Unit 9b
Staff appraisal
You will be able to
talk about appraisals. practise reading for specific information practise listening for gist.
Unit 0verview *The role of appraisals Speaking discuss the purpose of appraisals Listening five short pieces about appraisals Speaking how ensure the success of an appraisal * Monitoring performance Reading read articles about staff appraisals and discuss the problems with some appraisal methods eWriting an e-mail about staff appraisals
Vocabulary Preparation
to miss deadlines to meet deadlines vacancy promotion prospects monitor appraisal interview be supposed to pinpoint accompany
没赶上最后期限,赶不上最后期 限 赶上最后期限 空职,空缺 升职,提升前景 监控,检测,跟踪 评估面试 希望,应该,推测 确认,精确地定位 附加,补充
Vocabulary Preparation
legal guidelines resentment go through exchange ideas nothing more than pretext pay rise human resources manager build up
法律准则 怨恨,愤恨 举行,完成 交流思想,看法 只不过,只是(意同only) 藉口,托词 加薪 人力资源部经理(亦简作HR manager) 积累,收集
The role of appraisal
① Do you have appraisals in your company? What is their purpose? Reference ② Work in pairs. Look at the list of reasons for
appraising staff. Which do you think are the three most important? Why?
To assess training and development needs To help improve current performance To review past performance To assess promotion prospects To set performance objectives To review pay
Reference to the Question
评估使经理和员工 有机会坐下来讨论 怎样合作 明确员工的培训需 要 培养员工的团队精 神 使员工一致明确需 要关注的工作范围 鼓励员工的个人发 展和员工之间的相 互竞争
appraisals offer the manager and the member of staff the opportunity to sit down and discuss how they work together identify the staff member's training needs foster a spirit of teamwork enable staff to jointly agree on performance areas that need attention encourage personal growth and challenge among the staff
Reference to the Question
工作表现差的员工被 淘汰,或者因为受到 来自同事而非领导的 压力而接受新的挑战 管理部门和员工之间 达成相互理解 找出影响工作业绩的 因素 明确自己定出的具体 目标 考虑个人发展的目标 non-performers are weeded out or challenged to new development by fellow employees rather than superiors reach an understanding and agreement between management and staff find out what are the factors that affect performance understand the specific objectives you would like to set yourself think about your personal development objectives
The role of appraisal Listening
② Five
people talk about their approach. Listen and decide the main topic of each extract.
A current performance B future targets C job description D past performance E pay F promotion prospects G training H working environment
1 ……C 2 ……G 3 ……F 4 …… D 5 …… B
要点解释: 要点解释:
1 正确答案为 正确答案为C 在这段话语中,说话人一开始就提到了 discussing my workload (谈论我的工作量) 的问题,接着,关键词有 define my duties more clearly (更明确地说明我的工作职责) ,concentrate on the things I was hired to do (集中精力做我的份内事).因此可以推断 ,这一话语片断的要旨是明确员工的工作职 责,故选C项"工作性质说明".
要点解释: 要点解释:
2 正确答案为 正确答案为G 在这一话语片断中,关键词是:study for a management qualification (攻读管理课程 以获得资格证书),subsidise the cost of the course (补贴课程所需的费用), benefit from the skills I'd learn(从我所学到 的技术中得益).可以推断,说话人谈论的 是有关培训的事,故选G项"培训".
要点解释: 要点解释:
3 正确答案为 正确答案为F 这段话语中的关键词主要有:I'd been here five years now and I'm still doing the same job. (我 在这儿工作5年了,可还是在干同样的活.),可 见说话人对自己目前的工作状况不满,接着说话 人又提到I'd applied for a couple of internal vacancies but got nowhere. (我申请过几个内部 职位,但结果却一无所获.)由此可以推断,说话 人谈论的是升职前景,故选F项"升职前景".
要点解释: 要点解释:
4 正确答案为 正确答案为D 这段话语中的关键词主要有:he thanked me for all the hard work (对我的辛苦工作表示 感谢),missed deadlines (工作没有按时完 成),careless mistakes (马虎错误),write a full report on what had gone wrong (就 出现的差错写一个详细的报告).可见这是 在谈论工作表现,故选D项"过去的工作表 现".
要点解释: 要点解释:
5 正确答案为 正确答案为B 在这一话语片断中,关键词是:repeat last year's performance (再创去年的业绩),this set of ridiculous objectives that he thought'd be an exciting challenge (这一套 在他看来是富有刺激性挑战的荒唐目标.) 由此可以推断,说话人谈论的是将来的工作 目标,故选B项"将来的目标".
Language Point
1 … get down to discussing my workload 认 真地谈谈我的工作量. get down to sth. 认真地静下心(工作),如: to get down to work 静下心来工作. 2 … hand over some of my work to colleagues 把我的部分工作交给同事去做. Hand over 移 交 , 让 与 , 如 : The pickpocket was handed over to the police. 扒手被送交警方.
Language Point
3 … she promised to be flexible about holidays 她答应灵活安排我的休假. 4 … I'd applied for a couple of internal vacancies but got nowhere. 我申请过公司 内 部 的 几 个 职 位 , 但 却 一 无 所 获 . get nowhere 一事无成,毫无进展. 5 It stared with the usual stuff. 以老套的废 话开头.stuff 为俚语,意为"废话".
Language Point
6 I complained about the lack of support I'd had from the management but he just wasn't interested. 我抱怨说没有得到管理部门的支持, 可他却不听. 7 The only thing is, of course, having such a successful year means that management gets carried away and expects miracle from you all the time. 当然惟一的问题是,管理部门被这么成 功的业绩冲昏了头脑,老是指望有奇迹发生.
Language Point
8 But he ignored me, of course, and provided this set of
ridiculous objectives that he thought'd be exciting challenge. 他当然是不理睬我,还拿出这一套在他看来是 富有刺激性挑战的荒唐目标.这里的that he thought'd be an exciting challenge 为 that he thought would be …的缩 略式仅在口语中的出现,注意在书面文体中不能使用.
9 You really have to wonder sometimes which planet management's on. 有的时候,真不知道这 些管理工作人员到底生活在哪个星球上.(指他 们脱离实际,不现实).
The role of appraisal
④How can you ensure the success of an appraisal? What can be done before, during and after the appraisal interview.
Monitoring performance
① Read the article about staff appraisal. Have you encouraged problems like the ones describes?
课文讲解 答案
Monitoring performance
③ You work in the Human Resources Department. Write a 40-50 word e-mail about staff appraisal to managers. Telling them when the appraisals should take place. Asking them to send a copy of the appraisal report to you. Reminding them to book an interview room if necessary.
Monitoring performance
(To all managers) (Subject: Staff Appraisals) I would like to remind you that you should be holding your staff appraisals this month. Once you have completed them could you please send me a copy of each report? If you would like to use a interview room please remember to reserve it in advance. Thank you.
Bye !



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