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I. Complete the following sentences with the first letter given according to the sentence.
  1. Every independent country has a flag that gives it a u identity.
  2. Nowadays clothes s by hand are more expensive than those by machine.
  3.The m of the Olympics is "Faster, Higher, Stronger."
  4. She r her sister in looks.
  5. She is always o in her remarks, not in a roundabout way.
  6. I won't t such behavior in this way.
  7. Further measures will be taken to r our streets of crime.
  8. She answered all my questions with her usual h.
  9. He is a man of high i, so he can deal with it easily.
  10. The children all have very different p.
  11. Color is a m for expressing different feelings but the meaning depends on the society.
  12. D ago, there was not a single tall building in our village.
  13. Usually associated with p meanings, green is most strongly connected to life.
  14. On the n side, green can show envy.
  15. In some cases, white is also a r of holiness.
  16. In some other cases, white h all that is bad in human nature.
  17. Red is a color f brave and loyal character.
  18. In some areas, red i sadness, as in South Africa, where it is the color of mourning.
  19. Otherwise, you might make an u statement about yourself that you do not want to make!
  20. We`d better stop working since it is going to rain; in a, it is getting dark.
  21. There is growing (动荡局面) throughout the country: protests, strikes, quarrels and even fights
  22. Kids have a natural sense of (公正). They have the ability to judge what is fair and what is unfair.
  23. I think we should start by (选举) a new chairman.
  24. Although she was not a professional politician, her views were (有影响力的) in shaping government policy.
  25. Many people think that this defence project is simply a waste of (纳税人)money.
  26. Nigeria gained (独立) from Britain in 19
  27. The Congress finally issued a (宣言) of war on Iraq.
  28. The test scores are usually (象征) of how hard a student has been working.
  29. Jack is an artist. He thinks painting helps fill a (精神上) need for beauty.
  30. It was very (体贴) of you to let us know you were going to be late. A
II. Multiple choice:

  1. You can't wear a blue jacket that shirt it'll look terrible. (2004 湖南) A. on B. above C. up D. over
  2. They had a pleasant chat a cup of coffee. (2003 北京) A. for B. with C. during D. over
  3. In term of experience, it's obvious he has more advantages you . A. of B. against C. over D. at
  4. Broadly speaking, I would agree with Shirley, though not . (2003 上海) A. widely B. thoroughly C. entirely D. extensively
  5. Will Miss Wang attend our meeting tomorrow ? (2000 上海春招)
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It will not be so. A. commonly B. necessarily C. usually D. extremely
  6. What you said just now me of that American professor. (2000 上海春招) A. mentioned B. informed C. reminded D. memorized
  7. In general , the northerners are keen on dumplings the southerners are fond of rice. A. while B. since C. so D. as
  8. How about eight o'clock outside the cinema ? (2004NMET) That me fine. A. fits B. meets C. satisfied D. suits
  9. Is that a book on farming ? If so, I want to borrow . Yes, it is. A. this B. it C. one D. the one
  10. Boris has brains. In fact, I doubt whether anyone in the class has IQ. A. a high B. a higher C. the higher D. the highest
  11. What surprised me was not what he said but he said it. (2004 湖北) A. the way B. in the way that C. in the way D. the way which
  12. You will find this map of great in helping you to get round London. A. price B. cost C. value D. useful
  13. The patient had hardly any to sit up herself. A. power B. force C. strength D. energy
  14. The magician picked several persons from the audience and asked them to help him with the performance. A. by accident B. on occasion C. at random D. on average
  15. An economic crisis usually comes in with serious unemployment. A. comfort B. combination C. commit D. combine
  16. Although she has taken the medicine for two months, she can not the cold. A. get rid of B. put away C. do away D. take off
  17. The Olympic games are best by the five rings, which the different regions in the world that participate in the games. A. signal; represent B. signed; stand for C. symbolized; represent D. symbolic; stand for
  18. Hospital staff burst into cheers after doctors completed a 20-hour operation to have one-year-old twins at the head. A. isolated B. separated C. divided D. removed
  19. The problem is that what he said did not with what he said. A. correspond B. relate C. match D. suit
  20. I was too excited to express myself after winning the contest, but I felt that my smile my emotion. A. conveyed B. expressed C. defended D. sent
  21. The news they had won the game soon spread over the whole school. A. what B. that C. when D. which
  22. The school can not tolerate in exams. A. to cheat B. of cheating C. cheating D. on eating
  23. People always think that colours have with different meanings. A. link B. combination C. a link D. a combination
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  24. His expenses do not correspond his income. A. to B. on C. in D. of
  25. When you choose an outfit, you should not be arbitrary what you pick. A. on B. about C. with D. to
  26. Everyone should be of his shortcomings. A. certain B. sure C. content D. conscious
  27. Why do you always get up so early? Well, early to bed and early to rise to be a good habit. A. is thought B. are thought C. thinks D. thought
  28. They are of height, but I think Mary the job. A. equally; is equal B. equal; is equal to C. equal; equals D. equally; is equaled
  29. We should be the comfort of old people. A. thoughtful to B. considerate of C. considerate about D. considering towards
  30. Language, culture, and personality may be considered of each other, but they are inseparable in fact. A. conscious B. different C. independent D. unrelated
  31. Fortunately, she the driving test after a weekly of practice. A. managed passed B. succeeded passing C. was successful in passing D. failed to pass
  32. you see him, you feel shy and embarrassed. A. Every time pleasant place. A. very B. far B. made B. declared C. farther D. more D. sharpened D. explained
  34. They the wall with metal supporters. A. strengthened A. delivered A. connect …to… C. relate … to A. on B. of C. developed C. conveyed B. correspond …. to…. D. add …. .to C. with B. historic B. got on with B. makes up D. about C. remote C. gout round C. saves up D. initial D. got out of D. puts up
  35. Our government's anger was to their ambassador.
  36. The report seeks to the rise in crime the increase in unemployment . B. Next time C. While D. Since
  33. After all, they were Earth first inhabitants and survived when the planet was a less

