Unit 2 Letters, faxes and memos
This unit introduces and practices the skills required to deal with the writing tasks in Units 5 to
  15. It covers:How to lay out a business letter or memo, some "golden rules" for writing letters, faxes and memos, practice in writing routine letters, e-mails, faxes and memos.
Objectives Focus Warming up
  2.1 Communicating in writing
  2.2 Names and addresses
  2.3 Layout and style
  2.4 Thinking about your reader
  2.5 Sending messages SumSum-up Assignment
When the learners finish learning this unit, they should be able to: to: acquire skills required in writing tasks
How to lay out a business letter or memo Some 'golden rules' for writing letters, rules' faxes and memos Practice in writing routine letters, eemails. Faxes and memos
Warming up
Q: How do you contact your friends? -- through e-mails, QQ, letters, massages, ephones, …

  2.1 Communicating in writing
A Discussion B Listening & Reading C Discussion
A Discussion
Q 1: Can you identify the different kinds of correspondence on the book? Q2: Which of the items would you attend to first? Q2:
Answers to A
Q1: The different forms of correspondence shown are: fax airmail first class post handwritten letter typed letter internal memo postcard e-mail (on the computer screen) PostPost-It note magazine Q2: There is no 'correct order' for dealing order' with the correspondence, though one might open the airmail letter first and deal with the internal memo last of all!
B Reading & Listening

Read the memo. Q 1: Who is "HGW"? HGW" Q 2: What is his or her job?
Answers to 1 `HGW' `HGW' seems to be in charge of staff training.
2 Listening
Listen to the recording twice. Q 1: What are the differences between the two ways of communicating the information? memo phone call
Answer to 2
In the memo a lot more information is given and it's easier to follow, and you have a permanent record. In the conversation there is an opportunity for discussion and for questions to be answered. But the details would only be given if they were demanded.
C Discussion
Work in groups Discuss the questions and try to add more points to the chart
FACE-TOFACE-TO-FACE communication
Advantages & pleasures Disadvantages & difficulties
more personal, more interaction and feedback possible can make more impact cheaper if no travel involved you can smile
once you've said something it can't be unsaid saying something once may not be remembered
Advantages & pleasures Disadvantages & difficulties a record can be kept for the files errors can be changed you can write or read when you're in the right mood you can take your time over planning and how you'll express complicated or delicate details writing takes longer there is no feedback or the feedback is delayed no `personal touch' no smiles no handshakes
A Fax
A Fax is a facsimile copy of a document which is transmitted by normal telephone lines to another fax machine. Some are printed on special fax forms rather like memos, others are simply handwritten messages. The sender of a fax can't be certain if the message has been received perfectly ? sometimes lines get missed or are illegible. A fax is not usually a legally binding document.
EAn E-mail
E-Mail (electronic mail) is a way of sending messages between computers. The message appears on a screen and can be printed out if necessary. It is quick and easy. To make e-mail more 'personal' some people use punctuation to add happy (:-) or unhappy (:-( face to their messages! *
A Memo
International mail within a company or between branches of the same firm is usually in the form of Memos these may be brief handwritten notes or Memos: longer, word-processed letters. Most firms use special memo pads for internal messages. A memo to senior English-speaking member of staff may needs as much care as a letter to a client. The style that is used depends on the practice within the company and on the relationship between the people involved.
To XX Company Attn Mr X From Mr Wang Date 2000123 Fax No 2233666 Ref No FO 12161216-01 Pages1 Subject Providing Information Dear Mr Smith, It was a pleasure meeting you this week and learning of your interest in our promoting project. Please find enclosed detailed information of our special promotion package for the March issue. As time is short final deadline has passed. Your prompt confirmation would be highly appreciated. Thank you for your kind attention and I look forward to your prompt reply. Best regards.

