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English Proverb
机械设计制造及其自动化( ) 机械设计制造及其自动化(
When you fail , you will~~~~~
A : give up B : never give up Which one will you choose?
Now tell you :

Never give up !
Because all roads lead to Rome
All roads lead to Rome
there are a lots of road can lead you to Rome 条条大路通罗马
The saying "All roads lead to Rome" means simply that all paths or activities lead to the center of things. it means that there are a lot of ways that can lead to success.
This saying comes from the days of the Roman Empire, when Rome ruled over most of the known world. The roads built at that time were for military use, so all the empire's roads started from the capital city, Rome, and spread out to cover the whole empire. The long highways were important for maintaining both the stability and the expansion of the empire.
The Romans became famous for, among other things, their 80,000 kilometers of hard-surface highways. The saying "All roads lead to Rome" came into use in the 1100s as a metaphor, with the meaning that all different methods will still produce the same result.
For example:
.You can depend on the mayor to manage the difficult situation while the crisis is on. Remember all roads lead to Rome. 你放心好了,市长在危急时刻有能力对 付困难的局面,面包会有的
Any questions?
The end Thank you!


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