Glossary adj=adjective; adv=adverb; n=noun; v=verb; inf=informal; pl=plural; abbr=abbreviation A
A share (n.) an ordinary share that does not give the owner the right to vote on company i [例] Our company will issue A shares on market. abroad [ ??????? ]?(adv.) to/in another country国外的 [例] The sales director is abroad on business trip. [同义词] overseas, in foreign parts, out of the country
absence [ ??????? ] (n.) time/period away from work缺席 [例] The absence of the chief director of the meeting is somewhat a pity. [同义词] nonattendance, nonappearance absent [?????????] (adj.) not present, not at work缺席的 [例] Please let your section head know if you are likely to be absent for a longer period [同义词] away, off, missing absenteeism [???????????????] (n.) regular absence from work旷工 [例] If motivation decreases, absenteeism is likely to increase. absorb [ ??????? ] (v.) integrate a smaller item into a larger whole兼并、担负(费用 [例] Head Office has absorbed the losses of our French subsidiary.
absorption costing a way of pricing goods by allowing for all costs relating to production [例] Our company mainly use absorption costing to set the sale price of products abstract [?????????? ] (n.) short version of a longer document摘要 [例] Please brief your staff the abstract of the prevailing government regulations [同义词] summary, synopsis, digest
accepting house = (US) accepting bank an organization, often a merchant bank, that promise access [ ???????]
  1. (n.) entry to something通道 [例] We have access to classified information. [同义词] entrance, passage
  2. (v.) gain entry into computer data files获取计算机数据(文件) [例] They shouldn’t have been able to access this file. [同义词] output
account [ ??????? ] (n.) record of financial transactions帐户 [例] In our bank, if no transaction takes place in 2 years, your personal account will be account executive (n.) an advertising executive who looks after a particular client [例] Jack is the account executive of this advertising company. accounts payable a list of amounts owned to a business to suppliers of goods and services
add an entry to accounts payable
accountancy [ ??????????? ] (n.) work of an accountant会计工作 [例] At the end of a year, the accountancy of a big company is always very burdensome
accountant [ ???????????] (n.) person qualified to keep a company’s accounts会计师 [例] To be a good and competent accountant, accounting principles should be strictly foll accounts [ ???????? ] (n. pl) financial records of a business帐目 [例] The bank would like to see the accounts. accruals [?????????] (n. pl) money owed which is due at a later date 增长额,利息 [例] The accruals you owe him will be due next week. achieve [ ??????? ] (v.) succeed in doing something完成 [例] The two parties achieved final agreements in mutual benefits. [同义词] accomplish, complete, finish
achievement [???????????? ] (n.) the successful completion of something ,something succes [同义词] accomplishment, completion, perfection acknowledge [ ????????? ] (v.) confirm that something has arrived确认收悉 [例] We acknowledge receipt of the shipment. [同义词] admit, accept acknowledgement [ ????????????? ] (n.) confirmation that something has arrived收条 [例] After you have received the mail, please return your acknowledgement by fax [同义词] acceptance acquire [???????? ] (v.) buy, obtain购得、占有 [例] We acquired a company, shares, etc. [同义词] obtain, get, procure acquisition [ ??????????? ] the act of acquiring 收购 [例] The good news from TCL: the acquisition of Schneider! [同义词] merger, takeover acting [ ???????] (adj.) working in the position of someone for a short time代理的 [例] an acting manager active money (n.) money that is being used by the public as opposed to money left in bank [例] The inflation increases active money . activity [?????????? ] (n.) type of business业务 [例] Our main activity is export /import trade. [同义词] business
act of God (n.) an unexpected or unavoidable event such as a storm , a flood , and earthqu
[例] We will include the term of act of God in this insurance policy to against some unce [同义词] force majeure actual [ ???????? ] (adj.) real实际的 [例] Our actual results were better than forecast.
