江西经济管理干部学院剑桥商务英语初级考试题库 Unit 14b
Unit 14b Part I Complete the sentences with the correct gerunds. advising owing borrowing repaying insuring withdrawing lending debiting

  1. We’ve started all our UK customers to prepare for the euro.
  2. The bank continued them money despite their heavy debts.
  3. We’re trying to avoid too much money from our company account.
  4. They suggested money from private investors to finance our plan.
  5. We should think about all our data against fire or theft.
  6. The company denied its creditors £400,0
  7. We should finish the loan by the end of the year.
  8. We’ve changed insurers, but they still keep our account each month. Answers:
  1. advising
  2. lending
  3. withdrawing
  4. borrowing
  5. insuring
  6. owing
  7. repaying
  8. debiting Part II Complete the interview with the gerunds or infinitive form of the verbs in brackets. Reporter: So, how do you like (1 work) in a call centre? Jan: It’s OK, actually. It’s not exactly what I planned (2 do) in life. But right now it’s very convenient. Reporter: How do you mean? Jan: Well, I worked for an insurance company for a long time, but I finished ( 3 work) there about a year ago to have a baby. I didn’t really enjoy (4 be) there any more, so I was more than happy (5 be) a full-time mother and I certainly didn’t want (6 go) back to work there again. But I couldn’t afford (7 not /work) at all, so after about ten months I decided (8 look) for a part-time job with flexible hours. Reporter: So you came here… Jan: Yes. The hours give me a way of (9 earn) some money without (10 have) to pay for childcare during the day. I’ll probably continue (11 work) for a few years. My husband looks after our daughter while I’m at work in the evening or at the weekend. Reporter: Does he mind (12 do) that? Jan: No, not at all. He loves (13 be) on his own with her and I think it’s important for them (14 spend) time together. Of course, we do miss (15 spend) time with all three of us together as a family but we don’t really have much choice. Answers:
  1. working
  6. to go

  2. to do
  7. not to work

  3. working
  8.to look

  4. being
  9. earning

  5. to be
  10. having
江西经济管理干部学院剑桥商务英语初级考试题库 Unit 14b

  11. to look
  12. doing
  13. being
  14. to spend Part III Use the following words to complete the website extract below. flexible overdraft transfer funds credited balance access interest

  15. spending
deposit fee branch
  1. flexible
  6. fee

  2. branch
  7. access

  3. interest
  8. deposit

  4. transfer
  9. overdraft

  5. credited
  10. funds

  11. balance
Part IV Choose the correct word to complete each sentence.
  1. The average credit card debit / debt in the UK is £2,5
  2. We had to borrow / lend money from the bank to finance the expansion.
  3. The ‘creditors’ section of a balance sheet shows what a company owes / debts.
  4. The company gets a monthly settlement / statement from the bank.
  5. The bank gets 1% currency exchange surcharge / commission on foreign transfers.
  6. Most customers nowadays deposit / withdraw money from cash machines.
  7. We took out a loan / credit with a 4% interest rate.
  8. Our biggest single cost is the hire / rent we pay on our premises. Answers:
  1. debt
  2. borrow
  3. owes
  4. statement
  5. commission
  6. withdraw
  7. loan
  8. rent
江西经济管理干部学院剑桥商务英语初级考试题库 Unit 14b
Part VI Complete the e-mail with the correct form of the gerund or infinitive.
  1. working
  6. putting

  2. to raise
  7. to begin

  3. to stay
  8. placing

  4. to find
  9. Finding

  5. advertising
  10. to work
Part Ⅰ Match the verbs and nouns. 1 check bills 2 transfer a balance 3 pay a form 4 order a PIN number 5 sign a statement 6 follow money 7 key in instructions Keys: 1 check 2 transfer 3 pay 4 order 5 sign 6 follow 7 key in
bills a balance a form a PIN number a statement money instructions
Part Ⅱ Match the words below to make phrases from the unit. 1 compete in a service
江西经济管理干部学院剑桥商务英语初级考试题库 Unit 14b
2 deal 3 invest 4 pay 5 fill 6 note Keys: 1 compete 2 deal 3 invest 4 pay 5 fill 6 note
with down in for with
a form another company some details problems new technology
in with down in for with
a service a form another company some details problems new technology
PART ONE (Questions 1-
  5) ? Look at Questions 1?5 ? In each case, which sentence is right? ? Mark one letter ( A, B or C ) on your answer sheet.
Canteen Opening Times Breakfast Coffee, tea, snacks Lunch Tea 07 : 00?09 : 00 10 : 00?11 : 00 12 : 00?14 : 30 15 : 45?16 : 30
You can enjoy a cup of coffee A. in the morning. B. in the afternoon. C. in the evening. 2 Add further sugar and milk to taste. A. Put some sugar and milk in to make it taste better. B. Add further sugar and milk according to your own taste.
江西经济管理干部学院剑桥商务英语初级考试题库 Unit 14b
C. To make the taste better you have to put more sugar and milk in.
Readers are requested to note that from September 1, the library will be ,open between the following hours: 08 : 00?11 :30 14 : 30?17 : 30 The library is closed A. at ten in the morning. B. at four in the afternoon. C. at half past one in the afternoon
The sales are A. growing sharply in the first year. B. falling steadily in the second year. C. low in the third year.
江西经济管理干部学院剑桥商务英语初级考试题库 Unit 14b
A. The telex is given to Excel Representative B. Lyon gets the telex. C. Go to Hong Kong as soon as possible.
I. A

  2. B

  3. C

  4. A

  5. A
PART TWO (Questions 6~
  10) ? Look at the Organization Plan below. ? For Questions 6~10 which department does the job? ? For each question mark one letter A?H on the answer sheet.
Which department or division
  6. buys supplies?
  7. organizes training courses?
  8. maiKi-features products?
  9. checks the quality?
  10. pays the staff?
  6. G
  7. E
  8. B
  9. D
  10. H
江西经济管理干部学院剑桥商务英语初级考试题库 Unit 14b
  46) ? You are Mr John Miller, and you plan to attend a trade fair in Hanover in Germany next week. ? Write a letter-to your secretary, Ms White, telling her: ? to book a return ticket for the flight ? to make a reservation at a local hotel ? to get the documents ready ? Write about 30?40 words. ? Write on your answer sheet.
Dear Ms White:
  46. Dear Ms White: I'm flying to Hanover in Germany next Tuesday to attend the Trade Fair. Could you please book a return ticket and reserve a room at the local hotel? Moreover, I'd like to have the necessary documents before my departure. Thank you. Regar
江西经济管理干部学院剑桥商务英语初级考试题库 Unit 14b
, John


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