Unit 7b
Rights at work
You will be able to
talk about work-related problems and their legal implications. practise reading for gist and specific information. practise listening for gist. review passives.
Unit 7b Rights at work
*Vocabulary preparation * Know your rights Speaking about smoking and the tribunal Reading a bulletin about an industrial tribunal Writing a memo * Problems at work Listening work problems workSpeaking how to deal with work-related problem
Vocabulary Preparation
automatic right work extra time smoking policy staff complaints bulletin plaintiff tribunal industrial tribunal rule tribunal rules cloudy
当然的权利 加班 有关吸烟的政策 员工投诉 公告,报告 原告,起诉人 法庭,仲裁 劳资仲裁庭 裁决,裁定 法庭裁决 不愉快的,忧郁的
Vocabulary Preparation
legal action law firm employment law Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) to draw up / formulate a policy contractual obligation smoking bans award vt.
法律诉讼 法律事务所 劳工法 劳工诉讼法庭, 简称EAT EAT 起草 一份政策规定 合同义务 禁烟令 裁定,判给
Vocabulary Preparation
prioritise vt. poor time keeping sexual harassment front page of a newspaper curriculum vitae (CV) a packet of photocopier paper
时间管理能力差 性骚扰
报纸头版 个人简历,履历表
Know your rights Speaking
Warming: Do you do your rights at work?
Know Your Rights at Work
For students joining the labour force, knowledge of basic employment rights is essential. But too often, whether the work is casual or fulltime, they start work in ignorance and they're ripped off in one way or another. This program will help students prepare for this aspect of the world of work. Topics covered include: * contracts * salary * hours * superannuation [sju:prnju'ein] n. 退休金 * new apprenticeships学徒的年限 and traineeships * discrimination * harassment * violence * safety * unfair dismissal
Product Information - Know Your Rights at Work Your Rights at Work: The Facts
Know your rights Speaking
① Discuss the following questions about smoking in the
workplace. Should employees have an automatic right to smoke at work? Should employers be allowed to ask smokers who take frequent smoking breaks to work extra hours? How can employers balance the interests of smokers and non-smokers? What should employers do if they cannot meet the needs of both smokers and non-smokers?
Reference to the Questions
make regulation for smoking in the workplace
non-smokers have to do passive smoking

strictly follow the rules 严格遵守各项规则 to abuse a system 滥用制度 a draw up/formulate a policy 起草一份政策规定 to observe rules and regulations 遵守规章制度 deal with the employer's complaints/grievances
to consult staff on this issue
Know your rights Reading
② Read the bulletin about an industrial tribunal on smoking. Who won the case ? the plaintiff or the employer? How will this decision affect employers in the future?
Suggested answer
The plaintiff won her case. In future, companies will need to make sure they provide reasonable working conditions for staff and deal with any complaints promptly. However, this does not necessarily mean introducing smoking bans: employers must consider the views of smokers as well as non-smokers.
Know your rights Reading
② Read the bulletin again. Are the following statements true or false? F
  1. The plaintiff was asked to leave the company. F
  2. The plaintiff was the only person disturbed by the smoke. T
  3. The company formulated a smoking policy.
  4. The company was obliged by law to deal with T staff complaints. F
  5. All employers who ban smoking will face claims for unfair dismissal.
Text study

  1. (para
  2) …an employment law specialist with the firm… 一句中,with 表示"是…的成员, 受……雇佣"的意思(in the membership or employment of). e.g. He is with a publishing company. 他受雇于 一家出版公司.
  2. (para
  4) draw up 起草 e.g. We'll notify her to draw up a contract. 我 们将通知她起草一份合同.
Text study

  3. (para
  5) rule是"裁决"的意思.常常与that 连 用. e.g. The judge ruled that he must leave. 法官裁 定他必须离开. e.g. The court ruled that the claim was null and void 法庭裁定此项要求无效.
  4. (para
  5) deal with employee's grievances 处理 员工申诉,grievance是"冤屈,牢骚"的意思, 一 般都用复数. e.g. The trade union leader spoke about the grievances of the workers. 工会领袖说出了工人 14 们的苦情.
Text study

  5. (para
  5) The plaintiff was awarded damages 在 这里,award是"裁定,判决"的意思. e.g. Mrs. Jones was awarded $ 1000 monthly alimony by the court when she was divorced from her husband. 琼斯太太跟丈夫离婚后,根据 法院判决,她每个月可以得到1000美元的赡养费. Damages 这里用复数形式,指"损害赔偿金,因受 伤 或损失而被责令赔偿的钱."(money ordered to be paid as compensation for injury or loss) 15 e.g. He was awarded his damages in the shipwreck by the court. 法院判给他沉船事故中的损失赔偿费.
Text study

