Assembly line 组装线 Layout 布置图 Conveyer 流水线物料板 Rivet table 拉钉机 Rivet gun 拉钉枪 Screw driver 起子 Electric screw driver 电动起子 Pneumatic screw driver 气动起子 worktable 工作桌 OOBA 开箱检查 fit together 组装在一起 fasten 锁紧(螺丝) fixture 夹具(治具) pallet 栈板 barcode 条码 barcode scanner 条码扫描器 fuse together 熔合 fuse machine 热熔机 repair 修理 operator 作业员 QC 品管 supervisor 课长 ME 制造工程师 MT 制造生技 cosmetic inspect 外观检查 inner parts inspect 内部检查 thumb screw 大头螺丝 lbs. inch 镑、英寸 EMI gasket 导电条 front plate 前板
rear plate 后板 chassis 基座 bezel panel 面板 power button 电源按键 reset button 重置键 Hi-pot test of SPS 高源高压测试 Voltage switch of SPS 电源电压接拉键 sheet metal parts 冲件 plastic parts 塑胶件 SOP 制造作业程序 material check list 物料检查表 work cell 工作间 trolley 台车 carton 纸箱 sub-line 支线 left fork 叉车 personnel resource department 人力资源部 production department 生产部门 planning department 企划部 QC Section 品管科 stamping factory 冲压厂 painting factory 烤漆厂 molding factory 成型厂 common equipment 常用设备 uncoiler and straightener 整平机 punching machine 冲床 robot 机械手 hydraulic machine 油压机 lathe 车床 planer |'plein|刨床
miller 铣床 grinder 磨床 driller??床 linear cutting 线切割 electrical sparkle 电火花 welder 电焊机 staker=reviting machine 铆合机 position 职务 president 董事长 general manager 总经理 special assistant manager 特助 factory director 厂长 department director 部长 deputy manager | =vice manager 副理 section supervisor 课长 deputy section supervisor =vice section superisor 副课长 group leader/supervisor 组长 line supervisor 线长 assistant manager 助理 to move, to carry, to handle 搬运 be put in storage 入库 pack packing 包装 to apply oil 擦油 to file burr 锉毛刺 final inspection 终检 to connect material 接料 to reverse material 翻料 wet station 沾湿台 Tiana 天那水 cleaning cloth 抹布 to load material 上料
to unload material 卸料 to return material/stock to 退料 scraped |'skræpid|报废 scrape ..v.刮;削 deficient purchase 来料不良 manufacture procedure 制程 deficient manufacturing procedure 制 程不良 oxidation |' ksi'dein|氧化 scratch 刮伤 dents 压痕 defective upsiding down 抽芽不良 defective to staking 铆合不良 embedded lump 镶块 feeding is not in place 送料不到位 stamping-missing 漏冲 production capacity 生产力 education and training 教育与训练 proposal improvement 提案改善 spare parts=buffer 备件 forklift 叉车 trailer=long vehicle 拖板车 compound die 合模 die locker 锁模器 pressure plate=plate pinch 压板 bolt 螺栓 name of a department 部门名称 administration/general affairs dept 总 务部 automatic screwdriver 电动启子 thickness gauge 厚薄规 gauge(or jig)治具
power wire 电源线 buzzle 蜂鸣器 defective product label 不良标签 identifying sheet list 标示单 screwdriver holder 起子插座 pedal 踩踏板 stopper 阻挡器 flow board 流水板 hydraulic handjack 油压板车 forklift 叉车 pallet 栈板 glove(s)手套 glove(s) with exposed fingers 割手套 thumb 大拇指 forefinger 食指 midfinger 中指 ring finger 无名指 little finger 小指 band-aid 创可贴 iudustrial alcohol 工业酒精 alcohol container 沾湿台 head of screwdriver 起子头 sweeper 扫把 mop 拖把 vaccum cleaner 吸尘器 rag 抹布 garbage container 灰箕 garbage can 垃圾箱 garbage bag 垃圾袋 chain 链条 jack 升降机 production line 流水线
chain 链条槽 magnetizer 加磁器 lamp holder 灯架 to mop the floor 拖地 to clean the floor 扫地 to clean a table 擦桌子 air pipe 气管 packaging tool 打包机 packaging 打包 missing part 漏件 wrong part 错件 excessive defects 过多的缺陷 critical defect 极严重缺陷 major defect 主要缺陷 minor defect 次要缺陷 not up to standard 不合规格 dimension/size is a little bigger 尺寸偏 大(小) cosmetic defect 外观不良 slipped screwhead/slippery screw head 螺丝滑头 slipped screwhead/shippery screw thread 滑手 speckle 斑点 mildewed=moldy=mouldy 发霉 rust 生锈 deformation 变形 burr(金属)flash(塑件)毛边 poor staking 铆合不良 excesssive gap 间隙过大 grease/oil stains 油污 inclusion 杂质
