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2010 届钻石卡英语专业强化阶段测试(基础英语)
考试时间:180 分钟 满分:150 分
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Part I. Vocabulary and structure (20 points)
Directions: There are 20 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four
choices marked A, B, C, D. Choose the one that best completes the sentence. Then mark the
corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

  1. The cultural traditions of the invaders slowly the practices of the island dwellers.
A. spread B. perpetuated C. permeated D. reinforced

  2. He looked like a of clay that, as in some strange fairy tale, suddenly came to life.
A. statue B. status C. statute D. stature

  3. One of the greatest problems for the first immigrants in America was how to deal with the
population, the Indians.
A. heterogeneous B. homogeneous C. indigenous D. integrated

  4. The famous psychologist has drawn up some psychological theories to human behavior.
A. consolidate B. elucidate C. intimidate D. emancipate

  5. Do you believe that the kidnappers will release their unharmed once all their demands were
met? It seems incredible.
A. refugee B. hostage C. hijacker D. collaborator

  6. Emma overcame her feeling of long enough to notice the snake’s beautiful diamond
A. repulsion B. impulsion C. compulsion D. expulsion

  7. In this small village, he found few persons to him and felt quite lonely.
A. congenital B. contentious C. concurrent D. congenial

  8. The two opponent parties seemed more bent on each other than on talking about
possibilities of constructive cooperation.
A. slandering B. consigning C. conspiring D. blundering

  9. Therefore you can happily build word pictures with which to and captivate an audience.
A. betray B. deduce C. beguile D. indulge

  10. Pidgin English, though sometimes ignored and as “baby talk”, is a legitimate and useful
A. regarded B. dismissed C. derided D. abused

  11. spelling or grammatical errors in your resume will unfavorably impress potential
A. Illusive B. Elliptical C. Imprudent D. Conspicuous

  12. His habit of wearing purple socks and white sneakers to the office was considered
A. lunatic B. concentric C. eccentric D. insane

  13. Her hurt was by the news that her boyfriend was leaving her to marry one of her best
A. exaggerated B. exacerbated C. extravagated D. excavated
10 届英语专业钻石卡专用
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  14. The book was criticized for having too many subjects and no theme.
A. precedent B. predominant C. preceded D. predicative

  15. that carried the tradition of 19th-century American Realism to perhaps its highest
level of achievement.
A. Thomas Eakins B. It was the painter Thomas Eakins
C. Thomas Eakins’ paintings D. Why it was Thomas Eakins

  16. From cave paintings and from on bone and reindeer horn, it is known that
prehistoric humans were close observers of nature who carefully tracked the seasons and times of
the year.
A. apparently regular scratches B. scratching apparently regularly
C. regular scratches apparently D. scratches regular apparently

  17. Although he suffered from discrimination, Martin Luther King is a man who believed in
reconciliation and only rarely a grudge during his Civil Rights movement.
A. he carried B. did he carry C. when he carried D. that he carried

  18. Sharon is supposed to be here at nine o’clock; she about our meeting.
A. would have forgotten B. should have forgotten
C. ought to have forgotten D. must have forgotten

  19. The committee members resented them of the meeting.
A. the president that he did not tell B. the president not to inform
C. the president’s not informing D. the president that he failed informing

  20. The individual TV viewer invariably senses that he or she is an anonymous,
statistically insignificant part of a huge and diverse audience.
A. nothing more than B. everything except C. anything but D. no less than
Part II Cloze (20 points)
Directions: For each numbered blank in the following passage, there are four choices marked A,
B, C, and D. Choose the one that best completes the sentence and mark your answer on the
Answer Sheet.
The introduction of new varieties of rice and wheat in Asia and Latin America has been
  21) as the “Green Revolution.” So far the new seeds and the (
  22) technology have
not resulted (
  23) increased agricultural production (
  24) or reduced malnutrition.
The direct, quantitative effects of introducing high-yielding (
  25) of food grains have been
modest. The indirect and quantitative effects, however, have sometimes (
  26) significant.
The new technology has led to (
  27) in crop pattern and in methods of production. It has
accelerated the development of (
  28) market-orientated, capitalist agriculture. It has
encouraged the growth of wage labor, and (
  29) helped to create or augment a (
of agricultural laborers. It has increased the power of landowners, and this in (
  31) has been
associated with a greater (
  32) of classes and intensified conflict.
Changes in status and class alignments have been accompanied (
  33) changes in the
distribution of income. Profits and rents have increased absolutely and relatively. The share of
wages has declined and in some (
  34) real wages rates or the number of days worked, or
both, have declined. In (
  35), an old system of agriculture, slowly (
  36)swiftly, is in
the (
  37) of being destroyed by the advance of contemporary technology.
The policies that have accompanied the “Green Revolution” in many (
  38) countries
10 届英语专业钻石卡专用
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have aggravated the problems these countries (
  39). Supplies of some commodities have
increased, but the rate of growth of total agricultural production has shown little (
  40) to
rise. At the same time, inequality has become worse, and poverty has increased absolutely.