  6. (para
  6) Rush into doing sth 仓促做某件事情 e.g. Don't rush into making a decision without investigation. 没有调查就不要仓促做决定.
  7. (para
  6) …implementing or enforcing smoking bans. Implement Implement意为"使生效,执行"(to put (to into practical effect, carry out) e.g. implement the new procedures实施新的程序 Enforce 含有"强制,强求"的语义(to impose a kind of behavior) 16 e.g. enforce military discipline强制实施军事纪律 enforce the law 执行法律
Text study

  8. (para
  7) consult sb on/about sth "就……与某人 商量" e.g. I must consult my principal on this matter. 这件事情我必须与委托人商量一下. give notice of (that) 通知…… e.g. The whistle blew to give notice that the boat was about to leave. 汽笛声响了,告诉人们船就 要起航了.
Know your rights Speaking
④ Do you think the decision of the EAT was fair? Why/Why not? 你认为劳工诉讼法庭的判决合理吗?为什么?
Reference to the question
respect the employee's basic right at work 尊重员工在工作中的基本权利 protect the employee's working time rights 保护员工在工作中的权利 prevent employers from denying staff their legal rights 防止雇主拒绝员工的合法权利 if employers break the law, cannot allow them to get away with it 如果雇主违法,不允许他们逃避惩罚 the employer is not acting within the law 雇主不按法律行事 the employer has breached its contractual obligations 雇主违反了合同义务 make other companies to think carefully about their own working environment 促使其他公司谨慎考虑他们的工作环境
Know your rights Grammar
⑤ Read the bulletin again and underline examples of passive forms. Which of them go in the following groups?
Obligation staff must be consulted Other phrases staff must be given Recommendation a smoking policy should be drawn up Other phrases employers are advised / recommended to… Possibility they might be faced with… Other phrases they could be faced with…
Other examples of the passive: The employee was forced to… (or this could be put into the category of obligation) All the doors were kept open She was finally told to… The plaintiff was awarded damages
Know your rights
⑥ Formulate a smoking policy for your office which is fair to both smokers and non-smokers. Write a 40-50 word memo informing all staff of the policy. To: all staff From: Charles Dyer Date: 7 July 2000 Re: Smoking policy As there are only two smokers in this building, they have agreed to smoke outside. However they will need regular cigarette breaks. Please consider smokers when organizing meetings. You are advised to plan breaks at least every two hours.
Problems at work
① People talk about why they lost their jobs. Listen and decide the reason each speaker gives. 五个人谈论他们为什么会丢了工作, 五个人谈论他们为什么会丢了工作,听完后判断各人被解雇 的原因. 的原因. 1 2 3 4 5
A. failure to meet targets B. personal use of company property C. poor time keeping D. refusal to observe safety regulations E. refusal to commute F. refusal to work overtime G. repeated absence from work H. sexual harassment
Language Points

  1. I didn't really feel I was abusing the system. 我真的没有感觉到自己是在擅自使用办公设备. abuse v. 滥用 system n. 装置,设备.
  2. After all, I did a lot of unpaid overtime and I took work home with me. 怎么说, 怎么说, 我义务加了很多班,还把工作带回家做.
  3. …but if I wanted to leave on time, well that was a completely different story. 如果我想准时下班,那么情况就不是那么一回事了.
Language Points

  4. so one day I told him straight: I'd only work the hours I'd agreed in my contract. 因此,有一天我就直截了当地告诉他们:我只能按 照合同约定的时间工作.
  5. I was having problems because I just couldn't seem to prioritse my work and organize my time. 我遇到了麻烦,因为我不猛按照优先的顺序来处理 工作,安排我另外的时间.
  6. …but I just couldn't seem to keep up with the workload.可我好象就是赶不上工作进度.
Language Points

  7. I suppose they didn't want to carry me any longer. 我想他们不想再继续扶持我了. carry v. 维护, 支持 (弱小的或是能力差的人) 维护, 弱小的或是能力差的人)
  8. I think people just got fed up with having to cover for me and take on all my work when I was away. 我想他们厌倦了为我遮掩,并且在我缺勤的时候 负担我的工作.
  9. But it seems a pretty poor show to sack someone for something that isn't their fault. 不是因为对方的过错了炒了对方的鱿鱼,这可真 是糟糕的事.
Problems at work
② Discuss the fairness of what happened. ③Work in pairs. As a manager, how would you deal with the incidents below? Would you? Take no action against the person? Have a friendly word with the person? Give an official verbal warning? Give an official written warning? Dismiss the person?
Reference to speaking
Safety is the first priority of the company.
Learn to be co-operative and respect your colleague.
breach confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements and bring about heavy loss to the company
awareness of business secrets
discourage employees from drinking at work
Reference to speaking
酒醉后无法工作. 弘扬诚信
You cannot work with a hangover.
promote honesty
violate code of business conduct and ethics
strictly observe honesty principle
Willful destruction of the company property is vandalism.
indemnify for the damaged property
Homework 14
Items Contents Selfassessment Self-study U7b P104 语法答案 Additional listening 听音 ① 文本 ① ② ② Review U8a
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