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单 测试题
2P 6 绩:
I 根据汉语补 单词 (20’) 根据汉语补

  1、 国家
  4、 都 国 cntry c__t A . au A. y,y B . ou B. i, y A. a,e A. i,a A. e,a A. a A. e A. ae A. a B. e C.o C . ua C. a,e B a,i B. e,a B. a,a B.o B. a B. ea C.e,e C . a, i C . a,e C. e C. i C. ey D. i D.y D. iy spk A.ey B. iy C. ei D. ea D . uo D. e,y D.e, i D. a,e
cptal Chn Cand 亚 Austrlia Engl__sh st mp

  9、 图 大 语
D. e,e

II . 选择

(22’) ’
A here B .up A. for B. in C. there C. to D. down

  1、South points on a map.
  2、This is a map our country.
D . of

  3、__What colour is Chiana’s flag? __ .
  4、This country is Australia. A. It’s blue I know B. It’s yellow A. to C. B. in It’s red D. It’s orange D. of
C. about

  5、My friends Jenny and Danny, live Canada. A. at,English B.at,Chinese C.in,English A white
They speak . D. in,Chinese B red and white c red,white and blue B D.C the U.K.

  6、The U.K.’s flag is .

  7、The capital city of the U. S. is .
  8、Kangaroos live in .
A Washington , D.C. B. Australia B.
A. China
C. Canada D. New York C.

  9、 The Statue of Liberty is in .
A. Ottawa
He works in a shop. A What does he do ? B . Where does he work? C How does he do ? D Why does he do?

  11、--? --Canada is north of the U.S. A.What country is north of Canada? C.What country is south of Canada?
B. What country is north of the U.S.
III. 根据
问) 答) is China’s flag? They work by car.

  1、 China’s flag is red. (划线

  2、 How do they go to work? (

  3、 We go to school by bicycle. (划线
  4、 A map of the world (翻译)
  5、 New York is in the U.K. (划线
  6、 The U.S. is east of China. (划线 问)
问) do you go to school? is New York ? is east of China?
IV 选词填空 (18’) 选词填
A of B in C at. D.for E. by F. as G. than
  2、Stand the right answer.
  4、 Look bus. the map. It’s China’s map.
  1、What country is east China.
  3、Li is older Tom
  5、 My father goes to work
  7、 China, we speak Chinese.
  9、What’s this English?

  6、 Do you know the capital city China.
  8、It’s the same colour the U.S.flag .
V. 连线 (20’)
China’s capital city Canada’s capital city The U.S.’s capital city The U.K.’s capital city Australia’s capital city Ottawa Beijing Canberra London Washington, D.C . Tian’anmen Square the White House the Statue of Liberty Niagara Falls Kangaroos
VI. 排序组成小对话 (8’)
How much is the dress? Do you live in China? Is this a map of China? What is the capital city of China? Beijing. Yes,it is Yes, I do. 235yuan



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