Lesson 11: Cloning People?
红岩寺中学 兰东方
Fill in each blank with the proper word from the brackets:
  1. This is the (identify) hotel that we stayed in identical last year.
  2. The two babies are (twin). twins
  3. June first is (child) Day. Children’s
  4. Your brothers are people (relate) to you. related
  5. We should eat (health) food. healthy
  6. Do you know who is the (own) of the house? owner
  7. A blueprint is a (draw). drawing
  8. Your body uses this pattern to build (it). itself
  9. You have your own DNA, but it repeats the patterns from your (parent) DNA. parents’
  10. Some health problems come from your family’s DNA. (science) can look for these problems in your Scientists DNA.
根据汉语意思完成句子,每空一词: 根据汉语意思完成句子,每空一词:
  1. 你穿多大号的鞋? 你穿多大号的鞋? shoes do you wear? What size
  2. 我们用蓝图建造房子。 我们用蓝图建造房子。 We a blueprint a house. use to build
  3. 除了窗子小外这座房子很漂亮。 除了窗子小外这座房子很漂亮。 The house is beautiful the small windows. except for
  4. 你的头发和皮肤有同样的DNA。 你的头发和皮肤有同样的DNA。 Your hair has your skin. the same DNA as
  5. 她不但会唱歌,而且会跳舞。 她不但会唱歌,而且会跳舞。 She can sing dance. not only but also
  6. 每一个生物都有自己独特的 每一个生物都有自己独特的DNA。 。 its own unique DNA. Each living thing has
  7. 昨晚他去看电影了,我也去了。 昨晚他去看电影了,我也去了。 He went to see a film yesterday evening. . So did I
Scientists clone dinosaurs
Is it possible for scientists to clone people?
New words
clone v. 克隆 human being 人类 exactly adv. 精确的 original adj. 原始的 divide v. 分开 egg n. 卵细胞;卵子 adult adj 成年的 Dolly 多利 design v. 设计 insect n. 昆虫 damage v. 损害
Listening Task: The clones are the same height. There are ways to two clone people.
Read carefully and answer the following questions:
  1. Can we make clones from dead DNA?
  2. What are the two ways to clone people? We can divide a growing egg in half. Then we would have two eggs with the same DNA. Or we could clone an adult person , the same way scientists cloned Dolly, the sheep.
  3. Would cloning humans be a good or bad thing?
Read carefully and answer the following questions:
  1. Can scientists design new plants or animals by combining the DNA of other plants or animals?
  2. What have scientists designed by changing DNA? Stronger cotton plants. damage insect A new kind of corn. A new kind of rice. Cows that make more milk.
  3. Why are some scientists worried?
Language notes:
  1. What if scientists could make clones of human beings? what if … “要是……会怎么样/怎么办?” 怎么办?
What if the plants are bad for humans? What if you could combine other animals or plants to make something new? I don’t like bange(蹦极 at all. What if the rope breaks? 蹦极) 蹦极 You must work hard now. What if you fail in the examination of June? clone n. & v. “克隆” 克隆” make clones of sb./sth. clone sb./sth.
Language notes: human = human being a human human being
humans (pl.) human beings (pl.)
They are not the bones of an animal, but a human being’s.
They are not the bones of animals, but human beings’.
Language notes:
  2. But would they be exactly the same as the original human? exact adj. exactly adv. “恰恰;精确的” 恰恰;精确的” Give an exact answer to the following question. Tell me exactly where Mary lives.

  3. In some ways, clones would be exactly the same. in some ways “在某些方面” 在某些方面” 在某些方面他们看上去一样。 在某些方面他们看上去一样。 In some ways, they look the same. 从某些方面看你是对的。 从某些方面看你是对的。 In some ways, you are right.
Language notes:
  4. Because we are more than DNA. more than + 名词 “多于……;非但……尤其是” 尤其是” more than + 数词 = over +数词 “以上;不止” 以上;不止” He is more than a teacher. He is a doctor, too. There are more than/over fifty students in the classroom.
  5. Many things change us: the places we live, the food we eat and the people we know.
  6. We can divide a growing egg in half. divide v. “分开,分割” 常与in或into连用 分开,分割” Please divide the apple in half/into halves. Let’s divide ourselves into several groups.
Language notes:
  7. Scientists can take DNA from one kind of animal and put it into another kind of animal. take … from … put … into … “从……提取/拿出” 拿出” “把……放入” 放入”
We can take the important sentences from the article, and put them into our own passage.
  9. They can design new plants by combining the DNA of other plants. design v. “设计;计划” 设计;计划” designer n. “设计者” 设计者”
Language notes:
  10. What else have scientists designed by changing DNA? else修饰不定代词、疑问代词或疑问副词,必须位于这 疑问代词或疑问副词,
些词后 other修饰名词,位于名词的前面 修饰名词,
Who can play the guitar? else Where did you go? else Do you have anything to say? else The boys are playing football. other What’s that in your the hand? other
Fill in each blank with the proper word from the brackets:
  1. What if it (rain) tomorrow? rains
  2. Other people think human (clone) is okay. cloning
  3. Everyone except Jim and John (be) there when was the meeting began.
  4. Li Lei, together with us (be) playing now. is
  5. His uncle has been (die) for many years. dead
  6. Li Lei is always (worry) about his studies. worried
  7. What he said makes me (worry). worried
  8. Who is the (design) of our new school building? designer
  9.The boy can exactly (exact) learn these numbers by heart.
  10. Li Yuchun is
  1.74 metres in (high). height
同义句转换,每空一词: 同义句转换,每空一词:
  1. What else have scientists designed by changing DNA? What have scientists designed by other things changing DNA?
  2. The computers are made in Japan. They sell well. The computers which/that in Japan sell well. are made The computers in Japan sell well. made
  3. We can only make clones from living DNA. We can only make clones living DNA. out of
  4. It may let scientists find new ways to help people who are ill. It may let scientists find new ways to help . sick people
  5. You can divide the apple in half. You can divide the apple . into halves
根据汉语意思完成句子,每空一词: 根据汉语意思完成句子,每空一词:
  1. 在某些方面,我们可以帮助别人。 在某些方面,我们可以帮助别人。 , we can help other people. In some ways
  2. 许多衣服是棉布做的。 许多衣服是棉布做的。 Many clothes cottons. are made of
  3. 我们可以培植对昆虫有害处的植物。 我们可以培植对昆虫有害处的植物。 We can make plants that insects. are bad for
  4. 科学家能从一种植物中提出 科学家能从一种植物中提出DNA,并把它放入另一种 , 植物。 植物。 Scientists can DNA one kind of take from animals and it another kind of animal. put into
  5. 通过 通过DNA,科学家能鉴别你和与你有关的人。 ,科学家能鉴别你和与你有关的人。 From your DNA, scientists can identify you and people you. related to


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