简单英语口语集锦 2 -安慰 英语口语, 集锦
  1. Pull yourself together. 振作起来。9 G3 N$ R: y7 P( O 8 j! A5 f% p* n+ h
  2. Keep your chin up. 别灰心。# T- ~; ^ |' [7 ~; X ! O& F" L! W o+ v: D" F8 g
  3. Don't let it get you down. It will be over with soon. 别为此烦恼。事情很快就会过去的。. H! r) k* i6 O Z9 x* t) T 8 f% W; Q7 D& s5 B; M# D0 Q
  4. Don't be so miserable! 别这愁眉苦脸的。

  5. Cheep up! things will work out for the best. 高兴点儿。事情会有好结果的。 B# o8 }9 e5 I# ]% `' M1 N: o9 w

  6. Take heart- we'll find a way out. 振作起来, 我们会有办法的。 X0 a+ x" t9 G0 p1 E- } y $ + E% Z3 |. d% N/ W
  7. Keep trying! Don't give up the ship. 继续努力! 别轻易放弃!6 Q) k! P v% N3 b: |9 R2 x

  8. Loosen up! It's not worth getting upset about. 放松点儿!不值得为这件事苦恼。

  9. Hang in there. Things will get better. 坚持住,情况会好起来。/ ? X# o% @9 n7 v2 H( u

  10. Keep smiling! things will calm down. 乐观一点,事情会平息下来的。

  11. It's not as bad as all that. 事情没有那么糟。 2 o- m9 X) t9 K# g% K
  12. Things are never as bad as they seem. 事情往往不像看上去的那么糟。 0 c* w0 i0 ]& X( O
  13. Win a few, lose a few. That's life. 有得也有失,生活就是如此。3 ^. P! E5 P% p1 \2 k8 {# T

  14. Tet's look on the bright side. 我们来看看它好的一面。

  15. Every cloud has a silver lining. 再黑暗的地方也有一线光明。

  16. When god closes a door, he opens a window. 山不转水转。 * m+ s8 T! \: ?2 [# P
  17. Tomorrow is another day. 有明天就有希望。 ! m' o& j, _$ R w' q# k" ?
  18. Stop carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. 别太操心了,没有你地球照样 转。 (carry the weight of the world on one's shoulders:自以为重任在肩。)/ C( E' T. x( V2 Q4 @ e8 o ?1 o, R & ?* I2 D8 a, F5 z telling someone to accept a bad situation or failure! @. \ x$ R* n C1 F # Y% q4 D2 G) g9 Z7 X9 _$ a0 r 劝说某人接受失败或不好的境遇: x. W$ W! @% @4 j6 R 7 [, b2 S9 O; o( Q# ?* h: v, V
  1. There's nothing you can do about it. 你对此无能为力。 9 n' D7 m. P; b: ?* {
  2. That's the way it goes. 现实就是这样。5 @9 c8 R# B6 H% `. G

  3. You can't fight it. 你再争也没有用。

  4. c'est la vie. 生活就是如此。5 g1 A% k( W' L- ]0 y6 Z0 U

  5. It was destined to happen.这是命中注定。* V5 I( |4 f( }6 }; R

  6. It's meant to be.命该如此。 + j0 P" G8 L% f5 B
  7. What ever will be, will be. 该怎样,就会怎样。8 }* [5 i8 b+ b3 S: r: r, ` 2 Q9 ^( r0 @# }+ n8 p, _% M
  8. It's just one of those things. 这样的事情总是难免的。. k! V. X- _+ e6 u% p. P i5 ?3 W, e* a! k- a {) l: i
  9. At least we are not the only ones facing these problems. 至少不光是我们面临这样的问 题。 ; J3 X: x3 ~2 G" b, @1 D9 C
  10. It's the best we can do under the circumstances. 情况就是这样, 我们已经尽力而为了。

  11. You did the best you could. 你已经尽力而为了。- ?8 N/ H9 v( q" l* p5 B( G/ ?

  12. You get an a for effort. 你尽了最大的努力。( d. V7 t7 n3 g

  13. The important thing is that you tried. 重要的是你已经努力过了。

  14. Winning isn't everything. 赢并不是一切。. G0 Q8 N% A0 j- i9 | " d& A. a6 p b7 M ~8 c
  15. It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game. 关键不在于输赢,而在于 怎么玩。



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