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? I can swim, so can he. Unit 1 ? He didn’t go there, nor did I. ? be into/ be fond of/ enjoy/ like/love ? surf/search the Internet/ go/get on line ? everyday/ daily life ? He is so smart (a boy) that we all like him. ? He is such a smart boy that we all like him. make a list of / be loyal to/ argue with sb. about sth./ to be honest
  9. a lonely/deserted island
  10. in order to do/ so as to do in order that +句子 / so that+ 句子
  11. share one’s idea/ opinion
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  12. share sth. with sb. share sth. (out) among/between sb.
  13. We should have finished writing the letters on time. He is too fat. He shouldn’t have eaten too much chocolate.
  14. make friends with sb. 与某人交 朋友 develop a friendship with sb. 与某 人发展友谊
  15.have fun 玩得开心 ? even though/ if 即使 ? learn from 从……中学习 ? treat sb. as 把某人当成……
  19. be curious about 对……好奇
  20. such little children 小男孩们
  21. He survived the earthquake. ? make oneself at home/ be at home/ feel at home
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unit2 ? I came here for the first time. The first time I came here, I loved this city.
  3. It is the first time that I have been to Wuzhou. it was the first time that I had been to Wuzhou.
  4.I beg your pardon. 请原谅/请再说 一遍
  5. A number of students are from Wuzhou. The number of students in our class is
  61. . most of the students/ most people/ most of us
  7. be equal to sth./ doing sth.
  8. We go to school every day except Sunday. We have to learn English besides
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math. My bag is beautiful except for its color. except that /except when /except what /except where 后接从句
  9.exchange sth. for sth./ exchange sth. with sb.
  10. stay up 熬夜,挺住, 不倒塌
  11.much/a great deal of /a large amount of+Un
  12. sth. come about/ take place/ break out/ happen/ occur
  13. The key to the door/ the answer to the question/ the invitation to the ball
  14.stay/ keep/ remain 保持(连系动 词+形容词)
  15. have some difficulty/ trouble in doing sth. have much difficulty/ trouble with
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  16. a great many/plenty of
  17. compare A to B 把 A 比作 B compare A with B 拿 A 与 B 作 比较
  18.develop into 发展成
  19. more or less 或多或少;大体上
  20.bring in 引进;赚得;带来
  21.in total 总计
  22.have a good knowledge of sth.掌 握;通晓
  23.communicate with sb. 与某人交流
  24.end up with sth./ end up doing sth. 以……结束
  25.He likes sports while I like music.
  1.consider doing sth 考 虑 做 某 事 unit3 consider sb.(to be/ as)… 认 为某人怎么样……
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  2. by all means 一定,务必; by no means 决不,一点也 不;by means of 通过……方式
  3.imagine (sb/sb’s) doing sth.幻 想某人做某事
  4. as with 正如……一样
  5.get away from (使)摆脱; (使) 离开
  6.get close to 接近;靠近
  7.instead/instead of sth. 代替;而 不是
  8. watch out/ watch out for sth. 小 心
  9. protect A from B/ protect A from being done / prevent B from doing harm to A
  10.take exercise do morning exercises; some English exercises
  11.combine A with B 结合 A 跟 B
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  12. on (the) one hand… on the other (hand)
  13. at least 至少;at most 至多
  14. be particular about sth. 对…….特别讲究
  15. Hiking is easy to do./ To do hiking is easy.
  16. A have an effect/ effects on B A 对 B 有影响
  17. see sb. off 给某人送行
  18. She as well as her students likes English.
  19. separate vt. 分开,隔离;adj. 单独的,分开的 separated adj 被 分 开 ; separately adv. 分开地
  20.experience; handle; normal;simply
  21. unless= if …not
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. advance on /towards 朝 … 进 发 unit4
  2. in advance 事先,提前
  3. advanced education ; an advanced worker
  4. seize vt.&vi. 抓住 ;冻结 (财产) ; 理解;强占;
  5. He got up, left the house and went to his car, saying nothing.
  6.sweep( swept ,swept) 打扫,席卷, 扫视
  7.against prep. 斜靠;反对,违背, 逆 for prep. 支持;赞成;为了
  8.struggle with sb. struggle against difficulties/death/nature… struggle for a living/ freedom struggle to one’s feet
  10.fight for:为…而战
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fight against:对…作战;与…抗争 fight with:与…并肩战斗;与…作战 =fight against
  11.look into 往里看;调查
  12.strike(struck,struck/stricken) v. (灾难)袭击,打, (钟)敲响, 划,打动,罢工,
  13.hear/see sb. do sth. (强调动作 全过程) hear/see sb. doing sth.(强调 正在做) I heard the song “Kiss Goodbye” sung in English.