actual loss (n.) the real cost of something as opposed to a sum of money stated on paper [例] In the recession, for the latest fiscal year, our actual loss is much greater than t [相关词汇] paper loss
actuals (n.) goods that can be purchased and used , as opposed to goods traded on a future [例] The merchant is especially interested in the trading of futures , not actuals [同义词] physicals adapt (to ) [ ???????] (v.) to make suitable to or fit for a specific use or situation [例] the ability to adapt quickly to a new situation [同义词] adjust addendum [??????????] (n.) an extra section that is attached to ,or follows , a letter [例] write an addendum to a report [同义词] appendix address [ ?????? ] (v.) with 处理 [例] address public concerns
  2.give speech to 演说 [例] address audience on a business project
adjourn [ ??????? ] (v) to stop (a court case, a meeting , etc.)for a time before beginnin [例] The board meeting has been adjourned to an uncertain date. [同义词] postpone adjust [ ??????? ] (v) to settle an insurance claim 理算保险索赔 [例] After the car accident, he made an insurance claim that will be adjusted soon
1037 stration [ ??????????????? ] (n.) organization and control of a company经营 [例] The administration power of a company also shows the internal control of the company [同义词] management admin (n.) abbreviation for administration 经营、管理 administer [??????????? ] (v.) organize, control: 管理 [同义词] manage adopt [ ?????? ] (v.) choose, decide on采用 [例] We adopted a new strategy.
advance [ ???????? ] (n.) money paid before it is due, or for work only partially complete [例] Yesterday I received an advance on my monthly wage. (v)
  1. to increase 提高
[例] On bull market , shares are advancing rapidly. [同义词] increase pay something before it is due 预付 [例] The publishing house advanced me on royalties.
advance bill (n.) a bill of exchange that has been written before the goods have been sent [例] Dear customer, we will send you the advance bill for that batch by air express mail adverse balance (n.) an amount of debt shown on an account赤字 [例] With the rapid growth of our turnover, our adverse balance will be eliminated very [同义词] deficit advertise [?????????] (v.) announce something is for sale做广告 [例] The soap is advertised on TV for its special flavor. [同义词] announce ad (n, inf) short for advertisement ad valorem (adj.) of tax that is calculated as a percentage of the value of the goods [例] VAT is a kind of valorem tax.
advertisement [ ??????????????] (n.) notice/announcement that something is for sale [例] If you want your house sold, you should have put your advertisement in a more popula advertiser [ ?????????? ] (n.) person/company which advertises广告商 [例] Advertisers use various ways and media to promote their products. advertising [?????????????] (n.) the business of designing ads广告业 [例] She’s in advertising. advice [???????? ] (n.) recommendation (s) about what you should do建议、通知(书 [例] His advice was to close the factory. [同义词] counsel, recommendation, opinion
advice note (n.) a note to the receiver of goods from the sender that gives details of the [例] Before you deliver the goods, please fax us an advice note for our confirmation advise [???????? ] (v.) recommend what should be done建议、通知 [同义词] counsel, recommend, suggest
after-sales service (n.) service offered by a supplier to a customer to maintain or repair [例] Nowadays many enterprises began to compete in the field of after-sales service
affiliate [ ??????????] (n.)a person or an organization that is attached to a larger organ [例] That company is an affiliate of a prestigious holding group. [同义词] member (v.) to attach ( a person or an organization) to a larger organization 附属于
The business is affiliated to TCL Group.
afmd (abbr.) aforementioned 上述的 [例] You can refer to afmd post address for the dispatch.
aftermarket [`????????????] (n.) a situation where a newly issued security is traded befor [例] Buy shares on a healthy aftermarket.
after sight (adv) written on a bill of exchange to show that the bill should be paid withi [例] The bill should be paid at 60 days after sight. against all risks (adv.) (of a marine insurance policy) providing insurance for all types [例] We insuranced the cargo against all risks. agenda [??????????] (n.) order of topics to be discussed at a meeting会议议程 [例] The first topic on the agenda is salaries.
