新编剑桥 商务英语初级 培训课程
主讲: 主讲:黄燕红 第一课时
Good morning, I am Huangyanhong from Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics. I’ve been invited to give this class because I have a special interest in Business English. I hope we can making progress together for the next two or three months.
First I would like to spend a few minutes outlining the arrangement of the course. Main tasks: 3 classes per time, 60 classes in total, so we should finish one unit every time we meet. Objective: improve communication in Business world. Methods: by practicing listening, reading, speaking as well as remembering vocabulary, etc. Textbook: BEC(Preliminary) reference book: Starting Business English(video available)
Unit 1a Job description
Objectives: To enable Ss to talk about jobs To practice listening for specific information To review the present simple (She works in Finance Department)
Tapescript:listening 1
Conversation 1 Richard : so are you from London then-or just here for the meeting? Katy: No, I’m not from London, but my company has offices here. R: what kind of company is it? K: I work for an IT company. Iam a consultant. Conversation 2 R: where do you work? H: I work for a large pharmaceutical company. R: and what do you do? H: I’m the head of the marketing department.
Conversation 3 K: so what kind of products do you sell? T: anything that helps people make money. K: how do you mean? T: Financial services. I sell investment products. Conversation 4 T: tell me, does your consultancy work with big companies? B: no, we do the accounts for small and medium-sized companies. T: Ah, I see. Do you have clients in london? B: some but not many. Most of our clients are in Reading.
Conversation 5 H: so you work in the food industry? R: yes, iam a factory manager. H: oh, really, what do you make? R: we produce frozen food. Conversation 6 B: and what do you do? R: I am a manager in Personnel. B: what kind of company do you work for? Robin: we make packaging for fresh food.

  1. what kind of company is it? I work for an IT company.
  2. where do you work?-- I work for a large pharmaceutical company.
  3. what do you do?-- I’m the head of the marketin department.
  4. what kind of company do you work for?-- we make packaging for fresh food.
Listening 2 Words and terms: pharmaceuticals药物 vaccine疫苗 against hepatitis肝炎 publicity material宣传材料 the medical press 媒体
Helen Marsden Hello, I’m Helen Marsden. I work as a marketing manager for a large pharmaceuticals药物company. My department produces vaccine疫苗 against hepatitis肝炎 and so on. We normally sell our vaccines directly to doctors so one of my jobs is to discuss our new products with doctors. Marketing managers don’t always do this, but I do as I’m a qualified doctor.
Iam also responsible for our publicity material 宣传文章so I have to deal with designers and printers. My area is central Europe, so I have to deal with the health authorities in those countries. That means my job involves a lot of travelling. And finally, when we produce a new vaccine, it’s my job to organize a conference for the medical press so that they can ask us questions about it.
The job advertisement 招聘广告 Applicants 应聘者
Robin Seaton Hello, iam Robin Seaton. I work for a company called Vacupack. I am responsible for employing most of the people in the country. I write the job ad and then I have to choose which applicants I want to interview. Usually, I interview the applicants with the head of the department where the vacancy is. I then have to contact the applicants after the interview, both the successful and unsuccessful ones.
Another duty is dealing with employees’ problems. Of course many of them are work-relates, but people do sometimes come to discuss personal problems with me. My job also involves informing employees if the management isn’t satisfied with their work, which isn't a pleasant part of the job.
Summary?Essential vocabulary
Jobs: accountant consultant human resourses(HR) manager marketing manager production manager sales executive
Work: to work as(+job) to work for (+company) to work in (the food industry)
Duties: to attend a meeting// to deal with a problem// to discuss problems// to give advice// to interview applicants// to involveing// to keep a record// to organize/// to provide…/// to be responsible for ///
Unit 1 introduce yourself

  1. tell your name , job and company e.g. My name is … I am a … I report to …. I work for …. Our company manufactures… We have offices in…

  2. How to greet others
Good morning! How are you? Weather : A: it is cold this morning. B: yes, very cold Weekend : A: good weekend? B: yes, very cold.
He is in reception. Receptionist. Edward Green // Jenny Ross Pleased to meet you I am the head of administration in marketing department. My boss is… Intray pc , stationery Help yourself to what you need!
Board room Research &Development Assistant We have a team of 9 New electronic toy Young, intelligent, inexperienced Big Boss Bibury Systems Brilliant //excellent What do you think? ?what about…. ?--
Unit 2 using the telephone

  1.making a call e.g. hello, my name is … I am from… I would like to speak to…,please? can I speak to …..please?

  2.Taking message

  1)Offer to take a message can I take a message? can I ask who is calling, please? can I have the number, please? can you repeat that, please? can you spell that, please?
  2) Be polite I am afraid that … sorry to keep you waiting.
Unit 3 making appointments

  1.making appointments I would like to arrange a meeting . Can we meet? When can we meet? Can we meet on Wednesday at 10’ clock? it will take 10 minutes. It won’t take long.

  2.Get people to do things
Strong: Be here Wednesday morning. change our ten o’clock meeting. Polite : could you possibly see the product this week? I wonder if you could…

  1.Greet your colleague in the morning/after holidays/on Monday morning
  2.Introduce yourself. You can describe your jobs, working conditions, etc.
  3.introduce one of your colleagues. Pay attention to the third person(she works….)
Thank you for your attention!



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