简单商务英语口语对话 介绍篇:
  1) A: I don't believe we've met. B: No, I don't think we have. A: My name is Chen Sung-lim. B: How do you do? My name is Fred Smith. A: 我们以前没有见过吧? B:我想没有。 A:我叫陈松林。 B:您好,我是弗雷德?史蜜斯。
  2) A: Here's my name card. B: And here's mine. A: It's nice to finally meet you. B: And I'm glad to meet you, too. A: 这是我的名片。 B: 这是我的。 A: 很高兴终于与你见面了。 B: 我也很高兴见到你。
  3) A: Is that the office manager over there? B: Yes, it is, A: I haven't met him yet. B: I'll introduce him to you . A:在那边的那位是经理吧? B:是啊。 A:我还没见过他。 B:那么,我来介绍你认识。
  4) A: Do you have a calling card? B: Yes, right here. A: Here's one of mine. B: Thanks. A:您有名片吗? B:有的,就在这儿。 A:喏,这是我的。 B:谢谢。
  5) A: Will you introduce me to the new purchasing agent? B: Haven't you met yet? A: No, we haven't. B: I'll be glad to do it. A:请替我引介新来负责采购的人好吗?
B:你们还没见面吗? A:嗯,没有。 B:我乐意为你们介绍。
  6) A: I'll call you next week. B: Do you know my number? A: No, I don't. B: It's right here on my card. A:我下个星期会打电话给你。 B:你知道我的号码吗? A:不知道。 B:就在我的名片上。
  7) A: Have we been introduced? B: No, I don't think we have been. A: My name is Wong. B: And I'm Jack Smith. A:对不起,我们彼此介绍过了吗? B:不,我想没有。 A:我姓王。 B:我叫杰克?史密斯。
  8) A: Is this Mr. Jones? B: Yes, that's right. A: I'm just calling to introduce myself. My name is Tang. B: I'm glad to meet you, Mr. Tang. A:是琼斯先生吗? B:是的。 A:我打电话是向您作自我介绍,我姓唐。 B:很高兴认识你,唐先生。
  9) A: I have a letter of introduction here. B: Your name, please? A: It's David Chou. B: Oh, yes, Mr. Chou. We've been looking forward to this. A:我这儿有一封介绍信。 B:请问贵姓大名? A:周大卫。 B:啊,周先生,我们一直在等着您来。
  10) A: I'll call you if you give me a name card. B: I'm sorry, but I don't have any with me now. A: Just tell me your number, in that case. B: It's 322-58
A:给我一张名片吧,我会打电话给你。 B:真抱歉,我现在身上没带。 A:这样子,那就告诉我你的电话号码好了。 B:322-58
  79。 约会篇:
  11) A: Do you have some time tomorrow? B: Yes, I do. A: How about having lunch with me? B: Good idea. A:明天有空吧? B:有啊。 A:一起吃顿中饭怎样? B:好主意。
  12) A: If you're free, how about lunch? B: When did you have in mind? A: I was thinking about Thursday? B: That will be fine with me. A:有空的话一起吃顿中饭如何? B:你想什么时候呢? A:我看星期四怎样? B:没问题。
  13) A: I'm calling to see if you would like to have lunch tomorrow. B: I'm sorry, but this week isn't very convenient for me. A: Perhaps we van make it later. B: That would be better. A:我打电话给你,是想知道明天一起吃顿中饭怎样? B:对不起,这个星期我都不方便。 A:那么,也许改天吧。 B:好啊。
  14) A: I'm calling to confirm our luncheon appointment. B: It's tomorrow at twelve o'clock, right? A: Yes, that's right. B: I'll be there. A:我打电话来,是想确定一下我们约好吃饭的事。 B:是明天 12 点吧? A:是的,没错。 B:我会去的。
  15) A: I'm sorry, but I have to cancel out luncheon appointment. B: I'm sorry to hear that.