agent [ ???????? ] (n.) person who represents a company代理(商) [例] Our company’s agent in Middle East has developed a widespread and mature business t [同义词] representative, deputy
agiotage [ ?????????? ] (n.) the business of buying and then later selling foreign currenc [例] That guy makes a big fortune by agiotage. [同义词] arbitrage airline [ ??????? ] (n.) a business providing a system of scheduled air transport [例] United Airlines air time (n.) time given to advertise on TV or radio电视(收音)广告节目时间 [例] The air time of this new product will be prolonged for 10 seconds. allocate [?????????? ] (v.) give money or other resources in certain proportions分配 [例] In the budget we allocated most of the money to marketing. [同义词] assign, designate, allot
allotment [ ????????? ] (n.) the distribution of new company shares to the people who have [例] Allotment has been made by random draw because of oversubscription. allowance [??????????] (n.) something, such as money, given at regular intervals or for a [例] An expenses allowance is paid monthly to each trainee. amalgamation [??????????????? ] (n.) a type of reorganization where two or more companies [例] The amalgamation of the three companies strengthened the corporation. [同义词] combination, merger ambition [??????????] (n.) strong desire to succeed in life or in a job雄心 [例] My sister has an ambition and desires to get MBA.
aspiration, desire, yearning
amenity [ ????????? ] (n.) a feature that increases attractiveness or value, especially of [例] a sunny apartment with amenities including air conditioning [同义词] facility, convenience
amortize [?????????????????????????] (v.) to pay off a debt by saving money on a regular b [例] The repayment of the bond is amortized in 5 years. analyse [ ???????? ] (v.) study in detail分析 [例] We analysed the accounts. analysis [ ??????????] (n.) detailed study, investigation分析 [例] The analysis report shows clear logics and integrity. analyst [????????? ] (n.) person who analyses分析家 [例] His intelligence and diligence made him an excellent and acute marketing analyst annual [???????? ] (adj.) yearly年度的 [例] the annual accounts [同义词] yearly
annual general meeting (n.) (AGM) a meeting of all the shareholders in a company年度股东大 annul [ ????? ] (v.) to cancel something or stop it from being legally effective [例] The contract was annulled. [同义词] nullify
annulment [?????????] (n.) the act of canceling something or stopping it from being legall [例] The disagreement of two parts resulted in the annulment of the contract sig antedate [ ?????????? ] (v.) to put an earlier date (on a document, letter, cheque [例] To make this cheque legal, you should antedate it by 7days. [同义词] backdate
anti-dumping (adj.) of ways in which a country protects its economy by preventing other co [例] anti-dumping laws
apology [ ????????? ] (n.) an acknowledgment expressing regret or asking pardon for a faul [例] a letter of apology appeal [ ???????]
  1. (n.) being attractive吸引力 [例] This product has appeal for young people. [同义词] attraction, charm
  2. (v.) be attractive to吸引人的 [同义词] attract, allure
appendix [ ????????? ] (n.) a collection of supplementary material, usually at the end of [例] to use an appendix for any information [同义词] addendum apply [????????] (v.) ask for something (in writing)(书面的)申请 [同义词] We applied for a loan. applicant [?????????? ] (n.) person who applies申请人 [例] The applicant shows outstanding advantages among the candidates pool. application [ ???????????? ] (n.) act of applying申请 application form (n.) pre-printed form to make a request for a job申请表 [例] Please fill in this application form at first. appoint [???????? ] (v.)choose someone for a job任命 [例] We have decided to appoint a new sales manager. [同义词] assign, designate appointee [??????????] (n.) person chosen for a position or job被任命者 [例] He is lucky to be the appointee of this project. appointment [ ??????????? ] (n.)
  1. choice of someone for a new job任命 [例] The appointment of area financial controller implies he has been promoted.
  2. arrangement for a meeting约定(会议) [例] We fixed an appointment at four o’clock. appraisal [???????????] (n.) calculation of the value of somebo