  37. The boy is independent his parents , and live alone in another town.
  38. In Chinese culture, marriage decisions were often made by parents for their children. A. traditional A. got over A. takes up
  39. It was not a serious illness, and she soon it.
  40. Helen always helps her mother even though going to school most of the day. III.Cloze Elizabeth Clay decided to go home and spend the holiday with her parents . The next day she drove her old car home along the road . 36 she found she got a flat . The 22-year-old student 37 to stop her car by the side of the road in the winter night and opened the trunk. No 38 tire .
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At this time , a car 39 . Paul and Diane told Clay to 40 them to a service station near their
  41. They arrived to see that it had no suitable tires to 42 with her car . "Follow us home," said Paul . The couple called around to find a tire , No 43 . They decided to let her use their own car . "Here ," Paul said , handing Clay a 44 of keys , "Take our car . We 45 be using it over the holiday ." Clay was 46 . "But I'm going all the way to South Carolina , and I'll be gone for two weeks ," she 47 them . "We know," Paul said . "We'll be 48 when you get back . Here's our number if you need to 49 us ." Unable to believe her eyes , Clay watched as the 50 put her luggage into their car and then 51 her off . Two weeks later she 52 to find her old car cleaned inside and out with three new tires and the radio 53 . "Thank you so much ," she said . "How much do I 54 you ?" "Oh, no," Paul said , "we don't want any money . It's our 55 ." Clay realized that while it might have been their pleasure , it was now her duty to pass on their "do unto others" spirit .
  36.A.Suddenly B.Finally C.Immediately D.Fortunately
  37.A.afforded B.wanted C.allowed D.managed
  38.A.spare B.free C.full D.empty
  39.A.passed B.stopped C.paused D.started
  40.A.help B.push C.take D.follow
  41.A.garage B.house C.shop D.hotel
  42.A.agree B.match C.go D.deal
  43.A.way B.message C.success D.luck
  44.A.set B.number C.pair D.chain
  45.A.can't B.shouldn't C.mustn't D.won't
  46.A.satisfied B.worried C.astonished D.disturbed
  47.A.persuaded B.advised C.reminded D.promised
  48.A.happy B.here C.away D.busy
  49.A.get in touch with B.keep in touch with C.be in touch with D.put in touch with
  50.A.repairmen B.cleaners C.friends D.couple
  51.A.sent B.shook C.watched D.drove
  52.A.shocked B.happened C.returned D.came
  53.A.loaded B.fixed C.tied D.rebuilt
  54.A.owe B.lend C.give D.offer
  55.A.wish B.job C.duty D.pleasure IV. Reading comprehension Colour blindness is a condition in which a person cannot see all colors. This defect(缺陷) is more common in men than in women. About 60 million people in China suffer from such a defect. Usually they can see only two basic colors and live in a black and white world. They are often unable to tell other colors, especially red from green. This defect can bring about problems because many colour-blind people do not realize that their eyesight is defective. They have learned to use the colour names that everyone else uses, and they fail to know that they do not see the colors that others see. There is a risk that their condition may place them in danger. If they mix up red with green, for example, they may be able to tell traffic signals only by their brightness. Scientists believe that color
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blindness is a defect received from the parents and grandparents, and no medical treatment can make these people see as well as other. However, the well-known eye doctor Zhao Wenging, who has invented looking glasses to help those suffering from color blindness, said that when some of these people tried his invention, their joy was hard to imagine. Somebody said it was like the window that had suddenly been thrown open to his soul. From then on he saw such a beautiful world.
  1. Most colour-blind people can't tell . A. black from white B. red from green C. the two basic colors D. any colors
  2. How many people in China are colour-blind? A. About one out of twenty. B. About six out of one hundred. C. About one out of six. D. About four out of one thousand.
  3. Color blindness may cause problems because those who suffer it . A. do not use color names correctly B. do not know they can't see all colors C. do not see traffic signals D. do not realize their eye conditions are in danger
  4. Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the passage? A. Color-blind people can't see so well as normal persons. B. Color-blind people may meet with dangers because of this defect. C. Color-blind people can't do special jobs. D. Color-blind people parents may also have such defect. B Clothing is a language. It tells us something about a person: his personality, his age, his place in society and so on. If we want to know more about a society, we can look at its traditional clothing. The continent of Africa has a long history and a rich culture, and this is shown in traditional dress. You often find three colors?red, gold and green ?in the clothing. The first color stands for the blood of millions of people who suffered as slaves; the second is for the rich resources of the African land; the third represents the grasslands of the continent. The patterns on the clothing also have a meaning. A common pattern is in the form of a cross "X", which stands for "unity". Another pattern is a rectangular (长方形的) box, which represents "strength". Because clothing has a strong social meaning, people are very careful in choosing what to wear. It would be a serious mistake to wear wrong clothing, or to wear clothes in the wrong way. For example, in Ghana, a woman should wear her waistband (腰带) differently according to the importance of a social event. Traditional dress also tells us about everyday life. African designs are famous for loose clothing. The climate, with the hot sun and changeable temperatures, requires (要



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