一.问好. How's everything? What's up? What's new? What's happening? 任何时后都可以用,但比较见外: How are you? 二.报价
适用于第一次见面: Nice to meet you. 适用于曾经见过,但不太熟的人: Nice to see you again. 适用于有一阵子没见面的朋友: How have you been? 适用于很久没见的朋友: Long time no see.
what price are you asking? what's the price of this one?
how much did this cost? 三.数字
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 one two three four five six seven eight nine ten 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 twenty-one twenty-two twenty-three twenty-four twenty-five twenty-six twenty-seven twenty-eight twenty-nine thirty
31 32 33 34 35 36 37
thirty-one thirty-two thirty-three thirty-four thirty-five thirty-six thirty-seven
41 42 43 44 45 46 47
forty-one forty-two forty-three forty-four forty-five forty-six forty-seven
51 52 53 54 55 56 57
fifty-one fifty-two fifty-three fifty-four fifty-five fifty-six fifty-seven
38 39 40
thirty-eight thirty-nine forty
48 49 50
forty-eight forty-nine fifty
58 59 60
fifty-eight fifty-nine sixty
61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70
sixty-one sixty-two sixty-three sixty-four sixty-five sixty-six sixty-seven sixty-eight sixty-nine seventy
71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80
seventy-one seventy-two seventy-three seventy-four seventy-five seventy-six seventy-seven seventy-eight seventy-nine eighty
81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90
eighty-one eighty-two eighty-three eighty-four eighty-five eighty-six eighty-seven eighty-eight eighty-nine ninety
91 92
ninety-one ninety-two
101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109
one hundred (and) one one hundred (and) two one hundred (and) three one hundred (and) four one hundred (and) five
199 999 1000 1001 1100
one hundred (and) ninety-nine nine hundred (and) ninety-nine one thousand one thousand (and) one one thousand one hundred ten thousand(一?)
93 ninety-three 94 95 96 ninety-four ninety-five ninety-six
one hundred (and) 10000 six one hundred (and) seven one hundred (and) eight one hundred (and) nine
97 ninety-seven 98 ninety-eight 99 ninety-nine
十? one hundred thousand 一百 ? 千? one million ten million
100 one hundred 四,告别
see you, goodbye. It’s nice to see you!
one hundred (and) twenty
one billion



   1. 活该! serves you(him,her) right! e.g = you deserve (he/she deserves it.) you failed the test? serves you right for not studying! 2. 活该! you had it coming! a: i gained weight! b: well, you had it coming, because you've been eating so much without e ...


   1.Both my hands and feet ache. 我两手两脚都很酸痛。 我两手两脚都很酸痛。 2.The soles of my feet hurt. 我脚底很痛。 我脚底很痛。 3.There is a wart-like lump on the sole of my right foot. 我右脚底有个像肉疣般的硬块。 我右脚底有个像肉疣般的硬块。 4.My ankles look puffy and there are dents in the skin when I pr ...


   数 词 数词主要分为基数词和序数词两类. 一, 数词的分类 1. 基数词 表示数目的词称为基数词.其形式如下: A.从 1??10 one,two,three,four,five,six,seven,eight,nine,ten. B.从 11??19 eleven,twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen,eighteen, nineteen. 这里除 eleven, twelve, thirteen, fifteen, ...


   总公司 Head Office 分公司 Branch Office 营业部 Business Office 人事部 Personnel Department 人力资源部 Human Resources Department 总务部 General Affairs Department 财务部 General Accounting Department 销售部 Sales Department 促销部 Sales Promotion Department 国际部 International D ...


   1、I won’t let her go without a fight! 我不会轻易放过她的 2、It could happen to anyone./ It happens to anybody./ That happens. 谁都可能会遇到这种情况 3、I’m a laundry virgin.(注意virgin的用法,体会老美说话之鲜活) 4、I hear you. 我知道你要说什么。/ 我懂你的意思了 5、Nothing to see here!这里没什么好看的/看什么看! 6、He ...


   ★美国生活中的口头禅★地道英语表达★聊天用语及缩略语大全 ★ 美国生活中的口头禅★地道英语表达★ 美国生活中的口头禅 美国人平时生活上所用的一些「口头禅」,其实字句都很简单,但是如果不加说明,往往还会让人「一知 半解」或「似懂非懂」。下面所举的例子,即是常常听到的一些美语「口头禅」。 1. I couldn't care less. 这句话的意思是「我不在乎」,「缺乏兴趣」(lack of interest),也就是:I don't care at all. 或 I don't give a ...


   1. I wasn't born yesterday.(我又不是三岁小孩) 2. How do I address you?(我怎么称呼你) 3. She turns me off.(她使我厌烦。) 4. So far so good.(目前为止,一切都好。) 5. Be my guest.(请便、别客气) 6. That was a close call.(太危险了/千钧一发) 7. Far from it.(一点也不。) 8. It's a pain in the neck[麻烦的事(人 ...


   1. be in a good mood, feel cheerful 心情喜悦 , e.g. I'm in a good mood today. 我今天心情很好. 我今天心情很好. My birthday always makes me feel cheerful.我的生日总是让 我的生日总是让 我心情喜悦. 我心情喜悦. 2. be radiant with joy 喜行于色 e.g. She was radiant with joy when I asked her to marry ...


   元宵节: Lantern Festival 刺绣:embroidery 重阳节:Double-Ninth Festival 清明节:Tomb sweeping day 剪纸:Paper Cutting 书法:Calligraphy 对联:(Spring Festival) Couplets 象形文字:Pictograms/Pictographic Characters 人才流动:Brain Drain/Brain Flow 四合院:Siheyuan/Quadrangle 战国:Warring ...


   Relevant Words and Expressions 1. General Terms 一般用语 World Tourism Organization 世界旅游组织 National Tourism Administration 国家旅游局 China Youth Travel Agency 中国青年旅行社 China International Travel Service 中国国际旅行社 Travel service (agency) 旅行社 Tourism Company 旅游 ...



   Lighten Your Load and Save Your Life If you often feel angry and overwhelmed, like the stress in your life is spinning out of control, then you may be hurting your heart. If you don't want to break your own heart, you need to learn to take charge of ...

高中英语高二选修7《Unit 5 Travelling abroad 》Learning about Language

   高二人教新课标版选修七 Unit 5 Travelling abroad Learning about Language 1 Complete each of the sentences with one of the words in brackets in its proper form. 1. Sara ( acknowledged, acknowledged acknowledgement ) her mistake and apologized immediately. 2. Th ...


   Bicycle Make a living as a performer Bicycle Bicycle extreme sport Fly over wall Trick Cyclist Challenge the limits of self Trick Cyclist Vertical Direction Bicycle Stunt Bicycle Stunt Challenge the limits of self Bicycle Stunt Cycle racing Racing ...


   议论文写作技巧 UNIT 1 What Attitude Should We Take to Sth1. 社会上对某事物的错误观念 2. 分析批驳其错误所在 3. 给出如何看待该事物的建议 写作模式(批驳分析类) 写作模式(批驳分析类) 1) With the arrival / birth of …, sth. is becoming more and more … in our life. 2) Hit / Affected with this trend, some / many pe ...