painting peel off 脏污 shrinking/shrinkage 缩水 mixed color 杂色 scratch 划伤 poor processing 制程不良 poor incoming part 事件不良 fold of pakaging belt 打包带折皱 painting make-up 补漆 discoloration 羿色 water spots 水渍 polishing/surface processing 表面处理 exposed metal/bare metal 金属裸露 lack of painting 烤漆不到位 safety 安全 quality 品质 delivery deadline 交货期 cost 成本 engineering 工程 die repair 模修 enterprise plan = enterprise expansion projects 企划 QC 品管 die worker 模工 production, to produce 生产 equipment 设备 to start a press 开机 stop/switch off a press 关机 classification 整理 regulation 整顿 cleanness 清扫 conservation 清洁 culture 教养
qualified products, up-to-grade products 良品 defective products, not up-to-grade products 不良品 waste 废料 board 看板 feeder 送料机 sliding rack 滑料架 defective product box 不良品箱 die change 换模 to fix a die 装模 to take apart a die 拆模 to repair a die 修模 packing material 包材 basket 蝴蝶竺 plastic basket 胶筐 isolating plate baffle plate; barricade 隔 板 carton box 纸箱 to pull and stretch 拉深 to put material in place, to cut material, to input 落料 to impose lines 压线 to compress, compressing 压缩 character die 字模 to feed, feeding 送料 transportation 运输 (be)qualfied, up to grade 合格 not up to grade, not qualified 不合格 material change, stock change 材料变 更 feature change 特性变更
evaluation 评估 prepare for, make preparations for 准 备 parameters 参数 rotating speed, revolution 转速 manufacture management 制造管理 abnormal handling 异常处理 production unit 生产单位 lots of production 生产批量 steel plate 钢板 roll material 卷料 manufacture procedure 制程 operation procedure 作业流程 to revise, modify 修订 to switch over to, switchto throw--over switching over 切换 engineering, project difficulty 工程瓶颈 stage die 工程模 automation 自动化 to stake, staking, reviting 铆合 add lubricating oil 加润滑油 shut die 架模 shut height of a die 架模高度 analog-mode device 类模器 die lifter 举模器 argon welding 氩焊 vocabulary for stamping 冲压常词汇 stamping, press 冲压 punch press, dieing out press 冲床 uncoiler & strainghtener 整平机
feeder 送料机 rack, shelf, stack 料架 cylinder 油缸 robot 机械手 taker 取料机 conveyer belt 输送带 transmission rack 输送架 top stop 上死点 bottom stop 下死点 one stroke 一行程 inch 寸动 to continue, cont.连动 to grip(material)吸料 location lump, locating piece, block stop 定位块 reset 复位 smoothly 顺利 dent 压痕 scratch 刮伤 deformation 变形 filings 铁削 to draw holes 抽孔 inquiry, search for 查寻 to stock, storage, in stock 库存 receive 领取 approval examine and verify 审核 processing, to process 加工 delivery, to deliver 交货 to return delivenry to. to send delinery back to retrn of goods 退货 registration 登记
registration card 登记卡 to control 管制 to put forward and hand in 提报 safe stock 安全库存 acceptance = receive 验收 to notice 通知 application form for purchase 请购单 consume, consumption 消耗 to fill in 填写 abrasion 磨损 reverse angle = chamfer 倒角 character die 字模 to collect, to gather 收集 failure, trouble 故障 statistics 统计 demand and supply 需求 career card 履历卡 to take apart a die 卸下模具 to load a die 装上模具 to tight a bolt 拧紧螺栓 to looser a bolt 拧松螺栓 to move away a die plate 移走模板 easily damaged parts 易损件 standard parts 标准件 breaking.(be)broken,(be)cracked 断裂 to lubricate 润滑 common vocabulary for die engineering die 模具 figure file, chart file 图档 cutting die, blanking die 冲裁模
progressive die, follow (-on)die 连续模 compound die 复合模 punched hole 冲孔 panel board 镶块 to cutedges=side cut=side scrap 切边 to bending 折弯 to pull, to stretch 拉伸 Line streching, line pulling 线拉伸 engraving, to engrave 刻印 upsiding down edges 翻边 to stake 铆合 designing, to design 设计 design modification 设计变化 die block 模块 folded block 折弯块 sliding block 滑块 location pin 定位销 lifting pin 顶料销 die plate, front board 模板 padding block 垫块 stepping bar 垫条 upper die base 上模座 lower die base 下模座 upper supporting blank 上承板 upper padding plate blank 上垫板 spare dies 模具备品 spring 弹簧 bolt 螺栓 document folder 文件夹 file folder 资料夹 to put file in order 整理资料
