一、 用所给单词的适当形式填空,每空一词。
  1. Lucy is
  1.5 (米) tall.
  2. I like red, but he (喜欢) white. We are different.
  3. My favourite school work is (画) pictures.
  4. Their classroom is big, but (我们的) is small.
  5. Everyone in our classroom is (矮) than Yao Ming.
  6. It (be) Monday yesterday.
  7. Monday is the (二) day of a week.
  8. The (教师) Day is on September tenth.
  9. It’s warm and (下雨) in spring.
  10. My (地址) is NO. 54 Yuhua Road. 二、 句型转换,每空一词。
  1. This is a pen. (变成复数句) are .
  2. Danny is under the desk. (变成一般疑问句) under the desk?
  3. The school begins at 8:00 in the morning. (划线部分提问) the school begin?
  4. She walks to school. (同义句) She to school on .
  5. Jenny’s address is 320 Park Road. Jenny’s ? 三、 选择。 ( )
  1. The woman the white bike is Miss Gao. A. under B. in C. on ( )
  2. These are pencils and those are . A. mine, yours B. my, your C. my, yours ( )
  3. Look these clothes. They are Mrs Green's clothes line. A. on, on B. in, at C. at, on D. at, at ( )
  4. They are your shoes, . A. put them on B. put it on C. put on it ( )
  5. You must ? A. home B. be at home C. to home ( )
  6. ?What's the time? ?It's . A. nine ten O'clock B. at nine C. nine O'clock ( )
  7. Please give this pen Miss Gao. A. to B. at C. in
  8. This is a photo my family. A. from B. to C. of . It's car. ( )
  9. ?What colour is it? ?It's A. a red; a red B. red; a red C. red; red ( )
  10. I a boy. You a girl. A. is…is B. am…are C. are…am ( )
  11. is the time, please? It’s ten. A. Where B. What C. How old ( )
  12. This is father. That is father. A. I/you B. my/your C. me/your ( )
  13. There an orange in the basket. A. is B. are C. am ( )
  14. Those pencil boxes. This is a pen. A. are B. is C. are ( )
  15. name is Kate. twelve. A. I \ I’m B. Me \ Im C. My \ I’m 四、 问题找回答。 Ⅰ Ⅱ ( )
  1. What’s your name? A. My favourite colour is blue. ( )
  2. When is Children’s Day? B. I’m nine years old. ( )
  3. How’s the weather today? C. June first. ( )
  4. How tall are you? D.The pencil is below the blackboard. ( )
  5. How are you? E. Fine, thanks. ( )
  6. How old are you? F. I’m
  1.2 metres tall. ( )
  7. What’s your favourite colour? G. It’s 7 o’clock. ( )
  8. Where is the pencil? H. It’s rainy and cold. ( )
  9. What time is it? I. My name is Ben. ( )
  10. What day is it? J. It’s Tuesday, December seventeenth. 五、 情景对话。 ( )A: ? B: My name is Yoyo. ( )A: ? B: I’m nine years old. A: When is your birthday? ( )B:. A: How tall are you? ( )B:.
A. Hello! What’s your name? B. My birthday is in June. C. Where do you live? D. I’m
  1.52 metres tall. E. How old are you?
( )A: ? B: I live in an apartment. 六、 完型填空。 Kate is _1 English girl. Now she is in China with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. White. They live 2_ Wuhan. Mr. White works in a hospital. Mrs. White teaches English in a school. And Kate goes to school on weekend. She 3 many Chinese friends. 4 Friday afternoon, she usually goes shopping with her mother. She likes 5 fish very much. Every time they’d like a kilo of fish. It’s about ten yuan. She always helps her mother with the housework.
  1. ( ) A a B an C the D/
  2. ( ) A at B in C on D to
  3. ( ) A has B have C had D got
  4. ( ) A At B In C On D With
  5. ( ) A eating B eatting C to eating D ate 七、 阅读理解。 A Bill and his twin brother Dave are in the same class. The teacher tells them to write a composition “My father” . Dave finishes it and he wants to give it to his teacher, but Bill says: “ Let me copy (抄)it.” In the afternoon, their teacher asks Bill: “Why is your composition as the same as Dave’s?” “Because we have the same father, do you know?” answers Bill. ( )
  1. Bill and Dave . A aren’t at school B are brothers C are sisters D use the same pen ( )
  2.The name of the composition is A Bill B Dave C My Father D My Mother ( )
  3.Dave studies , Bill studies. A well, badly B badly, well C well, well D badly, badly ( )
  4.Who copies the composition? A Dave B Bill C The teacher D No one ( )
  5.Bill and Dave A are at a factory B are brother and sister C are good students D are classmates B My name is Ben. I am an English boy. I am ten years old now. I live in a house. Everyday I walk to school. I like school. I work hard at school. My favourite colour is white, and my favourite clothes are T-shirts. I like to eat western food, I
often eat sandwiches. I like donuts for dessert. My best friend is Lee, we have the same hobby. We all like to play soccer.
  1. What’s the writer’s name? .
  2. How old is this boy? .
  3. What nationality(国籍) is this boy? .
  4. What is his favourite dessert? .
  6. Who is his best friend? . 八、 作文。 My Friend Key words: …is my friend. She\He is …years old. She\He is tall\short. She\He has …eyes\hair. Her\His favourite food is…. She\He is …metres tall. Her\His address is…. 九、 智力测试。 ( )
  1. If I go to see my uncle, I can read his books. It’s in two twos. A. 一分为二 B. 一文不名 C. 三心二意 D. 一举两得 ( )
  2. He is know-little. I can’t speak to the wind. A. 白费口舌 B. 纸上谈兵 C. 随风而逝 D. 和风交谈 ( )
  3. We don’t want it. It’s “ a white elephant”. What is it? A 一件无用而累的东西 B. 一头白象 C. 白给的东西 D. 白色的馅饼 ( )
  4. What is the Chinese for “ talk big”? A. 吹牛 B. 说谎话 C. 骂人 D. 很大 ( )
  5. He is a yes-man.. I don’t like him. A. 唯唯诺诺的人 B. 总有理的人 C. 坚强的人 D. 说一不二的人



