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  1. I will go to the hospital and visit a (patience).
  2. (ice) roads are too slippy to walk on.
  3. The doctor asked the soldier, “Where is your (injury)?
  4. John hurt his three (finger) when he was cutting the big peach.
  5. I think I will (cover) my strength quickly after two days’ rest.
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Don’t go too fast on your bike. You might injure yourself or someone else. So you should ride carefully. A bell may help.
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Waterslides are fun- and wet! But they are also very fast. So be careful!
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New words
height n. 高度 careless adj. 粗心的 waterslide 水道滑水运动
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? Be careful when you zoom down the waterslide, ? Climb up the mountainside, ? Race on a bike ride. ? To take an ambulance is not a happy ride. ? Have fun but please take care!
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Be careful when you Go at the green light, Turn your bike left or right, Jump from too high a height. So don’t be careless when you go to ride your bike. Have fun but please take care!
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Language notes
? Be careful when you ZOOM down the waterside. 当你沿着水稻急速下降时,要 小心。
? zoom vi. 飞驰;飞快的掠过
? ? ? ?
The motorbike zoomed past us. 摩托车从 我们旁边飞驰而过。
  2)waterslide n. 水道划水运动 【注意】: waterside n. 海滨,湖畔,河边
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? ? ? ? ?
RACE on a bike ride. 当你骑自行车比赛 时。 race vi. (使)迅速行进;赛跑,(与连 用)比赛 He raced along the road on his bike. 他 骑着自行车沿着这条路疾驶。 to race with sb. 与某人比赛 I’m racing my horse on Saturday. 我星期 六参加赛马。
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? ?
JUMP from too high a height. 当你从很高的地方 跳下时。 跳下时。 height n. 高度,海拔 高度, He is 6 feet in height. 他 身高6英尺。 身高 英尺。 英尺
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? ? ? ? ? ?
So don’t be careless when you go to ride your bike. 当你骑自行车时,不要疏忽。 careless adj. 粗心的,疏忽的,反义词 careful a careless writer粗心的作者 a careless report不正确的报告 A careless driver is a danger. 粗心的司机 是一种危险。 He is careless in speech. 他说话欠考虑。
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  1. The gate is ten feet in (high).
  2. It’s not safe to ride a horse (care).
  3. It was (clean) a mistake.
  4. The cup (drop) from his hands.
  5. The doctor visited his (patience) in hospital.
  6. You (invite) to the party, Why not come?
  7. Please come to school (early) next time.
  8. Mary (choose) as our monitor last year.
  9. Everyone should know some knowledge of (one) aid.
  10. Liu Xiang has won (honor) to his motherland.
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