  14.It didn ’t take /wasn ’ t long before…过了不久就… It took /was long before…过了 很久才…
  15. take a photo of ; take photos / pictures of,
  16. look up 抬头看; 查阅
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  17.look around 四下里看
  18.be upon sb 逼近;临近
  19. hold on 继续;坚持;(电话)别 挂上 hold on to sth. 抓住; 保留某物 hold back 阻止;抑制 hold up 举起;阻碍;延误
  20. get on one’s feet 站立起来
  21. with a look of fright 一脸的恐 惧
  22. around the corner 在拐角处;将 临
  23. go down 降价;倒下
  24. go through 穿过;通过;经受; 仔细检查
  25. up and down 上上下下;来来回回
  26. refer to 查阅;提到;指的是
  27. be caught in/be trapped in 遇 上;陷入
  28. be on fire 着火(表示状态)
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  29. He must be playing football at playground now.
  30. It must have rained last night, for the ground is wet.
  1.make comments on/upon sth. (对某 事)作出评论
  2.play a role/ part in doing sth 扮 演...角色;起…作用
  3.work as/ serve as/ act as 做; 担任
  4.during the 1980s and 1990s= during the 1980’s and 1990’s (the 不能省) 在 20 世纪 80 和 90 年代 in the 1930s/ in the 1930’s 20 世纪 30 年代
  5. in the beginning/ at the beginning (of) in the end/ at the end (of)
  6. later on 以后;后来
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  7. get to know/ get to like
  8. The reason …was that…
  9. work on 从事;致力于
  10. take off 成名,成功; (观念, 产品)大受欢迎; 起飞;脱掉;休假
  11. cut sth. into pieces 把……切 成碎片
  12. beat/ defeat sb. (a team ); win sth./win over 赢过
  13. can’t help to do 不能帮助干某 事 can’t help doing 禁不住干某 事
  14. accept 主观上接受; receive 客 观上收到
  15. think highly/well/ badly/poorly/ill/ little/ much of
  16. be afraid to do 不敢做某事 be afraid of doing 担心会发生
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某事 be afraid of sb./sth. 害怕某 人/物 be afraid that 担心;恐怕
  17. go wrong/ mad/ hungry/ blind
  18. owe sth. to sb./ owe sb. sth. owing to
  19. When walking on the street, he met Mary. ? When finished, the homework should be handed in
  20. marry sb. / marry sb. to sb. get married (to sb.) 强调动作 be married (to sb.) 强调状态 She has been married to him for 20 years.
  21. take the place of sb./sth. take sb’s place replace
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(do)…in place of (do)…instead of
  22. determine to do/ be determined to do
  23. a live fish a live radio program
  24. stay away/ lock sb. up / run after/ on the air
  25. do research 做实验
  26. afford to do sth。
  1. apologize to sb. for (not) doing sth. make an apology to sb. for sth.
  2. make/leave/create an impression on sb. impress sb. with sth.
  3. mean v. 表示…的意思; 意味着; 打算;对……是 重要的 mean to do sth. 打算做某事 mean doing 意味 着……
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  4. It is very kind of you to help me. It is useful for you to learn computer.
  5. propose/drink/make a toast to…
  6. raise vt. 举起;种植,饲养;提出 (问题);提高(嗓门) rise (rose, risen) vi. 升高;(河 水等)上涨;(太阳)升起
  7. advice [U] “建议;劝告”,常 与介词 on 连用 a piece of advice 一条建议 give /offer some advice 提建议 follow/take/accept one’s advice 接受某人的建议 advise doing sth. 建议做某事 advise sb. (not) to do sth. 建 议某人做某事 advise (sb.) that sb.(should)
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do. advise (sb.) that sth. (should) be done.
  8. mix…with… 与……混合 mix…into… 把少量东西掺入较多 的东西里
  9. wish sb. sth. Wish you good luck. may sb. do sth. May you succeed.
  10. beside prep. 在……旁边 besides ① adv. 此外;而且 表 递进关系 ② prep. 除 了…之外(还 有)表示加的意思
  11. It is time (for sb.) to do sth. It is (high) time that the children went to school. It is (high) time that the children should go to school.
  12. provide sb, with sth/ provide
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sth for sb.
  13. begin with/ start with/ end (up) with
  14. at the table/ in the hospital/ in the prison at table/ in hospital/ in prison
  15. be busy with sth./ be busy (in) doing sth.
  16. do well in 在…方面做得好 be good for/ do sb good/ do good to sb. 对某人有好处
  17.forgive sb. for sth. 原谅某人 某事
  18.interrupt/ introduce/ good manners/ custom/ behave/ follow/ serve/ extra/ leave out
  1.base sth. on sth./ be based on 2 space/ nature 零冠词
  3.Everyone laughed, including me. Everyone laughed, me included.