spare tools location 手工备品仓 first count 初盘人 first check 初盘复棹人 second count 复盘人 second check 复盘复核人 equipment 设备 waste materials 废料 work in progress product 在制品 casing = containerazation 装箱 quantity of physical invetory second count 复盘点数量 quantity of customs count 会计师盘,点数量 the first page 第一联 filed by accounting department for reference 会计部存查 end-user/using unit(department) 使 用 单位 summary of year-end physical inventory bills 年终盘点截止单据汇总表 bill name 单据名称 This sheet and physical inventory list will be sent to accounting department together (Those of NHK will be sent to financial department) 本表请与盘点清册一起送会计部- (NHK 厂区送财会部) Application status records of year-end physical inventory List and physical inventory card 年终盘点卡
与清册使用-状况明细表 blank and waste sheet NO. 空白与作废单号 plate 电镀 mold 成型 material for engineering mold testing 工程试模材料 not included in physical inventory 不列 入盘点 sample 样品 incoming material to be inspected 进货 待验 description 品名 steel/rolled steel 钢材 material statistics sheet 物料统计明细表 meeting minutes 会议记录 meeting type 会别 distribution department 分发单位 location 地点 chairman 主席 present members 出席人员 subject 主题 conclusion 结论 decision items 决议事项 responsible department 负责单位 pre-fixed finishing date 预定完成日 approved by / checked by / prepared by 核准/审核/承办 PCE assembly production schedule sheet PCE 组装厂生产排配表
model 机锺 work order 工令 revision 版次 remark 备注 production control confirmation 生产 确认 checked by 初审 approved by 核准 department 部门 stock age analysis sheet 库存货龄分析表 on-hand inventory 现有库存 available material 良品可使用 obsolete material 良品已呆滞 to be inspected or reworked 待验或重工 total 合计 cause description 原因说明 part number/ P/N 料号 type 形态 item/group/class 类别 quality 品质 prepared by 制表 notes 说明 year-end physical inventory difference analysis sheet 年终盘点差异分析表 physical inventory 盘点数量 physical count quantity 帐面数量 difference quantity 差异量 cause analysis 原因分析 raw materials 原料
materials 物料 finished product 成品 semi-finished product 半成品 packing materials 包材 good product/accepted goods/ accepted parts/good parts 良品 defective product/non-good parts 不良 品 disposed goods 处理品 warehouse/hub 仓库 on way location 在途仓 oversea location 海外仓 spare parts physical inventory list 备品 盘点清单 spare molds location 模具备品仓 skid/pallet 栈板 tox machine 自铆机 wire EDM 线割 EDM 放电机 coil stock 卷料 sheet stock 片料 tolerance 工差 score=groove 压线 cam block 滑块 pilot 导正筒 trim 剪外边 pierce 剪内边 drag form 压锻差 pocket for the punch head 挂钩槽 slug hole 废料孔 feature die 公母模 expansion dwg 展开图
radius 半径 shim(wedge)楔子 torch-flame cut 火焰切割 set screw 止付螺丝 form block 折刀 stop pin 定位销 round pierce punch=die button 圆冲子 shape punch=die insert 异形子 stock locater block 定位块 under cut=scrap chopper 清角 active plate 活动板 baffle plate 挡块 cover plate 盖板 male die 公模 female die 母模 groove punch 压线冲子 air-cushion eject-rod 气垫顶杆 spring-box eject-plate 弹簧箱顶板 bushing block 衬套 insert 入块 club car 高尔夫球车 capability 能力 parameter 参数 factor 系数 phosphate 皮膜化成 viscosity 涂料粘度 alkalidipping 脱脂 main manifold 主集流脉 bezel 斜视规 blanking 穿落模 dejecting 顶固模 demagnetization 去磁;消磁
high-speed transmission 高速传递 heat dissipation 热传 rack 上料 degrease 脱脂 rinse 水洗 alkaline etch 龄咬 desmut 剥黑膜 D.I. rinse 纯水次 Chromate 铬酸处理 Anodize 阳性处理 seal 封孔 revision 版次 part number/P/N 料号 good products 良品 scraped products 报放心品 defective products 不良品 finished products 成品 disposed products 处理品 barcode 条


