正确答案
  1) A man in Scotland calls his son in London the day before Christmas Eve and says, "I hate to ruin your day, but I have to tell you that your mother and I are divorcing, forty-five years of misery is enough."
"Dad, what are you talking about?" the son screams. "We can't stand the sight of each other any longer," the father says. "We're sick of each other, and I'm sick of talking about this, so you call your sister in Leeds and tell her." Frantic, the son calls his sister, who explodes on the phone. "Like heck they're getting divorced,"
she shouts. "I'11 take care of this!" She calls Scotland immediately, and screams at her father, "You are not getting divorced. Don't do a single thing until I get there. I'm calling my brother back, and we'll both be there tomorrow. Until then,
don't do a thing, do you hear me?" And hangs up. The old man hangs up his phone and turns to his wife. "Okay," he says, "they're coming for Christmas and they're paying their own way." 根据短文内容,选择最佳答案。 ( )
  1. According to the passage, the old couple have been married for A. thirty years B. forty years C. forty-five years
D. The passage doesn't tell us. ( )
  2. Why didn't the man call up his daughter himself?. A. Because he was afraid of his daughter. B. Because he was sick of talking about this. C. Because he hated to ruin her day. D. Because he was sick of her. ( )
  3. When the daughter heard that her parents were divorcing, she got A. angry ( B. happy C. excited D. bored at once.
  4. Where did the daughter live? A. Scotland. B. Leeds. C. London. D. England.
  5. Which is NOT true? A. The old couple didn't get divorced. B. The old man told a lie to his son. C. The old couple missed their children. D. The old couple had to divorce.
  2) Good Reading Tips When you are learning English, listening, speaking and writing are important, but reading can also be very helpful. When you read, you can not only learn some new words, but also you can learn how to use these English words. When you read, it gives you a good example for writing. Good reading tips(建议): Try to read at the right level(水平). Read something that you can (more or less) understand. If you need to stop every three words to use a dictionary, it is not interesting. Try to increase the number of your new words. If there are four or five new words on a page, write them in your notebook. But you don’t have to write them while you read. Instead, try to guess their
meanings as you read: mark them with a pen. Then come back when you have finished reading to look them up in a dictionary and write them in your own vocabulary book. Then try to remember them. Try to read regularly. For example, read for a short time once a day. Fifteen minutes every day is you can read
better than two hours every Sunday. Fix (固定) a time to read and keep to it. For example, for fifteen minutes when you go to bed, or when you get up or at lunchtime.
.Read what interests you. Choose a book or a magazine about a subject that you like, because you are going to spend time and money to read it. So, choose an interesting book. You can also read newspapers. There are many English newspapers in China. ( ( )
  1. How many good reading tips does the writer give us? A. Six. B. Three. C. Five. D. Four. )
  2. Which of the following is RIGHT? A. When you read, you can only learn some new words. B. It is interesting for you to stop every three words to use a dictionary. C. Reading a lot can help you write better. D. Try to read something that you can't understand to make your English better. ( )
  3. If you meet a few new words on a page while reading, A. write them down at once C. give up reading ( B. guess the meaning at first D. don't mark with a pen
  4. What's the meaning of the underlined word "regularly"? A.定期地 B.正确地 C.按顺序地 D.全面地
  5. To help you read better, A. only read a magazine about a subject that you like B. reading English for two hours every Sunday is much better than for a short time once a day C. you should read something that you like for a short time once a day at least D. it's enough for you to read your textbook
三、阅读下面小短文,补全句子 (
  1) Why is he crying? “Tom, what’s the matter with your brother?” asked the mother in the kitchen. “He’s crying.” “Oh, nothing, Mum.” Replied Tom. “I’m eating my cake. He is crying because I won’t give him any.” “But has he finished his own cake?” “Yes. ” said Tom. “And he also cried ”
  2) Saving a Dollar Johnny: Papa, would you be glad if I saved a dollar for you? Papa: Naturally, my son. Johnny: Well, I have saved one dollar for you. You said that if I brought a good mark this week, you would give me a dollar and
四、任务型阅读 (
  1) Street Markets Around the World There are many ways of shopping. You can shop by telephone, by post or through your home computer, but for many people, the most exciting way to shop is also the most traditional- at a street market. You can find markets anywhere in the world. Here are four of them: There are many "floating markets" in Asia; perhaps the most unusual is in Thailand(泰国), at a place called Damnoen Sadusk. It's open from six in the morning to the noon every day. People sell fresh fruit from their boats. Many Belgians(比利时人) say that the Grand Place is the most beautiful square in the world. It is the home of a colorful flower market. It's open every day except Monday. On Monday, instead of flowers, there's a wonderful bird market! One of the world's most famous markets is in Mexico City(墨西哥城) - the Sonora Market. You can buy toys, birds, herbs and medicine. There are all kinds of things. It's open every day from early in the morning till late at night. In England, every weekend, thousands of young people from all over London travel to the Camden Market - it's the place to go for street fashion, CDs and tapes. Many people also go there for fun.
根据短文内容,在表格中的横线上填写所缺单词。每空一词。 分) (5 Names the Damnoen Saduak Countries Features Things to Sell Fresh Thailand unusual (
  1) every day Open Time
the Grand Place
every day except Monday
the Sonora Market the Camden Market
all kinds of things
every day every
fashion things
  2) It may seem strange that ice itself can sometimes protect crops from frost (霜). (
  1) some growers actually spray (喷洒) their crops with water on a freezing night. Water freezes quickly on the plants and then a strange thing happens. (
  2) As long as ice stays wet, it can' t get colder than 0℃, a temperature many plants can survive (存活) at. If the ice ever became completely frozen and dry, it might drop many degrees
lower, destroying the plants. (
  3)By continually spraying water on the ice, the growers keep it from going below 0℃ even if the air is much colder. This may be unbelievable, but it saves the plants. This strange kind of ice blanket (毯子) works only on plants that are strong enough to stand the weight of frozen spray. This method is even used to protect banana plants on some Central American Plantations (种植园).
  2)处用 if 改写。
  4.完成下列句子。 The method of using an ice blanket to protect crops from frost is applicable to (适用于) 五、汉译英,每空一词(10 分)
  1.她太小,不会自己穿衣服。 (dress oneself)

  2.阅读英语杂志是学生词的最好方法。 (read English magazines)

  3.听英语歌曲怎么样?(what about)

  4.不断尝试,你的梦想会实现的。 Keep , and your dream .

  5. 爱丽斯遇到很多麻烦才找到邮局。 Alive much trouble in the post office.

  6. 你最好别开着灯睡觉。 (on)

  7. 张小姐过去不常穿裙子。 (didn’t use to)

  8.李涛每天花半小时记单词。 (spend, memorize)

  9.她为儿子的成功感到自豪。 (be proud of)

  10.你过去常不吃早餐,是吗?(used to…)
六、补全对话。 (10 分) A: Hello! Helen! What are you doing? B: (
A: Studying for an English test ? I don’t like English. It’s difficult to learn. B: (
  2) A: My biggest problem is that I can’t memorize so many English words. (
  3) B: You can memorize words by making sentences . And (
  4) ? is a good way to learn
English . In a club, you can meet many interesting people. You can learn a lot from them. A: Sounds good. I’ll have a try. (
  5) B: You’re welcome. !



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