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Jane Eyre’ Attitude toward Life s

Li Jing
( Huhhot Vocational College,Huhhot,Inner Mongolia, 0100
'' [ Abstract] Jane Eyre,written by Charlotte Bront e ( 1816 - 18
  55) ,is one of the greatest works in English litera-
ture. By narrating the story in the form of autobiography of the heroine?Jane Eyre; by describing the daily life of the heroine,the psyche of the heroine,the natural scenery filtered through the heroine’ eyes and dialogues; and by tracing chans ges in Jane’ life experience and maturation of her mind,Charlotte Bront e successfully shows Jane Eyre’ self - respect s s and her love for life. The revelation of Jane Eyre’ attitude toward life has its historical and modern significance. It is an s encouragement to women who strive for equality and independence not only in her day but also in this age.
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  10) 09005703 文章编号]1672life and the rare comfort she gets from a servant on her last evening living in Gateshead,her aunt’ home. The word “even” s shows the tone of both frankness and rejoicing. It can be paraphrased as this: even for me,an orphan hated by all the masters in the house that had been my only shelter,life still shows one light of hope. Frankness is her attitude toward her unfortunate life,and the rejoicing is her hopeful attitude toward her unfortunate life. The former is self - respect,and the latter is love toward life. Actually,love toward life can also be regarded as an aspect of self - respect. To respect ourselves,we should cherish our lives and strive to live a good life,regardless of good conditions or bad ones. Of course,admitting the reality that sometimes isn’ very satisfactory and accepting it calmly can also be t seen as an aspect of self - respect. The main tone of narration is of this kind. In this way,Charlotte endows her work with invisible power,which holds the readers’attention from the beginning to the very end. In Jane’ struggle against life,her life details,her feelings s and viewpoints toward her life together form a kind of life attitude that is mentioned above, and the life attitude experience a process of growth and maturation under the direction of her independent spirit. Her experience of life can be divided into five periods according to the places she had stayed just like a play. They are Gateshead, Lowood, Thornfield, Moor House and Ferndean. The analysis of this part will be done according to this sequence. The first scene happened at Gateshead. Happy ones enjoy their happiness in similar ways, while unhappy ones suffer in a variety of ways. Jane’ fate is discribed to s the latter category. As a child,she had no parents. As an orphan adopted by her uncle’ family, had no uncle, the s she but cruel and merciless aunt and cousins. Thus Jane’ tragic life s
Jane Eyre,as one of the greatest works in the world,has been read widely. The heroine’ common and uncommon life exs periences attract a large number of readers,and the spirit glowing in it strikes us deeply. It is about a girl’ process of growth s and struggle. Her name is Jane Eyre. The story is set on the 19th century’ England when and where the Inheritance of Props erty and the charity schools were popular. With the vivid description and inviting arrangement of plot,Charlotte Bronte,the author of this novel,secretly and silently presents a kind of up - ward and independent spirit which directs the growth and maturation of heroine’ life attitude in her work. That is to be self - s respect,and then to be full of love toward life. In this paper,Jane Eyre’ personality and the change of s her attitude toward life are discussed and meanwhile how the author successfully makes these things clear to the readers is revealed. The focus is mainly on the devices of narration employed by the author. They are the form of narration,the depiction of details The social significance of Jane Eyre’ independent spirit s is also a major concern of this paper. The work is Jane Eyre’ autobiography. This obviously is s the writer’ favorite form of narration. In this way,the writer s puts Jane Eyre’ life and interval world directly and nakedly in s front of its readers so that we can observe the heroine’ whole s life freely and seemingly really,and feel her feelings by ourselves naturally as if Jane were sitting with us face to face and told her story. We can judge her attitude toward her life experience by her tone,the diction. Through Jane’ plain and frank s tone in her narration,we can feel her positive attitude toward life and also the confidence in her own worth. Thus the writer makes her life attitude clearer. The last sentence of Chapter Four can give a good illustration. “Even for me life had its gleams of sunshine. ”That is the summary she makes of her mostly miserable
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opens before us. With her aunt and cousins enjoining their time together,she stayed alone in another room,reading a book. She t couldn’ still understand it completely,but she managed to find interest in the pictures in it. The poor - born and lonely girl is trying to find the pleasure in life. The writer builds a compare s here,and through the girl’ active and seemingly uncommon behaviors,she puts us in facing a question: why Jane isn’ det pressed? Naturally we feel a kind of upward power,which is the power of life,while the power originates from the attitude toward life. The attitude is that she loves her life passionately. When she would go to a new environment,her aunt,Mrs. Reed slandered her before her future patron. So she made a complete,although blunt,pour for her resentments to her aunt. The maltreatment,the destroying of her reputation and the probable damage of her coming new future made Jane will never forgive her. At same time,her words spur the conscience of the aunt. She is poor and has no position, she is her niece. She should but at least get her just treatment and mercy,if not love. Again the writer,through a detail of daily life,expresses the life attitude of Jane,to be full of love toward life,also to be self - respective. As a weak girl,she fought for the reverence of her life,and she struggle for a meaningful life. Jane is just cherishing her life and defending the value of her life. Because she is a child,her