  5. 不同于业务信函; 不同于业务信函; 不需要信内收信人地址,称呼,和客套语,结束语等部分; 不需要信内收信人地址,称呼,和客套语,结束语等部分; 各机构大多数都有内部便笺,记事,便条; 各机构大多数都有内部便笺,记事,便条; 笺头通常都包括致函人,受函人的姓名,职位,以及事由和日期; 笺头通常都包括致函人,受函人的姓名,职位,以及事由和日期; 便笺内容分段排列(一般采用齐头式,缩进式);有时也可以编上序号以明确 便笺内容分段排列(一般采用齐头式,缩进式);有时也可以编上序号以明确 ); 要讲的不同事项. 要讲的不同事项. Form is easy More uses Save time, no need of long talking Not redundant Easy and quick to deliver Clear points to remember Convenient for filing Clear responsibility

见B 1 on p.16 and
  2.5 A on P.23
You are the Human Resources Manager of an insurance company.You want to arrange a 2-day 2teamteam-building event with Team-Plus for eight sales Teamstaff. Write a memo of 40-50 words to your 40assistant: Telling him to contact the provider Saying who and how long the event is for Suggesting two psiisble weekends for the event

  2.2 Names & addresses
A Reading & discussion B Listening C Role play
A Reading & discussion
Look at the envelopes and discus the questions: Q 1: How are the addresses laid out differently from the way an address is written in your company? Q 2: How do you feel if you receive a letter with your name spelt wrong? Q 3: What impression is given if the addressee' addressee's job title or address are incorrect on the envelope ?
B Listening
Listen to the recording and take the dictation down. Check your work in File
C Role play
There are three difficult addresses with hard-to-spell names,which you hard-tonames, must dictate to your partner. Student A looks at File 2, Student B looks at File
  33. See Files 2 and 33 in the Student's Book for the text of this recording, which lasts 5 minutes 20 seconds.
How to note down
Ask them to read aloudly, clearly and slowly Listen to the rising and falling tones Know the distinction of British and American spelling Use the Abbreviations
Rd St. Sq. No.(US#) POB ie or i.e. etc. & Co. Plc pty Ltd eg or e.g.
Corp. Inc. @ admin. approx. ASAP or asap CEO MD dept do doz. or dz ft in. or ins. b/f c/f
incl. Ib or lbs m. oz. p.a. PA Par PC PDQ recd yd or yds R TM

  2.3 Layout and style
A Discussion B Reading & discussion
A Discussion
Discuss on the layout and stylistic conventions illustrated Q: What are the differences between the layout on the book and the layout that is commonly used in China?
B Reading & discussion
Look at the ending of business letters: Q1: When would you use the different styles and phrases? Q2: What do the abbreviations mean? Q3: Which of the styles and phrases would you find in American correspondence? Q4: If you begin your letter "Dear Jim", how Jim" do you end it? Q5: If you begin your letter "Dear Sir", how Sir" do you end it?

  2.4 Thinking about your reader
A Reading & discussion B Listening C Reading & discussion D Writing
A Reading & discussion
Read the two letters Q 1: Which one is better? Q 2: Why?
Some rather dull or old-fashioned phrases in the first oldletter are: `We enclose for your attention…, attention… `Should you require further information…' information…' '…your '…your esteemed order…' order…' Some rather effective phrases in the second letter are: `I am sure you will find plenty to interest you…, you… `This year, for the very first time, …'
B Listening
Your will hear eight people talking about their methods when planning to write an important letter. Q:Which of them do you agree with?
C Reading & discussion
The 7 Steps are from another piece of training material. This text can be referred back to again and again when letter-writing lettertasks are done in later units.
D Writing
Find the mistakes Rewriting the extracts .
Questions 47 Read this part of letter from the manager of a conference centre. Thank you for your telephone call enquiring about rooms for a sales training course. There is a conference room available on 21th May 2002 which holds thirty people.If this is suitable, please confirm the booking in writing as soon as possible and also tell me how many trainees will attend the course. Write a letter: confirming the date of the booking telling the manager how many trainees will attend informing him which conference equipment you will need asking if your company will receive its usual 10% discount. Write 50-70 words. 50Write on your Answer Sheet. Do not write in capital letters. Do not include postal addresses.
In this unit, we dealt with Different forms of communications Layout and style


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