Translation U1
  1. Every time when he returned home from work at midnight, he would tiptoe upstairs, trying not to waken his neighbours.
  2. To develop some kind of rapport with his new neighbour, Mr. Jones was spontaneous in offering to carry her luggage into the house.
  3. The article recommended by Dr. Miller centers on air pollution; what's more, it touches upon other issues such as water pollution, noise pollution and visual pollution.
  4. Without the constant encouragement and help from her friends, she couldn' t have made any achievements.
  5. It was only a few days ago that he showed some contempt for the new project, but now he is working hard with zest for its realization. What a baffling change!
  6. Judging from what she wrote in her autobiography, she always had mixed feelings for that pianist.
  7. While waiting for the flight in the lounge, he struck up a conversation with two American travelers and touched on many interesting issues in cross-cultural communication.
  9. These girls all dread working alone on night duty. I don't mind working overtime, but do mind working on those unimportant trivial things at weekend.
  10. In fact, nobody asked them to do anything on the first day of school. Having seen the classroom in such a mess, they were spontaneous in cleaning it.
  1. Because of an unknown disease, his brain was affected so badly that he lost his memory completely.
  1. The objection from the protesting crowds outside the courthouse had no effect at all on the judges and the jury of this Pacific island country.
  5. A guilty man apprehends danger in every sound. Her soft vice and kind smile made everyone in the room be at ease. Not until you have a good command over a scale of styles can you speak English appropriately on different occasions.
  6. His haphazard knowledge of modern economics was one of the reasons why he met failure in his business.
  7. The new general manager felt uneasy with the way he was addressed by his colleagues in the company.
  8. No matter how hard he had tried, all his efforts to improve his image in the mind of the
public were certain to fail.
  9. The commander never thought that his soldiers would dare to defy/ disobey his orders.

  10. Although the composition teacher regards these expressions as nothing but cliches, they still appeal very much to the students. U3
  1. Stretching out his work-gnarled hands, the old fisherman with a weather-beaten face started to tell us about his hard life experience on the sea.
  2. The little girl is apparently seriously injured. She' s been crying for hours and she` s still moaning,
  3. When the Nobel Prize winner appeared onto the platform escorted by the chairman, the
whole hall rocked with cheers and applause.
  4. When the dance party was in full swing (in its climax), music and songs swirled all around the
  5. For some unknown reasons, there has been a revival of strong interest in traditional
Chinese drama, such as Beijing Opera and Shaoxing Opera, among the college students.
  6. The traffic downtown was held up for a while because crowds of people swarmed into the streets to watch the annual holiday parade.
  7. When he saw his heart-broken parents, the young man felt so ashamed of himself for bringing so much trouble to the family that he knelt down and begged their forgiveness.
  8. He was very excited at seeing his son, whom he had not met for a long time, getting off
the ship. But out of his expectation, his son pretended not to see him; and turning his back to his father, the young man walked off right away.
  9. The two neighbouring countries stopped the decade-long war and signed a peace treaty. From then on, their economic exchange and bilateral trade have developed by leaps and bounds.
  10. As soon as the winner of Nobel Prize for physics appeared before the faculty and students, waves of cheers swept the hall. And his speech was punctuated by thundering clapping.
  1. You are not likely to grasp an article on logic unless you think actively in the course of reading.
  2. According to the author, one of the most effective ways to read a good book is by writing between the lines while reading.
  3. He was so absorbed/ engrossed in one of his cloning experiments that he wasn' t aware of my entering the laboratory at all.
  4. I don't think happiness consists in obtaining what you need; I believe happiness consists in doing what you can (do) for society.

Air pressure, oxygen and temperature are the indispensable conditions to the survival of the astronauts on the moon.

In a certain sense, postgraduate students are also researchers. He would jot down what he has observed, important or trivial, in his notebook rather than commit it to his memory, because he believes in the remark that "The worst pen is better than the best memory"

Students expected that he would illustrate why sharp observation and logical thinking were indispensable qualities to research work, but his talk was more confusing than clarifying/convincing.

According to his theory of foreign language learning, one can better learn English in a state of relaxation than in a state of concentration.