  21. A. considered B. thought C. known D. called

  22. A. accompanied B. accompanying C. consequent D. consequential

  23. A. from B. by C. of D. in

  24. A. per cent B. percentage C. per head D. per man

  25. A. variation B. varieties C. variance D. variable

  26. A. been B. to be C. being D. be

  27. A. reforms B. modifications C. changes D. transformation

  28. A. the B. one C. certain D. a

  29. A. therein B. thereof C. thereby D. thereon

  30. A. class B. group C. crowd D. gang

  31. A. that B. turn C. all D. time

  32. A. polarization B. polarity C. division D. extremity

  33. A. from B. in C. with D. by

  34. A. times B. events C. instances D. fields

  35. A. short B. word C. trifle D. essence

  36. A. and B. or C. but D. nor

  37. A. way B. process C. procedure D. action

  38. A. underdeveloped B. under developing C. developed D. non-developing

  39. A. facing B. confronting C. face D. confront

  40. A. intention B. temptation C. tendency D. attempt
Part Ⅲ. Reading Comprehension ( 35 points)
Section A
Directions: There are two passages in this section. Read each passage and then answer the
questions given at the end of each passage.(2×10=20 points)
Passage one
Before, whenever we had wealth, we started discussing poverty. Why not now? Why is the
current politics of wealth and poverty seemingly about wealth alone? Eight years ago, when Bill
Clinton first ran for president, the Dow Jones average was under 3,500, yearly federal budget
deficits were projected at hundreds of billions of dollars forever and beyond, and no one talked
about the “permanent boom” or the “new economy.” Yet in that more straitened time, Clinton
made much of the importance of “not leaving a single person behind.” It is possible that similar
“compassionate” rhetoric might yet play a role in the general election.
But it is striking how much less talk there is about the poor than there was eight years ago,
when the country was economically uncertain, or in previous eras, when the country felt flush.
Even last summer, when Clinton spent several days on a remarkable, Bobby Kennedy-like
pilgrimage through impoverished areas from Indian reservations in South Dakota to ghetto
neighborhoods in East St. Louis, the administration decided to refer to the effort not as a poverty
tour but as a “new markets initiative.”
What is happening is partly a logical, policy-driven reaction. Poverty really is lower than it
has been in decades, especially for minority groups. The most attractive solution to it?a growing
10 届英语专业钻石卡专用
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economy?is being applied. The people who have been totally left out of this boom often have
medical, mental or other problems for which no one has an immediate solution. “The economy has
sucked in anyone who has any preparation, any ability to cope with modern life,” says Franklin D.
Raines, the former director of the Office of Management and Budget who is now head of Fannie
Mae. When he and other people who specialize in the issue talk about solutions, they talk
analytically and long-term: education, development of work skills, shifts in the labor market,
adjustment in welfare reform.
But I think there is another force that has made this a rich era with barely visible poor people.
It is the unusual social and imaginative separation between prosperous America and those still left
out…. It’s simple invisibility, because of increasing geographic, occupation, and social berriers
that block one group from the other’s view.

  41. The main idea of the passage is that .
A. The county is enjoying economic growth
B. The poor are benefiting from today’s good economy
C. in the past we were more aware of the poor than we are today
D. in the past there were many more poor people than there are today

  42. In line 5 of the 1st paragraph, the word “straitened” means “.”
A. wealthy B. difficult C. apathetic D. tensional

  43. From this passage, we can conclude that .
A. the relationship between the rich and the poor has changed
B. the good economy will soon end
C. poverty will be removed as a result of increased wealth
D. all people benefit from good economic conditions

  44. According to the author, one important reason that we do not talk much about poverty is that
A. no one knows what to do about it
B. poverty really is lower than in the past
C. no one has been left out of the current boom
D. the president is not concerned about the poor

  45. The main purpose of writing this passage is to .
A. entertain B. tell a story C. describe D. persuade
Passage two
The need for a satisfactory education is more important than ever before. Nowadays, without
a qualification from a reputable school or university, the odds of landing that plum job advertised
in the paper are considerably shortened. Moreover, one’s present level of education could fall well
short of future career requirements.  
  It is no secret that competition is the driving force behind the need to obtain increasingly
higher qualifications. In the majority of cases, the urge to upgrade is no longer the result of an
insatiable thirst for knowledge. The pressure is coming from within the workplace to compete with
ever more qualified job applicants, and in many occupations one must now battle with colleagues
in the reshuffle for the position one already holds.  
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  Striving to become better educated is hardly a new concept. Wealthy parents have always
been willing to spend the vast amounts of extra money necessary to send their children to schools
with a perceived educational edge. Working adults have long attended night schools and refresher
courses. Competition for employment has been around since the curse of working for a living
began. Is the present situation so very different to that of the past?
 The difference now is that the push is universal and from without as well as within. A student
at secondary school receiving low grades is no longer as easily accepted by his or her peers as was
once the case. Similarly, in the workplace, unless employees are engaged in part-time study, they
may be frowned upon by their employers and peers and have difficulty even standing still. In fact,
in these cases, the expectation is for careers to go backwards and earning capacity to take an
appreciable nosedive.  
  At first glance, the situation would seem to be laudable; a positive response to the exhortation
by a former Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, for Australia to become the clever country. Yet there are
serious ramifications according to at least one educational psychologist. Dr Brendan Gatsby has
caused some controversy in academic circles by suggesting that a bias towards what he terms
paper’ excellence might cause more problems than it is supposed to solve. Gatsby raises a number
of issues that affect the individual as well as society in general.  
  Firstly, he believes the extra workload involved is resulting in abnormally high stress levels
in both students at secondary school and adults studying after working hours. Secondly, skills


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