Name:ChengYuxiang Sex: Male Birth:... .... National:Han
political statues: Party members prepared
Health status: good (with the health card)
Education: Undergraduate
Students to: Guangdong Address:Town of Licheng GuangZhou City Guangdong Province Major:Biotechnology Phone:... .... E-mail:.... ..... CET
  4..... .... Educational background 2001/09~2004/06 2004/09~2008/06 ZengCheng High School
South China Agricultural University
Major (minor) courses: Microbiology, genetics, molecular biology, organic chemistry, zoology, cell biology, botany, animal physiology, biochemistry, protein engineering, cell engineering, fermentation engineering, enzyme engineering, advanced mathematics, basic computer, English, University physics, organic chemistry, etc. Campus activities: 2004/12~2006/12 Squad leader 2005/10~2006/10 Squad leader 2006/10~2007/10 Mission branch Practice experience:
2008/2~2009/1 maintenance
Haier in Zengcheng Aftermarket Technology Division for
Thesis: ELIP gene expression in prokaryotic
Awards: 2004 2006 2006 2006 outstanding member of my school second-class awards outstanding student of my school excellent class cadres of my school "good to join the party activists" of Party School
Personal capacity: Pass the CET4 5
  26)Fluent of Cantonese , Standard Maderine ) Familiar with the operation OF Word,Excel,Powerpiont Etc. , , Have some knowledge on electrical appliances can be an independent
installation, maintenance air-conditioning, washing machine and so on. Team organizational capabilities, and with team management capabilities
Holders B2E (large goods vehicles and motorcycle) driver's license



   Name:ChengYuxiang Sex: Male Birth:... .... National:Han political statues: Party members prepared Health status: good (with the health card) Education: Undergraduate Students to: Guangdong Address:Town of Licheng GuangZhou City Guangdong Province M ...


   ANNA KING Address: 15 Sample Rd Melbourne VIC 3000 Email: Home phone: (123) 9999-1234 Work phone: (123) 9999-5678 EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Marketing Manager (Melbourne) The Wine and Food Emporium Duties: -Manage a staff of 18 people -Liai ...


   Your English name 21A, Bristol Road, Hertford Mansion, Singapore 219847 Phone: 请输入电话号码 ? Email: 请输入 Email Nationality: Chinese (Present Resident in Singapore) OBJECTIVE A student Graduated in 2009 encountered the most difficult period in Singapore ...


   尊敬的先生/女士 您好! 首先,请接受我诚挚的问候! 十分感谢您在百忙之中惠阅我的自荐材料。 我是海南大学信息科学技术学院计算机科学 与技术专业 2007 级应届本科毕业生,在一次访问贵方门户网站时,我被贵公司“诚信、业 绩、创新”的企业管理理念和“以旅客为尊,以市场为中心”的服务理念深深地吸引;在 2006 年,海航标识成为中国民航企业中第一个中国驰名商标,这是贵公司企业文化和光辉 形象的代表,我为贵单位获得的荣誉感到自豪。我真诚的希望能加盟海南航空,扬帆起航! 美好的大学生活, 培养了我 ...


   University of Economic Dear sir ,Allow me to introduce myself : My name is Li Xiaoying ,In 2008 I passed the National Entrance Examination and was admitted into the Shijiazhuang University of Economic .This is my job resume ,I need a job. After two ...


   Basic information Name:求职网graduates Sex: Male Date of Birth :1987-09-08 Nationality: Chinese Graduate institutions: the political landscape of Shanghai Institute of Electric Power Engineering: members Highest level of education: undergraduate repair ...


   文章由情难枕精心整理, 文章由情难枕精心整理,希望对大家的学习和工作带来帮助 整理人: 整理人: 整理时间: 整理时间: 情难枕 2011-4-10 Charles Reston (姓名) 501 Lindon St San Diego, CA 92110(地址) Home: (619) 555-2163(电话)邮箱) Objective ( 求职目标) A challenging and rewarding position as a comp ...


   Room 212 Building 343 Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084 (010) 62771234 Zheng Yan Objective To obtain a challenging position as a software engineer with an emphasis in software des ign and development. Education 1997.9- ...


   英文简历(销售助理) 英文简历(销售助理)SALES ASSISTANT Sandy Lin 15/F,TOWER2 ,BRIGHT CHINA,BUILDING1,BEIJING. EXPERIENCE: 1990-Present REGENCY CORPORATION,Dallas,TX Sales Assistant:Act as liaison between customer and sales representative.Provide customer service via ...


   英文简历的格式结构括页眉部分、教育背景、工作经历和个人资料四部分。 1、页眉部分 1)名字,名字有 7 种写法: 例如“李扬”:1) Yang LI 2) YANG LI 3) Yang Li 4) Yang Li 5) Li,Yang 6) Li Yang 7) LI Yang 我们认为这 7 种都有可接受,比如说第四种-Yang Li,很方便招聘人员,尤其是人事部经理 为中国人;但标准的、外资公司流行的简历中的名字写法,则是第二种,YANG LI。 有人用粤语拼写自己的姓氏。比如,王写成 ...



   如何连接 强调 still, Indeed, apparently, oddly enough, of course, after all, significantly, interestingly, also, above all, surely, certainly, undoubtedly, in any case, anyway, above all, in fact, especially. Obviously, clearly. 比较 like, similarly, likew ...


   绝密私藏!!花费一学期悟出的英语4, 级必杀技 ! 花费一学期悟出的英语 级必杀技, 绝密私藏!!花费一学期悟出的英语 ,6级必杀技,考前一 星期看, 绝对会有意想不到的效果. 成绩快速提高70分以上 星期看, 绝对会有意想不到的效果. 成绩快速提高 分以上 保你轻松过 ,6级! 保你轻松过4, 级 ! 保你轻松过 绝密私藏!!花费一学期悟出的英语4,6级必杀技,考前一 ! 星期看,绝对会有意想不到的效果.成绩快速提高70分以上 保你轻松过4,6级!(谢绝转帖,被发现严重鄙视!! ! !) ...


   Objective: In this unit, students will Learn about Shakespeare’s life and time Appreciate Shakespeare’s classic works Enjoy Shakespeare’s famous quotes Discuss Shakespeare’s influence on the English language and literature " " " " What nationality ...


   考研英语阅读理解常考词汇总结 (2010-06-17 11:03:52) 转载 标签: 教育 太奇考研??? 朱泰祺 1.表达作者态度的常考词语 amazed 感到惊讶的;amazing 令人惊讶的;ambiguous 模棱两可的; approved 公认的; approving 赞许的;arbitrary 武断的;bewildering (=puzzling) 令人迷惑的;biased (=prejudiced)有偏见的,偏心的;critical 持批评态度的; depressed 感到沮 ...