  10.Planningand outlining are only a prelude to writing. Drafting, revising and editing are necessary steps to write a thesis.
  1. As a famous actor, he actually does not have an easy time of it. He must constantly improve his acting to meet new challenges.
  2. As was announced in the university newspaper, a grand alumni party will be held on the evening of the International Labour Day.
  3. After a sleepless night, the excited children got up before dawn the next day and headed for the sea in the hope that they could see the sunrise.
  4. After retirement, the psychology professor, unwilling to live a leisure life, took to developing educational games for children.
  5. More and more countries have passed the law which forbids anyone to hunt wildlife at will on the territory of their countries.
  6. Seeing the children' s skillful search for information on the Internet, I recalled my own childhood. At that time I had no idea of what else a compute could do besides word processing.
  7. I don't know if it is always the case in the animal world that stronger animals prey upon the weaker ones.
  8. Many people are very proud of the skyscrapers that have mushroomed in their cities, with the mistaken idea that skyscrapers are the synonym of modernization.
  9. I don't think it was merely an accident. Judging from the way the car was hit, it was definitely a deliberate murder.
  10. It takes years of training to master of gymnastic skills. The same is true with the mastery of English kills.
  1. They had been waiting in anguish until the news came to them that the police had rescued their
kidnapped daughter.
  2. The emotional old man opened the letter that his son had sent him from overseas. The harder he tried to control his trembling hands, the more trembling they became.
  3. Though they saved the sheep from the grip of the wolf, they felt rather sad to sec the wounded sheep that jerked convulsively with jerking nerves in pain.
  4. lie ran all the way to the railway station without stopping; and when he arrived there, he was panting/out of breath with sweat trickling down his face.
  6. A sudden downpour sent the pedestrians scurrying towards the stores along the streets for shelter. Seeing the wounded buffalo struggling in pain under the attack of the lions, the hunter shot it dead out of pity.
  8. Although their experiments failed again and again, their enthusiasm, instead of ebbing away, was rising. It never occurred to them that their new partner was such a mean person A swelling feeling of rage and contempt expressed itself in their thought when they met again.
  9. Although he was well prepared, an involuntary chill ran down his back at the though of fighting in the boxing ring with the world champion.
  10. When the doctor told him that it was only a minor operation that would take no more than an hour, there was an incredulous look on his face.
  2. I can' t drive a car, let alone fly an airplane. The Arctic is closely hemmed in by the populated landmasses of different nationalities. The Antarctic, in contrast, has no permanent residents because the climate there is unfavourable to human survival.
  3. Although she felt like a normal person after the heart surgery, the doctor insisted that she go to the hospital for examination every other day.
  4. Small wonder they lost the games time and again; they had not been training for quite some time.
  5. I am inclined to think that there will be strong opposition to our reform plan among quite a few board members.
  6. The employees of the company at all levels think of their new manager as far-sighted, resourceful and highly competitive.
  7. No matter who he is or where he is from, we cannot tolerate his behaviour that is injurious to social order.
  8. Those who claimed to have set eyes on the mysterious savage in the forest all affirmed that the most distinctive feature of the savage was its huge size.
  9. As regards the quality of the drinking water on that small island, the explorers who set foot on
the island reported that it was sweet, pleasant and refreshing.
  10. As far as the business profits are concerned/As regards the business profits, the main drawback of the publication of academic treatises is that they usually do not sell well, with an average number of only several hundred copies for each printing.



   Translation U1 1. Every time when he returned home from work at midnight, he would tiptoe upstairs, trying not to waken his neighbours. 2. To develop some kind of rapport with his new neighbour, Mr. Jones was spontaneous in offering to carry her lu ...


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   本文由寒林梦沙贡献 ppt文档可能在WAP端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择TXT,或下载源文件到本机查看。 冯舟小组制作 版权没有 盗版不究 英语和汉语是两种差异比较大的语言,英语重形合,汉语重意合。 英语和汉语是两种差异比较大的语言,英语重形合,汉语重意合。有人 把英语句子比喻为“树木丛生、干枝纠缠的树林” 脉络难析, 把英语句子比喻为“树木丛生、干枝纠缠的树林”,脉络难析,主次难 而把汉语句子比喻为“枝干分明的竹林” 脉络清晰,主次易辨。 辨,而把汉语句子比喻为“枝干分明的竹 ...


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