A: I have pressing business to attend to . B: No problem. we'll make it later in the month . A:真抱歉,不过我不得不取消我们午餐的约会。 B:真遗憾。 A:我有紧急的事情要处理。 B:没关系,这个月改天再说吧。
  16) A: I need to change the time we meet for lunch. B: What time would be good for you? A: I'll be about half an hour late. B: Good, I'll see you there at 12:
  30. A:我需要更改我们见面吃午饭的时间。 B:什么时间你合适呢? A:我大概要慢半个小时。 B:好的,十二点我会在那儿与你碰面。
  17) A: I'll get the check. B: No, let me pay this time. A: No, I insist. B: Well, thank you very much. A:我来付帐。 B:不,这次由我付。 A:不,还是我来。 B:好吧,那就谢谢你啦?
  18) A: This lunch is on me today, B: I think you got it last time. A: It's my pleasure. B: That's very nice of you. A:今天这顿饭算我请客。 B:我记得上回也是你请的。 A:我请得心里高兴。 B:既然这样,那就多谢了。
  19) A: Shall we split the check. B: Why don't you let me pick it up. A: Oh, that's not necessary. B: I know it's not necessary. I want to do it. A:大家分摊吧? B:就让我来付帐好了。 A:啊,不必这样。 B:我知道不必这样,可是我愿付?
  20) A: I really enjoyed the lunch.
B: Yes, let's do it again real soon. A: I'll be back in town next month. B: Good, I'll invite you out when you're here. A:这顿饭我吃得好高兴。 B:是啊,让我们不久再一起用餐吧。 A:我下个月会再回这里来。 B:好极了,等你来的时候,请再接受我的招待。 实用商务英语口语对话摘录 It is out of stock. 这件货品缺货。 This is our newest product. 这是我们最新的产品。 The quality of our products is very high. 我们的产品质量很高。 They are famous brands. 它们是名牌。 I assure you of the quality. 我可以保证货的质量。 What is the price? 价格怎样? Can it be cheaper? 能便宜点吗? What’s the lowest price? 最低价多少? Wholesale or retail? 你是批发还是零售? Is check OK? 支票可以吗? These are our new models. 这是我们的新样品。 We’ll guarantee this product for one year. 我们这项产品保用一年。 What style do you want? 你喜欢什么款式? How about this one? 这种怎么样? If you are not satisfied, return it to me. 如果你不满意,可以退回来。 When can you deliver? 什么时候交货? Enjoy your stay in Yiwu.祝你在义乌过得愉快。 商务英语对话 A: I'm sorry to say that the price you quote is too high. It would be very difficult for us to push any sales if we buy it at this price.
B: well, if you take quality into consideration, you won't think our price is too high. A: Let's meet each other half way. - 很遗憾你们报的价格太高,如果按这种价格买进,我方实在难以推销。 - 如果你考虑一下质量,你就不会觉得我们的价格太高了。 - 那咱们就各让一步吧。 A: I'm sorry to say that your price has soared. It's almost 20% higher than last year's. B: That's because the price of raw materials has gone up. A: I see. Thank you. - 很遗憾,贵方的价格猛长,比去年几乎高出 20%。 - 那是因为原材料的价格上涨了。 - 我知道了,多谢。 A: How many do you intend to order? B: I want to order 900 dozen. A: The most we can offer you at present is 600 dozen. - 这种产品你们想订多少? - 我们想订 900 打。 - 目前我们至多只能提供 600 打。 A: We have inspected the rice, and we're surprised to know that the weight is short. B: We sell our goods on loaded weight and not on landed weight. A: I see. - 这些大米我们检验过了,重量不够,我们感到奇怪。 - 我们出售商品是以装船重量为准,不是以卸货重量为准。 - 我知道了。 A: The next thing I'd like to bring up for discussion is packing. B: Please state your opinions about packing. A: All right. We wish our opinions on packing will be passed on to your manufacturers. - 下面我想就包装问题讨论一下。 - 请陈述你们的意见。 - 好,我们希望我们对包装的意见能传达到厂商。为中国贸易提供动力 A: You know, packing has a close bearing on sales. B: Yes, it also affects the reputation of our products. Buyers always pay great attention to packing.~ A: We wish the new packing will give our clients satisfaction. - 大家都知道,包装直接关系到产品的销售。 - 是的,它也会影响我们产品的信誉,买主总是很注意包装。 - 我们希望新包装会使我们的顾客满意。本文来自 ctun.net A: How are the shirts packed? B: They're packed in cardboard boxes. A: I'm afraid the cardboard boxes are not strong enough for ocean transportation. - 衬衫怎样包装? - 它们用纸板箱包装。 - 我担心远洋运输用纸板箱不够结实。 A: From what I've heard, you're already well up in shipping work. B: Yes, we arrange shipments to any part of the world.
