17: :

  1. have to: 必须、只好(强调客观的需要) must: 必须(强调主观的需求) e.g: It`s raining now. He has to stay here. You don`t have to tell her the news.
  2. I wonder….我想知道…… e.g: I wonder why Li Ming is late again.
  3.in early /late + 月份 表示某月初\末 e.g: We begin school in early September.
  4.Thanksgiving= Thanksgiving Day 感恩节 加拿大的感恩节是每年 10 月的第二个星期一。 美国的感恩节通常在 11 月的最后一个星期四。
  18: Lesson
Get Ready for Turkey

  1. be away form…离??? ???一段距离,离开 e.g: Tom`s farther is away form home. far away 远离,在远处 e.g: My home is far away.
  2.So + 助动词+主语 ??? ???也一样 e.g:--I`m thirsty. --So am I. So+主语+ 助动词 ……的确如此 e.g:--It`s raining. -- So it is.
Lesson 19: Get a Present for Li Ming!

  1. clothing store 服装店 eg: They go into a clothing store.
  2. What can I do for you?/May(Can) I help you?/Is there anything I can do for you? 常用于售 货员和顾客问候的交际用语。
  3. blow out 吹灭 eg: I like blowing out birthday candles.
  4. what size…? ......多大尺寸? eg: What size shoes do you want?
  5. the same size as… 和……一样尺寸 eg:Li Ming is the same size as Brian. the same +名词+as… 相同的… eg: Her coat is the same colour as her mother’s.
  6. try on 试穿(如果是代词要放中间) eg: Try on this jacket,please! Try it on!
  7. Does it fit? 它合适吗?
  8. I don’t think Li Ming would like that jacket anyway.我认为李明无论如何也不想要那件夹 克。

  9. He get another jacket. 他拿了另外一件夹克。 another 再一,另一。 Eg: Don’t lose heart. Have another try. 别灰心,再试一试。 表示两个中的“另一个”时,要用 the other; Eg: I have two rulers.One is long and the other is short.(我有两把尺子,一把长,一把短。) 表达“另外的一些,还有的”时,要用 others; Eg: After class, some play basketball; others play football.(课后有的打篮球,有的踢足球。 ) 表达 “ (除一些外的)其余的”时,要用 the others. Eg: There are twenty girls in our class. The others are boys.(我们班有二十个女生,其余的是男 生。 )
Lesson 20: Celebrate!

  1.Let’s all get together. 让我们欢聚一堂。 get together 团聚,聚会 eg: When do your old classmates usually get together?(你的老同学们通常是什么时候聚会?)
  2.mean 用作动词, “意思是” 。名词是“meaning” Eg: What does that word mean? What’s the meaning of that word?
  4. Let’s get something special for Grandma.(让我们给奶奶准备一些特别的东西。) 形容词修饰不定代词,放在不定代词之后。 Eg: My father often buys me something delicious.
  5.in different ways 用不同的方式,方法。 Eg: Can you work it out in different ways?(你能用不同的方法解出它吗?)
Lesson 21: Happy Thanksgiving

  1. On Thanksgiving Day, Jenny goes to her grandparents’ house with her mother …. Jenny 和妈妈去祖父母的家。 grandparents’名词所有格, “祖父母的” 注意:s 结尾的名词所有格后面只加’ 。例如: This is the twins’ home. 这是双胞胎的家。 Where are the teachers’ offices? 老师们的办公室在哪里? These are the students’ jackets. 这是学生们的夹克。 另外注意以下两种情况: Jim and Kate’s father. Jim 和 Kate 的父亲。 Jim’s and Li Lei’s fathers. Jim 和李磊的父亲。
  2. Let me give you a big hug. 让我热烈拥抱你。 hug 可做名词或动词,意为“拥抱” 。例如:
Jim hugged his mother warmly. Jim 热烈地拥抱了他妈妈。 Let sb. do sth. 让某人做某事。
  3. It’s good to see you. 见到你们很高兴。 此句是不定式短语 to see you 做主语,用形式主语 it 来代替的句子。在英语中,当不定式 作主语时,通常用 it 来作形式主语,而把真正的主语即不定式短语放在后面,例如: To learn English well is hard. 学好英语很难,常表示为: It’s hard to learn English well. It’s not easy to swim well. 游好泳不容易。
  4. Are my cousins coming tonight? 我的堂兄弟今晚要来吗? 此句是进行时表示的将来时 come, go, leave, arrive 等词可以用进行时表示将来时 We are going to the park with my daughter. 我们将要和女儿去公园。 They’re leaving for Beijing tomorrow. 他们明天要去北京。
Lesson 22: Presents from Canada!

