词汇, Ⅰ. Vocabulary(词汇,30 分) 词汇
(一).Translate the following words and expressions into Chinese(写出下列词组的汉语 汉语。)(10 分,每题 1 分) 汉语
  1、 central processing unit(CPU)
  2、 white box testing
  3、 hard disk 白盒测试 硬盘 管理信息系统 中央处理器

  4、 management information system
  5、 electronic commerce
  6、 cursor 光标 软件工程 电子商务

  7、software engineering
  8.credit card
  9. menu bar 信用卡 菜单栏

  10.machine language
(二).Fill in the blanks with the corresponding English abbreviations.(根据汉语写出相应的英语缩写 英语缩写。) (10 分,每题 1 分) 英语缩写
  2.广域网 WAN
  4.文件传送[输]协议 FTP OOP


  8.传输控制协议/网际协议 TCP/IP
  10.电子数据交换 EDI
(三)Match the following words and expressions in the left column with those similar in meaning in the right column.(将左 将左 列的词汇与右列相应的汉语匹配。 列的词汇与右列相应的汉语匹配。10 分,每空 1 分
  1. application software
  2. machine language
  3. structured programming
  4. functional testing
  5. memory
  6. relational database
  7. firewall
  8. software testing
  9. hacker
  10. image
  1. b
  2. c
  3. e
  4. g
  5. f
  6. h a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j. 图像 应用软件 机器语言 软件测试 结构化程序设计 内存 功能测试 关系数据库 黑客 防火墙

  7. j
  9. d i

  10. a
阅读理解, Ⅱ. Comprehension(阅读理解,40 分) 阅读理解
(一)Fill in the blanks with suitable words or expressions from the list given below, and change the form where necessary. (从下面方框中选择合适的词或表达,以其适当的形式填空。15 分, 每空 3 分) 从下面方框中选择合适的词或表达,以其适当的形式填空。 方框中选择合适的词或表达 toolbar menu bar ruler title bar incorporate into
( )
Microsoft Word XP is the current Window version of Word, and documents created in Word XP can be easily incorporated into Excel, Power Point and Access files. In the interface of Word, the title bar displays the name of the current application and name of the current document; the menu bar lists the names of the menus available; the toolbar gives the user quick access to frequently used editing functions; the ruler enables the user to change left and right margin. Passage A The central processing unit (CPU) is the heart of the computer systems. Among other things, its configuration determines whether a computer is fast or slow in relation to other computers. The CPU is the most complex computer system component, responsible for directing most of the computer system activities based on the instructions provided. As one computer generation has evolved to the next, the physical size of the CPU has often become smaller and smaller, while its speed and capacity have increased tremendously. Indeed, these changes have resulted in microcomputers that are small enough to fit on your desk or your lap. The CPU comprises the control unit and the arithmetic / logic unit (ALU). The control unit is responsible for directing and coordinating most of the computer systems activities. It determines the movement of electronic signals between main memory and the arithmetic/logic unit, as well as the control signals between the CPU and input/output devices. The ALU performs all the arithmetic and logical (comparison) functions ? that is, it adds, subtracts, multiplies, divides, and does comparisons. These comparisons, which are basically “less than”, “greater than”, and “equal to”, can be combined into several common expressions, such as “greater than or equal to”. The objective of most instructions that use comparisons is to determine which instruction should be executed next. (二)Tell whether the following statements are true(T) or false(F) according to the passage A.(根据上文的内容判断下列句 ( 子的正误。 子的正误。5 分,每题 3 分) 每题
  1. With the development of computer, the physical size of the CPU has often become bigger and bigger. (F )

  2. The movement of electronic signals between main memory and the ALU as well as the control signal between the CPU and input /output devices are controlled by the control unit of the CPU.
  3. The CPU comprises the control unit and memory. (T ) ( F)

  4. The control unit performs all the arithmetic and logical (comparison) functions. ( F )
  5. The central processing unit (CPU) is the heart of the computer systems. ( T)
Passage B In order to solve a computational problem, its solution must be specified in terms of a sequence of computational steps, each of which may be performed by a human or a digital computer . If you want to solve the computational problem with a computer, you should learn how to program. The task of developing programs for the solution of computational problems is referred to as programming. Computer programming is the process of planning and creating a sequence of steps for a computer to follow. In general, this process will help us resolve a problem, which is either too tedious or difficult to work out otherwise . So programming is breaking a task down into small steps. Programming is sometimes contrasted with coding. Coding generally refers to the writing of programs for given program specification, while programming includes the task of preparing the program specification as well as that of writing the program. The
text of a program is sometimes referred to as code, and lines of program text are referred to as lines of code, especially in the case of machine-language programs. The term coder is used to describe a person engaged exclusively in implementing program specifications prepared by others. What's actually involved in programming - the actual process of writing programs? Here's a quick overview of the process: ? Write a program. ? Compile the program. ? Run the program. ? Debug the program. ? Repeat the whole process until the program is finished. (三) choose the best answer according to the passage B.(根据上文的内容选择正确的答案。10 分,每题 2 分) 三 根据上文的内容选择正确的答案。 根据上文的内容选择正确的答案
  1.If you want to solve the computational problem with a computer, you should learn how to A. calculate B. program C. add D. subtract A for a computer to follow. B .

  2. Computer programming is the process of planning and creating a sequence of A. steps B. process C. lines D. graphics D D. person B .

  3. The term coder is used to describe A. machine B. computer C. keyboard

  4. In order to solve a computational problem, you can let a person or a A. machine B. computer C. keyboard D. mouse C
to do it.

  5. Which of the following is not the stages of programming?
A. Write a program. B. Debug the program. C. Print the program. D. Compile the program.
翻译, Ⅲ.Translation. (翻译,30 分) 翻译
(一) Translate the following sentences into Chinese.(将下列句子翻译成汉语。20 分,每题 5 分) 一 (将下列句子翻译成汉语。
  1. There are several applications called Web browsers that make it easy to access the World Wide Web, two of the most popular being Netscape Navigator and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.
有一些叫做网络浏览器的应用软件,使用它能够很容易的访问万维网,其中两个较流行的是 Netscape Navigato
和 Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.
  2. SQL Server is designed to allow thousands of users to access the database at the same time and is a true client/server database system. SQL 服务器用于允许成前上万的用户同时访问数据库,是一个真正的客户端/服务器端的数据库系统。
  3. Thus a management information system collects, transmits, processes, and stores data on an organization's resources and programmes. 管理信息系统基于企业的资源和程序搜集、传输和存储数据。
  4.Some applications, such as Word, allow for several windows in a special mode called MDI in which you can open multiple documents within the same application. 一些应用软件,例如 Word,允许几个窗口同时在一个叫做 MDI 的模式下存在,你能够在一个软件中打开多个文档。 (二) Translate the following paragraph into Chinese.(将下段文章翻译成汉语。10 分) 二 (将下段文章翻译成汉语。
A high-level language is an artificial language with which we can write various instructions. This is possible not because computer processors are now so technologically advanced that they can ‘understand’ these languages. You should translate from programming languages into machine language which can be understood by the computer processors. Compilers can accomplish this task. This does mean that a high-level language program is not directly executable: it must be compiled to produce processor program, which is executable.
高级语言是一种人造语言,使用它我们可以写不同的指令。这成为可能不是因为计算机处理器如今是如此的技术先进以 至于它们可以理解这些语言。你需要将这些语言翻译成计算机处理器能够理解的机器语言。编译器能够完成这项工作。这 就意味着高级语言程序不是直接可执行的:它必须被编译生成处理器程序,这些程序是可执行的。



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