A: Do you do any chartering? - 据我所知,你方对运输工作很在行。 - 是的,我们承揽去世界各地的货物运输。 A: How do you like the goods dispatched, by railway or by sea? B: By sea, please. Because of the high cost of railway transportation, we prefer sea transportation. A: That's what we think. - 你方将怎样发运货物,铁路还是海运? - 请海运发货,铁路运输费用太高,我们愿意走海运。 - 我们正是这么想的。ctun.net 版权所有 A: When can you effect shipment? I'm terribly worried about late shipment. B: We can effect shipment in December or early next year at the latest. A: That's fine. - 你们什么时候能交货?我非常担心货物迟交。 - 我们最晚在今年十二月或明年初交货。 - 那很好。 样品的表述 一、请寄样品
  1.本公司相信, 4 月 18 日寄出的纪念品必已收到。本公司极为乐意知悉,此批货物是否合 于贵公司的意愿,请来函告知。 We trust that the samples of souvenirs sent on the 18th April have reached you. We should be greatly obliged if you would inform us whether these goods are suitable for your purposes.
  2.如能提供下列各种高档印刷用纸,请寄样品。 Will you please send us samples of the best printing papers you can offer of the following kinds:
  3.贵公司的纸张如能符合我方要求,而且价格合理,可否提供样品? Can you send us samples of paper that you can guarantee in this respect, and that will also be reasonable in price?
  4.下列品种的高档书信用纸如能供货,请寄样品。 Will you please send us samples of the best note-papers you can offer of the following kinds:
  5.请寄给我们春季用的衬料新品种样品,库存或现生产中的布料均可。 You might also send me patterns of any new linings in stock or on the looms, for the spring. 二、寄送样品
  1.贵公司昨日的来信收悉,我们将送去下列样品。 We have received your favour of yesterday's date, and have pleasure in enclosing you our samples as follows:
  2.今日送上第三号混合燕麦样品,请查收。报价为 F.O.B.旧金山,每夸特(28 磅)10 美元。 We have this day sent you, per sample post, a sample of No. 3 mixed oats, which we quote $
  10.00 per qr., f.o.b. San Francisco.
  3.现送上我公司最近发行的目录一份和几件样品,贵公司对此可能感兴趣,我们静候回 音。 We are enclosing a copy of our recent catalogue with a few samples which may possibly interest you, and shall be glad to hear from you at any time.
We take the liberty to day of sending you samples of wheat. 三、收到样品
  1.贵公司 5 月 20 日寄来的样品和价目表均已收到。 Your esteemed favour of the 20th May, with samples and price-list, is duly to hand.
  2.贵公司寄来的价格表、折扣率、成交条件和样品均收到。对以上诸方面,我们均感到 满意。 We have received your samples, with a price-list, also your scale of rebate and terms of settlement, all of which we find satisfactory.
  3.贵公司的样品已收到,现已转给用户。 Receiving your samples, we have shown them to hteir buyers.
  4.贵公司 6 月 1 日的来信、葡萄酒样品和价目表均已收到。经试饮,品质很好。不足的 是价格比我们的通常价格高出太多。 We have duly received your letter of Jun 1, with samples and price-list of your wines, which we have tested. The qualities are satisfactory, but your prices are considerably above our usual figures. 四、目录、价目表
  1.希望能寄给我们贵公司的目录以及大批量订货的报价。I shall be glad if you will send me your catalogue, together with quotations for large quantities.
  2.随信寄去目录表一份,并附有批量订购现货的报价。 We are sending you by this post a catalogue, containing quotations for large orders taken from our existing stock.
  3.现寄上一份适合贵公司业务的,并附有图解的机械目录付本。 We have pleasure in sending herewith a copy of our illustrated catalogue of the machines suitable for your business.
  4.随信寄去新修改的目录和价目表,希望这些商品能适合贵公司的业务。 I send you my revised catalogue and price-list, in the hope that you may find something to suit you. 最新美语流行语:实用商务篇
  26.at one’s wits end 智



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