  1. Jenny and Danny are making birthday cards for Li Ming. Jenny 和 Danny 在为李明制作生日贺卡。 make sb. sth = make sth. for sb. 为…制作… Make a model plane for me = Make me a model plane. 给我做一个飞机模型 sb. 和 sth 是双宾语
  2. Jenny passes him her card. Jenny 递给他她的卡片。 pass sb. sth. 递某物给某人。 = pass sth. to sb./ pass 后面也跟的是双宾语,但注意介词的不同。例如: Buy me a book. = Buy a book for me. 给我买本书。 Pass me a cup of tea. = Pass a cup of tea to me. 递给我一杯茶。 跟双宾语的动词,把间宾放于直宾后面时介词随动词改变。 另外,直宾(指物的)为代词时,只能放于间宾前,如: Give the watch to Mr Hu. = Give Mr Hu the watch. 把表给胡先生。the watch 用 it 表示时只能表达为 Give it to Mr Hu. 不可以说: Give Mr Hu it. (×)
  3. Best wishes to you on your thirteenth birthday. 祝你十三岁生日快乐。
wish 名词或动词 意为“愿望,祝愿” ,例如: Best wishes to you and your mother! 祝你和你的母亲一切顺利。 I wish you a long life. 我祝你长寿。
  4. Brian closes the box with tape. Brian 用胶带封好盒子。 close …with tape. 用胶带封闭… with,介词“用…” 例如: Write the letter with a pen. 用钢笔写这封信。 I see with my eyes. 我用眼睛看。 We speak with our mouths. 我们用嘴说话。
  5. He writes Li Ming’s address on the top of the box. 他把李明的地址写在盒子上面。 on the top of …意思是“在…上面” ,例如: There is some snow on the top of the mountain. 山顶上有一些雪。 Two birds are sitting on the top of the house. 两只鸟站在房顶上。
  6. All ready! 都准备好了!
  7. Come on, Let’s go to the post office. 快点,让我们去邮局吧!
  8. Jenny mails things, but you post them, Brian. mail 和 post 意思相同,只是 mail 多见于北美英语,post 多见于英国英语。
Lesson 23 LiMing’s Happy Birthday!

  1.many thanks for… 因……而非常感谢 Many thanks for helping me! Many thanks for your help!
  2. I love the jacket you gave me,Jenny. you give me 做定语从句修饰 jacket,又如: This is the pen she bought me.
  3.in fashion 时尚的,时髦的,流行的 follow the fashion 赶时髦 be out of the fashion 不再流行
  4.fit…well 非常合身 The shirt fit me well last year. It fits me well today. It will fit me next year.
  5.turn off 关掉 turn on 打开 turn up / down 调大/调小
Please turn off the lights when you leave the classroom! It’s dark,please turn on the light!
  6.think of 想起,想到 Who will you think of when we talk about basketball?


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   PEP 小学英语五年级下册第三单元重点知识 1. When is your birthday? 你的生日是什么时候? It’s in + 月份. 在…月。 2. When is your birthday? 你的生日是什么时候? It’s on + 日期. 在…日。 3. raise your hand 举起你的手 同义句:Hands up. 4. Up you stand. 起立。 同义句:You stand up. 5. Touch your toes. 触摸你的脚趾头。 名词,脚趾头, ...


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