《剑桥国际少儿英语》第一级教材教学计划 剑桥国际少儿英语》
单元 教学目标 重点词汇 重点句型 发音

  1.学会简短的自我介绍, 并记住Star家庭成员名字。
  10,掌 1 Hello! 握颜色单词。
  3.能就名字和年龄进行提 问和回答。
Mr. Star, Mrs. Star Hello, I’m… Stella,Simon, Suzy, What’s your name? My one-ten name's … colour,red, yellow, How old are you? I’m … pink, green, orange, What colour is it? It’s… purple, blue,rainbow
2 My School

  1.学习教室物品的名称, 并能数出这些物品。
  2.可以就人物进行提问和 回答。
  3.可以就物品的颜色进行 提问和回答。
Is this/that …? Yes, it is. table, book, chair, No, it isn't. eraser, pen, pencil, Who's that? Who's he/she? school, bag, friend, How old is he/she? girl, boy, monkey, How are you? mouse,puppet I'm fine, thank you.
What's your favourite toy? car, ball, doll, My favourite toy is …
  1.学习玩具名称,讨论其 computer, bike, 3 Where's your …?It's … 颜色等。 train, black, brown, Favourit
  2.学会用介词谈论位置。 Is Monty under the chair? white, grey, tortoise, e toys
  3.补充学习几个颜色单词 No, he isn't. two, toy, in, on, 。 Is your book in your bag? under, next to No, it isn't. Yes, it is.
4 My family
family, mother, father, brother, sister, grandmother, who's that man in the car?
  1.学习家庭成员的称呼, grandfather, box, Who's this/ that? He's/She' 并讨论家庭成员。
  2.学会 old, young, ugly, s… She's beautiful. 用形容词描述家庭成员。 beautiful, happy, sad, Bertie bat
Our world Review Units1-4
家庭成员、形容词、介词、玩具、教室物品、颜色、数字、人物和玩具名称、 /s//m//t//b/。 与这些归类单词相关的提问和回答。重点句型25
pet, cat, dog, fish, What's your favourite pet?
  1.学习各种宠物的名称, horse, mouse, bird, It's a black and white dog. 5 long, short, big, 讨论并描述和宠物有关的 Look at my cat. Our pets 话题。
  2.进一步学习名词 small, clean, dirty, Where's your pet? Penny penguin, pink, 和形容词。 They are(ugly/big...). purple
  1.学习身体各部位名称。 face, ear, eye, mouth, Have you got a small
  2.学会用have got讨论身体 nose, tooth/teeth, 6 hair, head, shoulders, mouth? Yes, I have. No, I 特征。 My face
  3.结合颜色单词和形容词 knees, toes, body, haven't. I've got purple hair. Henry horse 来描述身体各部位名称。
They've got… crocodile, elephant, They haven't got… 7
  1.学习野生动物的名称。 hippo, giraffe, snake, Have they got…? Yes, they Wild
  2.学习描述动物和动物的 tiger, animal, arm, have. No, they haven't. animals leg, foot/teet, hand, 身体部位。 How many …have they Cassandra cat got?
8 My clothes

  2.运用学过的单词和句型 谈论服装。
  3.学会描述一个人的衣着 。
jacket, shoes, skirt, socks, (pair of) trousers, T-shirt, Daisy dog
He's/She's got… He/She hasn't got… Where…? How many…?
Our world Review Units5-8 测试
衣服,野生动物,脸和身体,宠物,家庭,形容词,介词,颜色,数字,人物和玩具名称 个);have got各个不同人称的使用;what, where, who, how many;关键句型
9 Fun time!
play football, play basketball, play tennis, play the I,you,She,He can/can't…
  1.学习并讨论体育运动和 guitar, swim, ride a What can you do? 活动的名称。
  2.学习用can和can't讨论 bike, play the piano, Can you …?Yes, I can. No, ride a horse, sing, I can't. 动作。
  3.学习can的具体使用。 fish, drive a car, Who can…? Freddy frog, can, can't, bus, lorry,
  1.学习游乐场项目名称。 motorbike,
  2.结合学过的词汇句型谈 helicopter, plane, 论游乐场的项目。
  3.学习现在进行时的用 boat, funfair, flying, riding, driving, 法,学会谈论正在进行的 动作。 walking,sitting,
10 At the funfair
What are you doing? I'm flying.
11 Our house
bathroom, bedroom, What's he/she doing? dining room, hall, He's/She's listening to
  1.学习房间的名称,并讨 kitchen, living room, music.What are they house, eat fish, 论房间的物品。 doing? They are sitting on
  2.巩固练习现在进行时的 watch TV, have a the sofa. Is he/she reading? 用法。 bath, Gertie goat Yes, he/she is. No, he/she 学过的动词的现在 isn't. 分词
12 Party time!

  1.学习各种食物的名称, food, apple, banana, burger, ice cream, 并谈论食物。
  2.学习对喜欢喝不喜欢的 some cake, make a 事物进行提问和回答。 cake, chocolate, fish, party time, Larry
  3.巩固练习现在进行时的 用法。 llama, lorry
I like cake, I don't like chocolate. Do you like snakes? Yes, I do. No, I don't.
Our world 食物,房子,游乐场,活动,衣服,野生动物,脸和身体,宠物,家庭,形容词 Review 课堂用语,疑问词等(共60个);have got各个不同人称的使用;can, can't的用法 like的用法;关键句型25个。 需要5课时。 Units912 测试 第三次阶段测评,测评及讲解共需3课时。
复习 进度 安排 补充语言点
Open/Close your books. Stand up. Sit down. Point to 4课时 red. Pick up your pencil. Listen to CD.
Draw the monster. 数字1-
  10, Here's another 颜色, 人 4课时 book. 物名称
教室物品,颜 色,数字,课 堂用语What's this? It's a … Is 5课时 he/she…?Yes, he/she is. No, he/she isn't.
I don't know. Here you are. The doll on the chair is brown.
颜色,数字, man, woman, pop 教室物品,介 4课时 star, 词描述位置
、课堂用语、疑问词等(共70个)。发音 25个。 需要3课时。
。 家庭,形容 lovely, pet 词,介词,玩 show,bingo, follow, 具,教室物 5课时 finger, 品,颜色,数 字等
宠物,家庭, 形容词,介 词,颜色数 5课时 字,课堂用语 等
funny, different, programme, The Troll Show, Can you repeat that, please?
脸和身体,宠 It's my turn. What's 物,家庭,形 6课时 brown and yellow 容词,介词, with a small head? 颜色数字等
野生动物,脸 和身体,教室 物品,宠物, 形容词,介 词,颜色数字 5课时 等Where…? How many…? I have got… I haven't got… I don't know.
Who's got…?
人物和玩具名称,课堂用语,疑问词等(共50 关键句型20个。 需要3课时。

衣服,野生动 play table 物,脸和身 tennis,put, Now let's 体,宠物,家 Let's all 庭,课堂用 5课时 … 语,介词等 do… match, What's number Ready, go! 1? and, but
活动,衣服, 野生动物,脸 和身体,介 5课时 词,课堂用 语,疑问词提 问等
cross the street, What's missing?
游乐场,活 动,衣服,动 I'm not eating. 物,家庭,颜 6课时 Everybody, home, 色,介词等, can的用法,现 在进行时
房子,游乐 场,活动,衣 yummy, barbecue, 服,动物,家 庭,颜色,介 5课时 jump, freeze, plate, 词等,can的用 What does …like? 法,现在进行 时
形容词,介词,颜色,数字,人物和玩具名称, 的用法;表示现在行为的现在进行时;like, don't 。




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