Unit 3 Favourite toys

  1. Listen and point. Stella: My favourit toy’s my computer. What’s your favourite toy, Alex? Alex: My bike. What’s your favourite toy, Simon? Simon: My favourite toy’s Maskman and … the car. Meera: Is Maskman a doll? Simon: No. Marie’s a doll. Meera: Oh. My favourite toy’s my ball. Lenny: My favourite toy’s my train. What’s your favourite toy, Suzy? Suzy: Mo … Aaahhh! Where’s Monty?
  2. Listen, point and repeat. Computer, ball, doll, car, train, bike
  3. Listen and say the number. What’s your favourite toy? My favourite toy’s my red car. Look at my green ball. It’s my favourite toy. What’s this? It’s my blue computer. What colour’s your train? It’s yellow. What’s your favourite toy? It’s my orange bike. What’s this? It’s my pink doll.

  4. Say the chant. Black, brown, white, grey, Look, listen, point and say. Black, brown, white, grey, Look, listen, point and say.(×
  5. Listen and do the actions. Mr Star: Simon … Simon, is your ball in your bag? Simon: Er, no, it isn’t, Dad. Mr Star: Simon, is your ball on the toy box? Simon: Er, no, it isn’t, Dad. Mr Star: Simon, is your ball under the table? Simon: Er, no, it isn’t, Dad. Mr Star: Simon, where’s your ball? Simon: Er, it’s next to your chair, Dad.
  6. Listen, point and repeat. Mr Star: Is your ball on the toy box? Mr Star: Is your ball under the train? Mr Star: Is your ball next to the door? Mr Star: Is your ball in the toy box? Mr Star: where’s your ball? Simon: Er, it’s next to your chair.
  7. Sing the song. Monty! Monty isn’t here. Monty isn’t there. He isn’t on the table. He isn’t under the chair. Oh, where? Where? Where is Monty? Is he in the toy box? Is he next to the computer? Look! Look! Look!
Oh, Where? Where? Where? Where? Where? Where? Where? Where? Where? Where’s Monty?
  9. Say it with Monty. Tommy tortoise, a train, a two, toys, a table
  11. Listen to the story. Toys in the toy box. Come alive. Walk and talk. On the count of five. One, two, three, four, five. Maskman: Hello, Marie. What’s that? Marie: It’s my computer. It’s my favourite toy. Maskman: Oh… Marie: What’s your favourite toy, Maskman? Maskman: My car. It’s blue and black. It’s ‘the Maskman Car’. Marie: Oh, that’s nice. Where is it? Maskman: It’s there, next to the toy box. Monty: No, it isn’t next to the toy box, Maskman. Maskman: Oh, no! Where’s my car? Monty: Is it in the toy box? Maskman: No, it isn’t. Marie: Is it under the table? Maskman: No, it isn’t under the table. Oohh. Where’s my car? Marie: I don’t know, Maskman. Is it on the chair? Maskman: Noooo, it isn’t. Monty: Look, Maskman. It’s OK. It’s here, in the bag. Maskman: Oh, thank you, Monty. MaskMaskman: My Maskman car.
Unit 4 My family

  1. Listen and point. Suzy: This is my family. That’s my father, Mr Star. He’s a pop star. Now, this is a nice picture of my mother. She’s on a white chair. Who’s that woman in the car? That’s my grandmother. My grandfather is next to my gandmother. He’s funny. There’s my brother, Simon. He’s on a black bike. And that’s my sister, Stella. She’s seven. Oh! And who’s that girl next to the table, Monty? That’s me. And, oh, where are you? There you are, on the table.
  2. Listen, point and repeat. Grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, brother, sister
  3. Listen and say the number. Man: Who’s that woman, Stella? Stella: That’s my mother, Mrs Star. Stella: My sister Suzy’s three. Man: Is that your father next to Simon? Stella: No. He’s my grandfather. Man: Where’s your grandmother? Stella: She’s here, next to my sister, Suzy. Stella: This my brother, Simon. He’s six. Man: Who’s that man? Stella: My father. Man: How old is he? Stella: Ooohh! I don’t know.
  4. Look, listen and say the words. Look at number four. Stella: She’s … my mother. Look at number six. Stella: He’s … my grandfather. Look at number one. Stella: She’s … my sister. Look at number three. Stella: He’s … my fahter. Look at number two. Stella: She’s … my grandmother. Look at number five. Stella: He’s … my brother.

  5. Listen and point. Look at my family. That’s my mother. She’s beautiful. My sister’s young--she’s three. Oh, dear! Look at that bag. My father’s sad. Today my brother’s ugly. My grandfather’s old. He’s next to my sister. My grandmother’s happy.
  6. Listen and do the actions. Old, young, ugly, beatiful,happy,sad,young,ugly,sad,old,beatuful,happy
  7. Sing the song. All the children: Young or old, happy or sad. Brother and sisters, mum and dad.// Suzy: We are family. My brother, my sister. My brother, my sister, and me.// Stella: He’s my father, she’s my mother.// She’s my sister, and he’s my brother.// Suzy: We are family. My brother, my sister. My brother, my sister, and me.// Simon: She’s my mum, he’s my dad.// Beautiful, not ugly, happy, not sad.// Suzy: We are family. My brother, my sister. My brother, my sister, and me.// We are family. My brother, my sister. My brother, my sister, and me.//
  8. Say it with Monty. Monty: Bertie bat Monty, boy and girl: Bertie bat Monty: Ball, bag, bike, book Monty, boy and girl: Ball, bag, bike, book
  9. Listen and correct. Look at number
  1. She’s beautiful. Look at number
  2. She’s old. Look at number
  3. He’s sad. Look at number
  4. He’s young.
Look at number
  5. Look at number
  10. Listen to the story.
She’s ugly. He’s happy.
Toys in the toy box. Come alive. Walk and talk. On the count of five. One, two, three, four, five. Maskman: Look at this! Marie: What is it? Maskman: It’s a picture of my family. Monty: Who’s this? Maskman: She’s my sister, Maskgirl. Monty: And is this your young brother? Maskman: Yes, that’s Maskboy. Monty: Wow! Marie: And look, here’s my family. Monty: Wow! She’s beautiful. Is she young mother? Marie: Yes, she is. She’s my mum, Babs. Monty: And is this your father? Marie: Yes, that’s Ben, my dad. Monty: Are you my brother, Maskman? Maskman: No, I’m not. Monty: Are you my sister, Marie? Marie: No, I’m not. Monty: Where’s my family? Marie: Look, Monty. Here’s your family. It’s the mouse family. Monty: Oohh! Look, my mum and dad. Marvin Mouse and Maxi Mouse. Maskman: Are you happy now, Monty? Monty: Yes, I am.



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