机械专业英语 13章 A

   PNEUMATIC AIR 气压 1The earth is surrounded by a blanket of air called the atmosphere. 地球是被一条毯子的空气被称为氛围。 because air has weight,the atmosphere exerts a pressure at any point due to the column of air above the point. 因为空气有重量,大气压力对任何点由 于以上的空气柱的观点。 the ...


   1 机械专业英语词汇(很全) 金属切削 metal cutting 机床 machine tool 金属工艺学 technology of metals 刀具 cutter 电路 circuit 半导体元件 semiconductor element 反馈 feedback 发生器 generator 直流电源 DC electrical source 门电路 gate circuit 逻辑代数 logic algebra 逻辑电路 logic circuit 触发器 flip-flop 脉 ...


   A 进口汽车维修技术缩略语词典 *C *F *D* *N* *P* *P* O2 2WD 4WD 4WS A A A A A.I.R. A.M. A/C A/C A/CL A/CL-CWM A-post, A-pillar Amperes *Amper *Ammeter *Advance Air Injection Reactor Above-Mentioned Air Conditioning A/C Amplifie A/C Clutch Air Cleaner Air Cleaner ...


   仪表专业英语词汇 自动化仪表 automation instrumentation 测量 measurement 现场 site 控制 control 就地仪表 local instrument 检 测 仪 表 detecting and measuring instrument 传感器 transducer 转换器 converter 变送器 transmitter 执行器 actuator 显示仪表 display instrument 控制仪表 control instrument 检 ...


   1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 《电脑专业英语》 43. pointer n. 指针,指示字 cursor n. 光标 44. toggle n. & v. 触发器;系紧 \‘tagl\ directo ...


   金融专业英语词汇大全 1. a flat percentage rate of income 统一比率的所得税税率 2. a long position 3. a long position 多头部位,利多形势 多头寸;买进的期货合同 4. a put option on a debt security 债务证券的卖出期权 5. a sales slip 6. a short position 7. a short position 8. a tax return 9. abnormal d ...


   Your job pays well (你的工作报酬很高) what kind of job were you thinking of ? (你考虑要哪种工作?) I’ve been doing the same job in another company. (我一直在另一家公司里做同样的工作) I’m bored with my job (我对我的工作感到厌烦了) I’m going to quit (我打算辞职) I’m going to look for another job (我 ...


   《英语词汇学》Page184~204(全册翻译完毕) 英语词汇学》Page184~204(全册翻译完毕) 完毕 2009 年 04 月 01 日 09:54 Page184~204 Etymology 词源学 Lexicology 词典学 Ultimately 最终 Survey 调查 第十章 英语词典 词典对英语说者最重要的意义在于是按照字母顺序展示英语单词的书本, 还有关 于他们拼写发音意义用法语法规则的记录,在某些词典中,还有他们的词源。它 和词典学紧密相关,词典学处理相同的问题:形式 ...


   分类词汇→ 计算机 access arm 磁头臂,存取臂 access time 存取时间 adder 加法器 address 地址 alphanumeric 字母数字的 analog computer 模拟计算机 analyst 分析员 area 区域 array 数组,阵列 assembler 汇编程序 automation 自动化 band 区 batch processing 成批处理 binary code 二进制码 binary digit 二进制位,二进制数 字 bit 比特, ...


   Specialized English for HVAC Speaker: Gillian Lee What should we learn from this course? Specialized vocabulary Reading Translation skills Good understanding & expression both in English and Chinese Lesson 6 THERMAL COMFORT Leave open 加干涉 Cogni ...



   黄牛课件网 http://www. 新课标免费资源网(无须注册,免费下载) 高一上 Unit one good friends Teaching aims: 1. 能力目标: 能力目标: a. Listening: get information and views from the listening material; b. Speaking: express one’s attitude or views about friends a ...


   +goal &^Eul \n.目的, 目标, 守门员, 球门, (球赛等的)得分 \ \ I scored the first goal.9/MED.pronsentence-p008-001325449.mp3 \ 我赢得第一个分。 \ His ultimate goal was to set up his own business.4/MED.pronsentence-p008-001713014.mp3 \ 他的最后的目标是建立他自己的生意。 \ They achieved ...


   四六级] 月四六级考试写作模板大全(1) [2010 四六级] 12 月四六级考试写作模板大全(1) 2010 年 09 月 20 日 07:01 来源:新东方在线 【发表评论】 分享: 第一部分记叙文题型作文 diy 写作步骤 要求考生写一篇记叙文,描述事件发生的时间、地点、原因、人物及结果,最后对事件进行简单分析, 如:2003 年 6 月四级作文、2003 年 9 月四级作文、2004 年 6 月六级作文。对这类题型,通常分为三个步 骤来写: 第一段、总结描述 交代清楚故事涉及的人物、 ...

外研版英语七年级上Unit 3 The Family教案

   Unit 3 The Family(外研版英语七年级上)教案 Family(外研版英语七年级上) I. Teaching goals 教学目标 技 能 目 标 听 说 读 写 功 能 句 语 式 言 目 标 词 汇 语 法 重 点 句 子 1.重点词汇 many, people, aunt, grandfather, grandmother, grandparent, uncle, email, him, make, sister, have, grandma, grandpa 2. 短语 ...


   初三英语总复习 词组专练 1. come out 2. pick up the litter 3. be good at swimming 4. has been to Australia twice 5. send up satellites 6. keep on doing sth. 7. Sooner or later 8. Arrive at 9. At least 10. Either … or … 11. Get ready for 12. failed to catch up ...