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  4.Where there is a river, there is a city.
  5.under attack /control /discussion /repair
  6. He seemed happy. do not seem to do sth./ seem not to do sth. There seems/seemed (to be)… It seems + that/ as if 从句 He seemed to be the boss. He seemed (to be) the famous teacher.
  7. I was able to swim.
  8. My dreams come true.
  9. do all/ everything/ what one can to do…
  10.did all/ everything/ what one could to do…
  11.be proud of/ take pride in
  12.pull down 拆掉;推翻
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  13.set up 成立(机构) ;建立(组织)
  15. be limited to 受 … 的 限 制 ; limited adj. 有限的
  16.in ruins 成为废墟/ in pieces 成 为碎片
  18. give in (to sb.) 向(某人) 屈服
  19. give up (doing sth.) 放弃(做某 事)
  20.bring sth. back to life/health 使苏醒/康复
  21. with one’s help/with the help of sb.
  22. Hungry and tired, he went back home.
  23. make oneself heard/ make oneself understood
  1.every other week/ every second week / every two weeks every few meters/every few minutes.
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  2. the same (…) as 与…一样(有 两者,同种类) the same (…) that 就是… (只有 一者,同一) My bag is the same as yours. I have the same bag as you.
  3. take part in 参加(较大型的活 动) join the Party/ join the army/ join the League/club. join (sb.) in (sth.) 加入(某人的) 活动
  4. attend school/ attend meeting
  5. Many jobs will be lost if the factory closes
  6.When and where to go has not been decided. The Olympic Games are very important.
  7. A ties B A 与 B 打平
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prefer doing sth. to doing sth. prefer to do sth. rather than do sth. would rather do sth. than do sth.
  9. in modern times
  10. have an effect on/ have effects on 11 more than 远不止
  12. live one’s dream 实现某人梦想
  19. put on weight = gain weight
  20. lose weight
  21. What does UFO stand for? The dove stands for peace. 鸽子象征和平
  22. because/ because of
  23. Chenglong is well-known as a film star. Wuzhou is well-known for its stones.
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  24. Wuzhou is (well) worth visiting. Wuzhou is worth a visit.
  25.be worthy of +名词/being done; be worthy to be done This question is worthy of being discussed to be discussed.
  26. gold medal/ golden times/ golden hair
  27.I would rather you came tomorrow. 表示现在或将来,句子谓语用过去式。 I would rather you had told him the news yesterday. 表示过去,用过去完成时。
  1.It (all) depends./ that depends 看情况而定
  2. She was more than a scientist. Her rudeness is more than I can stand.
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She is more mad than stupid. 与其说她是愚蠢,不如说她是疯了。
  3.remind sb. of/ about sth. 提醒某 人某事 remind sb. to do sth. 提醒某 人做某事 remind sb. of sth. 使某 人想起某事 remind sb.+从句 是某人想起; 提醒某人
  4.stay/ keep in touch with… 与… 保持联系(状态) get in touch with… 与… 取得联系(动作) lose touch with … 与… 失去联系(动作)
  5. I dared not move./ I didn’t dare (to) move.
  6. be used as/ be used for/ be used to do
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use A as B use sth. to do sth.
  7. In case she comes, please let me know. Please call 120 in case of an accident.
  8. You can do whatever you want to do. No matter where (wherever) you are, I am right here waiting for you.
  9. call for sth. 需要某物;call for sb.接某人 take over 接收;接管 take up 占据,开始从事,拿起
  11. break down (谈判,计划)失败;身 体垮了;汽车抛锚;分解;发生故障
  12. by force 用武力
  13.dream about sth./ dream of (doing) sth
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  14.come up with 提出;赶上;想出
  15.succeed in doing sth./ manage to do sth.
  16. I find it difficult (for us) to understand him. I feel it my duty to sweep the floor.
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  1.advise sb. to do sth. unit 13 advise doing sth. advise that sb. (should) do sth.
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advise that sth. (should) be done a piece of advice
  2. suggest sb. doing sth. suggest that sb. (should) do sth.
  3. keep fit/ keep healthy/ keep awake
  4. even if/ even though
  5. now and then/ every now and then
  6. taste of sth. 有……的味道
  7. had better (not) do sth./ ought (not) to do sth.
  8.be rich in
  9.keep pace with 与…保持步伐一致, 并驾齐驱

  9. no longer/ not…any longer (时 间上)上不再 no more/not…any more(程度,次数) 上不再
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  10. get/fall into the habit of doin



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