   BEC 中级听力 第一课时 开场白 考试简介: 三部分,30 题,30 分钟听题,10 分钟誊写. Part One: 填空题:Words, Numbers Part Two: 搭配题:大意+推测 Part Three: 选择题:大意+细节+推测 B: Tom, the report is too good to you. T: Well, I think I had a good day. B: Tom, I wasn't born yesterday. A. 赞扬 B. 怀疑 C. 没有 ...


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   aggressive a. 敢作敢为/侵略性的 aggression - n. 进攻,侵略 appointment n. 约会,指定 badge n. 徽章,证章 head of department n. 部门经理 managing director n. 常务懂事 personnel n. 人员,职员 public relations n. 公共关系 sales office n. 营业部,销售部 small talk n. 闲聊 superior n. 长者,上级 surname n. ...


   剑桥商务英语 BEC 考试常见问题汇总 机考 BEC 剑桥商务英语正式登陆中国 2009 年 6 月 3 日,剑桥大学外语考试部在北京召开发布仪式,宣布计算机化 BEC 剑桥商务英语考试 正式在中国推出。来自教育考试中心、经济科学出版社、北京外国语大学网络教育学院等上百名教育界相 关人士出席了发布仪式。 BEC 剑桥商务英语于 1993 年由中国教育部考试中心和剑桥大学外语考试部合作引入中国,经过 16 年 的发展,剑桥商务英语(BEC)以其权威性和规范性得到了众多企业、教育机构及社会各界的 ...


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   UNIT 1 FACE TO FACE aggressive adjective 敢作敢为/侵略性的 aggression - noun 进攻,侵略 appointment noun 约会,指定 badge noun 徽章,证章 colleague noun 同事,同僚 head of department noun 部门经理 department- noun 部门,科,处 managing director noun 常务懂事 personnel noun 人员,职员 public rel ...

剑桥商务英语BEC词汇2000 英语吧 administration 实施, 经营, abroad adv. 在国外, 出 行政 administer v.管理,实施 缺席,离开 Adopt v. 采纳,批准,挑 Appraisal n.估量,估价 Appreciate v. 赏识,体谅, 增值 *Appropriate 项) approve 准 n.做广告,登广告 aptitude n.天资,才能 *arbitrage n.套 arbitration n.广告业 *arrears asse ...


   2010 年商务英语 BEC 初级口语词汇详解 一、 1.binary adj.二进位的;二元的 二进位的; 二进位的 【例句】The binary systerm of numbers is used in digital computers. 数字计算机都使用二进制数字系统。 2.bind vi.结合;装订;约束 结合; 结合 装订; 【相关词组】bind in 并合 bind out 订立契约当学徒 【例句】I am bound by this agreement. 我受这项协议的约束 ...



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   第一章 名词一、名词的定义、分类 表示人、事物、时间、地点或抽象概念名称的词叫名词(Noun)。 名词的分类 名词分为普通名词(Common noun)和专有名词(Proper noun)两类。 1.普通名词 普通名词表示某一类人、某一类事物、某种物质或抽象概念。例如: milk 牛奶building 楼房 engineer工程师room 房间 普通名词又可分为个体名词(Individual noun)、集体名词(Coll ...


   " 玛雅之谜,是我们这个星球 上所发生过的最不可思议的重大 事件之一。 1200多年前,相当于我国唐朝以 前,在中美洲现今危地马 拉地区, 出现过一个先进的古代社会一一 玛雅。他们的文化曾与 四大文明 古国相辉映;他们的数 学体系被 称为“人类最伟大的智 慧成就”; 他们的太阳历比欧洲 人的凯撒历 要正确得多;他们建 造过100多 座城市和不少巍峨的 金字塔、寺 院. 令人难以置信的是,这样一 个盛极一时的古代文明社会玛 稚, 在公元8世纪中叶,却突然 土崩 瓦解,神秘地消失于世. 底座呈 ...


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