way is somewhat childish. Her burst can neither get for her love from the aunt nor her reputation from her future patron. So the life attitude is still immature. Her thoughts are a little bit radical. As a writer of critic realism,Charlotte is trying to present the internal state of the heroine in such a way that it must experience a process of growth during her lifetime. This makes her attitude toward life more real. s The first part is about Jane’ life in Gateshead. The depiction is mainly laid on the daily life and psychology. The following s part is about the most important period in Jane’ growth. There she met two persons who gave the greatest help to her life. s One of them is Helen Burns. She,like a meteor in Jane’ world,shoots before Jane’ eye quickly,but leaves her light in s Jane’ heart forever. Helen was a pious Christian in the work. s She considered all the matters around her in a Christian way, which included the persuasion to Jane. As a western writer, Charlotte’ mind is naturally influenced by her native culture, s which includes the religion ? Christianity. Here she borrows the goodness in Christianity to motivate the growth of the life attitude. After the burst of acerbic words, Jane had regretted and been afflicted. It is Helen’ silence and s calmness before punishment that was often rendered to them for the reason that can’ be called reason that shocked her greatly. t Helen’ attitude toward insult and slander affect her deeply. Bes ing able to be tolerant,and then to correct her own behaviors s shows remarkable growth of Jane ’ attitude toward life. Love life,one should love the world and the people around you. To life a happy life, should have a kind heart. Toward them that one hurt you,the proper allowance sometimes is needed. After all kindness is of human being’ goodness. This is echoed in fols lowing part that she forgives her aunt when she is in her deathbed,despite her aunt refuses to reconcile with her. The other important person is Miss Temple. She is her teacher,friend and mother. Modeled on her,Jane became a
Li Jing / Jane Eyre’ Attitude toward Life s
knowledgeable and versatile lady during a time of eight years. The knowledge makes Jane’ life attitude get a higher level. She s know more how lovable the life is and how to respect her life. s By the introduction of the two characters into Jane’ life s and the description of the most critical period in Jane’ growth, the writer demonstrates the mutual of the life attitude. In the strict and severe institution,she didn’ bend toward the superit ors and the bad conditions,instead she observed her new environment calmly, and find the people who has the cherish thoughts and right conducts that worthy of learning by her. s Through the description of Jane’ growth,the writer conveys the development of the life attitude. The third,forth and fifth part are full of the depiction of natural scene,psychology,dialogues and daily life which vividly show her way of life conducted by her life attitude. Every youth who love their life will not satisfy with one kind of formularized life. They aspire to freedom and the outer world unknown by them. Jane is no exception. She went to the Thornfield as a governess to her will. Before her love appeared,she felt the silent house with Mrs. Fairfax as her only companion is another fetter for. “I climbed the three staircases,raised the trap - door of the attic,and having reached the leads,looked out afar over sequestered field and hill,and along dim sky - line that then I longed for power of vision which might overpass that limit; which might reach the busy world,towns,regions full of life I had heard of but never seen. ” The combined description of nature scene and psychology obviously reflect the curiousness and eagerness to the unknown world. It is forced by the love toward life. Love is the eternal theme of human being. This work is no exception. The following part of the novel is mainly about the love between Jane and Mr. Rochester. Someone has said that people will give up all their self - respect before love. But Jane is an exception. Through the description of the dialogues between Jane and Mr. Rochester and the psychology of Jane,the writer shows us how the charm of self - respect in the heroine’ heart s gained her love and then how it faces the love. She was very frank. Because of her poor growth environment,she did hardly received presents,and she was a newcomt er,so her work couldn’ make a prize for her. She knew her situation clearly,and she dealt with them calmly. This is the result of her self - respect. It is the right point that impress on Mr. Rochester. It illustrates the saying: one who respects himself will obtain other’ respect. s As the love arrived,the self - respect seemed become an obstacle. Having been compared with Miss Ingram,she hadn’ t the courage to strive for her love. There was a feverish confliction s in her heart. Here the writer introduces a description of Jane’ psychology to show how she swayed between love and self - respect. As the truth was revealed,she bravely accepted the love from Mr. Rochester,because she respects life,and she respects love. Then there was a large part for the narration of their life. Dramatically,their life was somewhat torture for Mr. Rochester instead of happiness. Jane kept a distance from him, and refused
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his abundant presents as possible as she can. That is her repret sentation of independent spirit. She didn’ want to depend on her beloved,and also kept a respect for herself. Every good thing is twisted,and their love is no exception. The appearance of Mrs. Rochester?Mason killed their marriage in its cradle. Jane’ self - respect forced her leave Thornfield. s Her love didn’ wane,but she could stay with him no longer. t Her self - respect warned her continuingly that she might become another mistress. Life in Moor House was full of peace and gaiety. She met another man?St. John who wanted to marry to Jane just for his religious cause. Shocked by his attitude toward love,she felt the preciousness of true love,and also her independent spirit can’ t leave her to live for another one. Her love to life within her deep heart made her decision to return to Thornfield to fi



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