Lesson 5
That’s a Funny Limerick!
根据汉语意思完成句子,每空一词: 根据汉语意思完成句子,每空一词:
  1. 吉姆在路的中央从自行车上摔了下来。 吉姆在路的中央从自行车上摔了下来。 Jim fell off his bike the road. in the middle of
  2. 我多么希望能到美国读书啊! 我多么希望能到美国读书啊! How I I in America! wish could study
  3. 我们的友谊是一个没有结尾的故事。 我们的友谊是一个没有结尾的故事。 Our is a story an end. friendship without
  4. 怎么能有不说话的语言 呢? How can there be a language speaking with no ?
  5. 樱桃总是中间有核,是吗? 樱桃总是中间有核,是吗? Cherries always in the middle, don’t they? have stones
Nature poem:

  1.Before you start your poetry,think topic about your .
  2. things about it that you can say in Name English.
  3.Write these words in a .
each line a word the scene
  4.startwithrelated to. list

  5. each word. Describe
Think about it!
  1. Think of a funny saying in Chinese. What is it?
  2. Do you like to tell jokes? Tell a funny joke in Chinese.
  3. Say it again in English. Is it also funny in English?
Reading Task: True or False. The first word that Jenny needs is to describe weight. The motion word that Danny says is “slowly”. Jenny recites the poem to them.
Read carefully and answer the following questions:
  1. What does Jenny ask Brain and Danny to do?
  2. What’s the first blank about? What does Brian choose for it?
  3. What about the second one? What does Danny choose for it?
  4. What about the next two blanks? motion words What do Danny and Brain choose for them?
  5. What about the last one? What does Brain choose for it?
Language notes
Think of a funny saying in Chinese. 想出 一个用汉语说得可笑的谚语。 saying n.格言,言语,名言。例: Do you know any Chinese sayings? 你知 道一些中国的谚语吗?
Will someone please help me fill in the blanks in my limerick? 由谁愿意帮我填充打油诗里的空白 吗?
  1) blank n. 空白;空白处;空白纸;空白表格 He is holding a blank form in his hand. 他手里正 拿着一张空白表格。 Please fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the given verbs. 用所给动词的适当形式填空。
  2) limerick n. 五行打油诗(一种通俗幽默的短诗, 有五行组成)
The next two blanks are both motion words. 下面 两个空都是修饰动作的词。 both两者 both…and………和……都……,可连接名词、形 容词、动词等。当连接两个主语时,位于动词用 复数形式。反义词组为neither…nor…两者都不。 Both he and I are students. 我和他都是学生。 Neither he nor I am a student. 我和他都不是学生。 She can both sing and dance. 她既会唱歌,也会 跳舞。 She is both kind and gentle. 她既亲切又温柔。
? Now there’s just one more blank. 只还有一个空白。
  1.She is both kind and gentle.
  2.We both like reading books. are
  3.Both he and I (be) students. am
  4.Neither he nor I(be) a student. is Neither I nor he (be) a student. is
  5.Either he or she(be) a poet.
  6.I need either a size or a feeling.
each have
  1.We each (have) one book. has
  2.Each of them (have) a book.
  3.Each student(have) a book.
weight weight
  1.What’s the of the elephant?
  2.How is the elephant? heavier
  3.The elephant isthan the horse.
funny saying (有趣的俗语
  1.Think of a 有趣的俗语)in 有趣的俗语 Chinese. tell jokes
  2.Do you like to (讲笑话 讲笑话). 讲笑话 funny 有趣的
  3.Tell a (有趣的 joke in Chinese. 有趣的) in English
  4.Say it again (用英语 用英语). 用英语 fill in the
  5.Please help meblanks (填空 in my 填空) 填空 limerick. learn by
  6.You cansome limericks (背诵 背诵). 背诵
用all, both, neither, either, every, each, none填空 填空
  1. Her parents are doctors. both
  2. Here are two bikes. You can use either of them.
  3. ? Do you want an apple or a pear? -- is OK. I really don’t mind. Either
  4. They are both good at English, but of neither them is good at maths. both
  5. There are trees on sides of the street.
  6. There are trees on side of the street. either/each All/None
  7. I have three pencils. of them are red. All/Each
  8. of the students in our class went to the zoo
用all, both, neither, either, every, each, none填空 填空 every
  9. I buy a newspaper day, but sometimes I don’t read it. Either
  10. Mary or Betty will go with you because one of them must stay with me. Both
  11. you and he were sad to hear the bad news yesterday. none
  12. It’s of your business.
  13. have/has arrived yet. None None
  14. of us are/is afraid difficulties.


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