1. Desktop publishing programs mix text and graphics to create professional publications. Image editors create and modify bitmap image files. Illustration programs modify vector images. Image galleries are libraries of electronic images, widely available from the Web. A graphics suite is a collection of individual graphics programs sold as a unit.
  2. Video editing software allows you to reorganize, add effects, and more to digital video. Audio editing software allows you to create and edit audio clips. You can add audio effects, like filters, to your tracks.
  3. Multimedia integrates all sorts of media, including video, music, voice, graphics, and text into one presentation. The creation of multimedia presentations involves four steps: Plan and analyze, design, create, and support.
  4. Creating a site is called Web authoring. Web sites are an interactive multimedia form of communication. Web authoring programs are specifically designed to create Web sites.
  5. Three areas are virtual reality, knowledge-based system, and robotics. creates computer-generated simulated environments. VR Knowledge-based (expert) systems are programs that duplicate the knowledge that humans use to perform specific tasks. Robotics is concerned with developing and using robots. Ch
  1. System software works with end users, application software, and computer hardware to handle the majority of technical details. Operating systems, Utilities, Device drivers and Language translators.
  2. Operating systems’ functions include managing resources, providing a user interface, and running applications between different applications stored in memory. Three categories of operating systems are Embedded, Network, Stand-alone.
  3. Windows, Mac OS, and Linux are all OS. Windows is the most widely used operating system. It designed to run
with Intel and Intel-compatible microprocessors. Mac OS is an innovative, powerful, easy-to ?use operating system; designed to run with Macintosh computers. UNIX was originally designed to run on minicomputers in network environments.
  4. Utilities are specialized programs designed to make computing easier. Troubleshooting, Antivirus programs, uninstall programs, backup programs. Utility suites combine several programs into one package.
  5. Device driver works with the operating system to allow communication between the device and rest of the computer system. Windows’ Add Printer Wizard provides step-by-step guidance for selecting the appropriate printer driver and installing that driver. Windows Update automates the process of updating device drivers. Ch
  1. Four basic types are: desk-top, notebook, tablet PC, and handheld. Desktop system units contain the system’s electronic components and selected secondary storage devices. Notebook system units contain the electronic components, selected secondary secondary storage devices, and input devices. Tablet PC system units are highly portable devices that support the use of a stylus or pen to input commands and data.
  2. It has two basic components: the control unit and the arithmetic-logic unit. The control unit tells the rest of the computer system how to carry out a program’ instructions. The arithmetic-logic unit performs arithmetic and logical operations.
  3. Memory holds data, instructions, and information. There are three types of memory chips: RAM chips hold the program and data is presently processing. RAM are temporary or volatile because their contents are lost if power is disrupted. ROM chips have programs built into them at the factory. They are nonvolatile storage and control essential system operations. CMOS chip provide flexibility and expandability to computer systems.

  4. Graphics cards connect the system board to the computer’s monitor. Sound cards accept audio input from a microphone and convert it into a form that can be processed by the computer. Modem cards allow distant computers to communicate with each other. Network interface cards are used to connect a computer to one or more other computers. TV tuner cards changes the TV signal into one that can be displayed on your monitor.
  5. Serial ports are used to connect many devices to the system unit. Parallel ports are used to connect external devices that need to send or receive a lot of data over a short distance. Universal serial bus ports are faster and can be used to connect several devices to the system unit. FireWire ports provide connections to specialized FireWire devices such as camcorders. Tow specialty ports: MIDI ports are used to connect musical instruments such as electronic keyboards. IrDA ports provide wireless mechanism for transferring data between devices. Ch
  1. Input devices translate words, images, and actions into a form a computer can process. Output is data or information processed by a computer. Output devices translate processed text, graphics, audio, and video into a form humans can understand.
  2. P202
  3. P203-204
Output is data or information processed by a computer. Output devices translate processed text, graphics, audio, and video into a form humans can understand.
  5. Combination devices combine input and output capabilities Fax Machines send and receive images via standard telephone lines. Multifunctional devices typically combine the capabilities of a scanner, printer, fax, and copy machine. Internet Telephones receive and send voice communication. Terminals are input and output devices that connect to a mainframe or other type of computer.



   Test of Special English for Computer Science 《计算机专业英语》考试题 A 20% 一、 写出下列计算机专有名词的中文名. (20%) CPU: DNS: LAN: URL: FTP: RAM: USB SMTP: WAN: HTTP: 50% 二、阅读理解.(50%) 阅读下面的短文,回答下列问题. 1 本题 20 分, 阅读下面的短文,回答下列问题. [1] High-level languages (HLL) allow programmer ...