   闽教版小学英语第六册教学目的与要求闽教版教案集锦 2009-05-20 10:46:40 阅读 405 评 论 0 字号:大中小 订阅 Unit 1 our shool Lesson 1 词汇:first ,second ,third,fourth,fifth,sixth,eighth,ninth,tenth 句型:where is your classroom ?on the third floor. 功能:运用所学句型描述学校各种教室所在的楼层 情感:教育学生要养成爱护校园环境及公共场所 ...


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   优思数学-新人教版初中数学专题网站 WWW.YOUSEE123.COM 09 中考新目标英语第一轮复习资料 课本重点复习 Grade Seven (A) 1. What’s her family name? (P5) ● family name= last name 姓 ●姓名顺序: 姓名顺序: 姓名顺序 英美人的名在前,姓在后。 英美人的名在前,姓在后。如:Jim Green 中,Jim 是 first name/ given name, family name/ last name; 中 ...


   2009 年第 3 期 第 33 卷 (总第 153 期) 沈阳师范大学学报 (社会科学版) Journal of Shenyang Normal University(Social Science Edition) №3,2009 Vol.33 General,№153 希腊神话与英语学习 于 海 燕 (辽宁大学 外国语学院, 辽宁 辽阳 111000 ) [摘 要] 语言受文化影响, 又是文化的一个重要组成部分.希腊神话是世界文化遗产, 对欧美文化的发展起了重 要的影响, 是人类文明史上 ...


   新东方六级阅读讲义 第一节 六级与四级的区别: 六级与四级的区别: 一、词??词汇量5500。 二、句??出题考长句子。 三、段??所有句子都认识,但不知道整段的意思。But, Yet, However 转折连词后面是重点, 常考点。 四、选项??有迷惑选项,不像四级那么清晰。 原文重现: 原文重现:原文告诉你选什么,你就应该选什么,不能凭感觉和想象。 尽量少读: 尽量少读:六级更多的对点出题,而不是对面出题。 六级题型: 六级题型: 1. 主旨题(Sum Up/Title)--看文章每段第 ...


   英语写作训练材料 最近你对你们学校高三学生的体育锻炼情况做了一次调查,结果如下: 70%的同学坚持体育锻炼 30%的同学基本上不锻炼 1. 2. 1. 2. 一种放松; 有利于学习。 时间; 运动受伤或过度疲劳会影响学习。 坚持锻炼的同学主要参加以下体育活动: [写作内容] 根据以上调查结果,写一篇短文,包括以下内容: 1.有多大比例的同学认为不锻炼好及其理由; 2.有多大比例的同学认为要进行体育锻炼及其理由; 3.坚持锻炼的同学主要参加的体育活动项目。 [写作要求] 只能使用 5 个句子表 ...

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   Some old people are oppressed by the fear of death. In the young there is a justification for this feeling. Young men who have reason to fear that they will be killed in battle may justifiably feel bitter in the thought that they have been cheated ...