I. Finding a Job 找工作
Unit 1 Job Searching
求 职
Part One: Expressions

  1. Are you hiring?

  2. I saw your ad* in the paper and wanted to apply for the job.

  3. When can you come in for an interview?

  4. Do you have any references?

  5. What’s your past job experience?

  6. This is a very impressive resume, Mr. Smith.

  7. What are your qualifications?

  8. What’s the starting salary?

  9. What possibilities are there for advancement?

  10. What kind of holidays/ benefits do you have for your employees?
Part Two: Dialogues

  1. Resumes and Interviews履历表和面试
A: Hey Ted, I saw this ad in the paper. You should take a look.
B: What is it?
A: It’s for a job. It looks perfect for you.
B: Let’s see … “Wanted: manager for up-and-coming firm. Must have good organizational skills. Experience a plus. Please contact Betty Sue.” Oh, I don’t know …
A: Come on, what have you got to lose?
B: What about my resume?
A: Here, I’ll help you type one up.
B: Thanks, Mary. You’re a real pal. I’ll call now to set up an interview.
B: 让我瞧瞧。“招聘:极富发展潜力的公司招聘经理。需良好的组织才能。具有经验。有意者请与贝蒂?苏联系”。哦,我不知道……
A: 别这样,你又不会损失什么。
B: 可是我的履历表呢?
A: 在这儿,我会帮你打印一份的。
B: 谢谢你,玛丽。你真够朋友。我现在就打电话约定面试。

  2. Salary 工资
A: Well, I’ve looked over your resume, Mr. Peepers.
B: Please, call me Ted.
A: Well, Ted, this is a very impressive resume. However, we do have several other applicants to finish interviewing before we can make a final decision. We’ll call you by Friday, if that’s all right.
B: That’s no problem.
A: Do you have any other questions?
B: Well, what kind of salary do you provide?
A: Salary is based on experience as well as* time spent with our company.
B: I see.
A: Salary can be negotiated once we officially offer you the job.
B: Sounds fine.
A: 哦,我看过了你的履历表,皮伯斯先生。
B: 请叫我特德好了。
A: 好,特德,你的履历表给人印象深刻,可是,在我们做出最后的决定之前我们还要面试其他几个应聘者。如果可以的话,我们不迟于星期五会给你打电话。
B: 可以。
A: 你还有其他什么问题吗?
B: 哦,你们公司提供的薪金待遇是怎么样的?
A: 薪金发放以经验为基础,同时还有工作时间长短。
B: 我明白。
A: 正式聘用的话,薪金方面还可以再商量。
B: 好的。

  3. Holidays and Benefits 假期和福利
A: Anything else?
B: Yes, one last thing. How much holiday time do you give your employees every year?
A: Our employees receive fifteen days of paid vacation every year. If you don’t use the full fifteen days, they carry over to the following year.
B: How about sick days?
A: You get five paid sick days.
B: Any other benefits?
A: Yes, we have an excellent retirement plan and medical insurance as well.
B: Great. Thanks so much for your time.
A: We’ll contact you soon, Ted. Thanks for coming in.
A: 还有其它的吗?
B: 是的,还有最后一件事。每年你们提供给员工的假期怎样的?
A: 员工有15天的有薪假期。如果没有休完15天的话,可以顺沿至下一年。
B: 那么病假呢?
A: 5天有薪病假。
B: 还有没有其他的福利?
A: 还有,我们公司还有一项极好的退休规划和医疗保险。
B: 谢谢您花时间给我面试。
A: 我们会尽快和你联系,特德。谢谢你能来。
Part Three: Substitution Drills

  1. A: Hi, I’m calling about your ad in the paper for the position of (manager/ electrical engineer/ waiter).
B: Please send us your resume, “Attention: Betty Sue.”

  2. A: When can you come in for an interview?
B: Is (Friday afternoon/ Monday morning/ Tuesday) ok with you?
(星期五下午/星期一上午/星期二 )来你方便吗?

  3. A: Hi, I’m here for (an interview/ an appointment/ a meeting) with Betty Sue.
B: Can I have your name, please?

  4. A: Please, fill out this application form.
B: Where should I write my (address/ telephone number/ date of birth)?

  5. A: Hello, Mr. Peepers. How do you do?
B: It’s (nice/ a pleasure/ an honor) to meet you.

  6. A: Thank you for coming in today.
B: Here’s my (resume/ list of references/ application).

  7. A: What kind of work-related experience do you have?
B: Well, I worked for (two years/ six months/ ten years) as manager at my previous company.

  8. A: What can you bring to our team?
B: Well, I’m a very (hard-working/ dedicated/ focused) employee.

  9. A: Do you have any other questions about the job?
B: Yes, please tell me about the (health benefits/ holiday time/ salary).

  10. A: We’ll call you.
B: Ok, should I expect to hear from you by (next Friday/ the end of the week/ the 15th)?
Part Four: Monologue
I work in the human resources department of my company, and it is often my responsibility to hire new employees. When trying to fill open positions within the company, I have certain qualities that I look for in a potential employee. Are they dedicated and hard working? Are they willing to be trained? Do their interests and career goals match those of the company? It’s difficult choosing the right candidate and I want to be sure that both the company and the employee will benefit from one another. Relevant experience and educational background are important as well, but there is more required in finding the best person for the job.
--Steve Peters, Human Resources Division
--斯蒂夫?皮特斯 人力资源部
Part Five: Vocabulary and Phrases
-- reference] 证明信(人);推荐函
-- impressive 予人深刻印象的
-- qualification 资格,能力
-- resume 履历表
-- up-and-coming 极有前途的
-- benefit 津贴
--carry over 遗留,账册前页转下页
-- apply/ application/ applicant 申请/ 申请书/ 申请人
-- employer/ employee/ employment 雇主/ 雇员/ 雇佣
-- fill (a form, an application, etc) out 填写
--*ad-often abbreviated, used for “advertisement”
--*as well as - similar to “and” or “in addition to”, usually used in a more formal sense[NoPage



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