   本文由bocaisunboququ贡献 doc文档可能在WAP端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择TXT,或下载源文件到本机查看。 高新电脑学校 ?? 计算机组装与维护 课件制作:孙波 IT CFAC 国家计算机教育认证 gaoxindiannaoxuexiao 计算机英语 计算机英语词汇对译 蒙阴高新电脑学校 资料整理:孙波 2010 年 9 月 1 日 2010-9-2 1 高新学校欢迎您 高新电脑学校 ?? 计算机组装与维护 课件 ...


   As we are approaching the 21st century communications is becoming a vital key in business and home computing. As a result we are constantly inventing new ways in order to make communications easier for the user to access in our daily lives. Therefo ...


   第一单元:计算机与计算机科学 课文 A:计算机概览 一、引言 计算机是一种电子设备,它能接收一套指令或一个程序,然后通过对数字数据进行运算 或对其他形式的信息进行处理来执行该程序。 要不是由于计算机的发展,现代的高科技世界是不可能产生的。不同类型和大小的计算 机在整个社会被用于存储和处理各种数据,从保密政府文件、银行交易到私人家庭账目。计 算机通过自动化技术开辟了制造业的新纪元,而且它们也增强了现代通信系统的性能。在几 乎每一个研究和应用技术领域,从构建宇宙模型到产生明天的气象报告,计算机都 ...


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   +A【关于词库】《计算机专业英语》(3126个单词) \  \ 这是《计算机专业英语》的完整的《西瓜外语通》词库文件,共收录单词3126个; \  \ 本词库的词汇包括了计算机专业所有的基础词汇,把词库文件复制到软件的Data目录即可! \ \ 这是《西瓜外语通》附加的专业英语词库之一,特别献给需要的注册用户! \ \  \ ====《西瓜外语通》(Watermelon LanguageOK)【功能简介】==== \   \ 外语学习必备的,背单词、学句子、练听力(导出mp3)、单词批量翻译的 ...


   Chapter 1 General Principles 1.1 What is Translation? It can be roughly defined as a reproduction or recreation in one language of what is written or said in another language. As a very complicated human activity, its whole picture is never easy to ...


   A 算盘 抽象数据类型 抽象 抽象工具 Access(微软的数据库系统) 存取时间 (一个进程的)激活 活动服务器界面 角色 Actors 实参 actual parameter access time activation(of a procedure) Active Server Pages,ASP abacus abstract data type abstraction abstract tools Ada(一种基于 pascal 的程序设计语言) 自适应词典编码 适配器模式 (存储 ...


   计算机专业英语 Computer English 南京市财经学校校本教材 南京市财经学校校本教材 1 Contents 目录 Part One Computer hardware and software 计算机硬件和软件 计算机硬件和软件 硬件和软件盖金曙 生家峰 盖金曙 Unit 1 the History of Computers 计算机的历史 Unit 2 Computer System 计算机系统 Unit 3 Disks and Disk Drives 磁盘和磁盘驱动器 Unit ...



   2009 届高三英语复习系列知识 很多同学看了很多语法书, 可是觉得自己做题的时候, 自己对 语法掌握得还不是很好. 当然原因很多. 其一就是很多同学在研究 语法(这是语法学家做的事情), 比如哪些词可以做主语, 背得很熟, 可是做题时却用不上. 其二就是基本的语法规则没有掌握 本站将推 出高考语法复习专题, 从高考的角度来讲语法 希望对有需要的同学 有帮助. 特色: 推出一句话语法.一句话语法为语法之精要, 特色: 推出一句话语法.一句话语法为语法之精要,在此基础上扩展 就可以形成语法体系 ...


   ?2010 年高考英语试题分类汇编??特殊句式 年高考英语试题分类汇编??特殊句式 ?? (10 安徽) 27. It was from only a few supplies that she had bought in the village the hostess cooked such a nice dinner. A. where B. that C. when D. which 答案: 答案:B. 考点:本题考查强调句型。 考点 解析:迷惑点在于强调部分中含有一个定语从句 tha ...


   " " " " " " Yao Ming is much taller than Pan Changjiang. Pan Changjiang is funnier than Yao Ming. Pan Changjiang is more outgoing than Yao Ming. Yao Ming is better at basketball than Pan Changjiang. Han Hong is heavier than Song Zuying. Song Zuyin ...


   BEC-2 Unit 8 Unit 8 The Winning Team Adjectives Focus: Analysing personality types and identifying strengths and weaknesses 1. Management themes As a manager it is useful to know what your strengths and weaknesses are, as well as those of your subo ...