Unit 5
My Future
Lesson 37
Rich or Poor ? It Doesn’t Matter!
When I was just a little girl,I asked my mother:What will I be? Will I be rich? Will I be pretty?
What will I be?
Listen to the tape .
What does Lucas want to do in the future? Why?
What makes him happy?
  1) Why do I want to be a doctor? Because I want to help people who are sick Why … Because… e.g. Why were you late this morning?Because my bike was broken. (
  2) l would have an office at the very top. very adj. “正是,恰是” 正是,恰是” 正是 e.g. This is the very book l want. (
  3) l don’t think teachers are rich. 在由think ,guess,believe等引导的宾语从句中,否定要前置 等引导的宾语从句中, 在由 等引导的宾语从句中 e.g. l don’t think this pen is yours.
  4) My work makes me happy. make v. make+sb./sth. +adj e.g. We should make the classroom clean. make sb.+v. e.g. My mother made me stay at home. (
  5) l hope to have a great family when l’m older hope to +v. e.g. l hope to see you soon. hope+that (从句 从句). 从句 e.g. Li Ming hopes (that) he will be a teacher. (
  6) But it’s hard to be a doctor. It is/was+adj.+to do sth e.g. It’s hard to learn English well.
Do some exercise.

  1. Opposites
up (down) black( white ) open(close) hot( cold ) go( come )
short(tall/long) fast(slow ) early( late ) warm( cool ) young( old ) happy( sad )
remember( forget )

  2. Change the sentences.
  1). To speak English in class is very hard.(同义句 同义句) 同义句 ( It ) is very hard ( to) speak English. (
  2).She will be a lawyer in the future.(同义句 同义句) 同义句 She (is) (going ) ( to ) ( be ) a lawyer in the future (
  3). My work makes me careful.(对划线部分提问) careful.(对划线部分提问 对划线部分提问) ( What ) (makes) you careful? (
  4). She wants to be a doctor.(同上 同上) 同上 ( What ) ( does ) she .( want ) to be? (
  5). He thinks Bill knows that news.(否定句 否定句) 否定句 He (doesn’t ) ( think ) Bill knows that news.
Let’s Talk!
Talk about your future with your classmates . And then show your own prediction to us.
What will I be?
  1) Why … Because… (
  2) I don’t think… (
  3) make+sb./sth. +adj make sb.+v. (
  4) hope to +v. hope+that(从句). (
  5) It is/was+adj.+to do sth (
  6) Be able to say something about future.
Write a short passage to describe your prediction for your future.


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