注:这里讲解的题目是人邮版第四辑真题 TEST 1 阅读部分的 Part one. Questions 1-7 Look at the statements below and the article about the development of future business leaders on the opposite page. Which section of the article (A, B, C or D) does each statement (1-
  7) refer to? For each statement (1-
  7), mark one letter (A, B, C or D) on your Answer Sheet. You will need to use some of these letters more than once. 1 Managers need to take action to convince high-flyers of their value to the firm. 2 Organisations need to look beyond the high-flyers they are currently developing. 3 There is a concern that firms investing in training for high-flyers may not gain the benefits themselves. 4 Managers need expert assistance from within their own firms in developing high-flyers. 5 Firms currently identify high-flyers without the support of a guidance strategy. 6 Managers are frequently too busy to deal with the development of high-flyers. 7 Firms who work hard on their reputation as an employer willinterest high-flyers. The Stars of the Future A Existing management research does not tell us much about how to find and develop high-flyers, those people who have the potential to reach the top of an organisation. As a result, organisations are left to formulate their own systems. A more effective overall policy for developing future leaders is needed, which is why the London Business School has launched the Tomorrow's Leaders Research Group (TLRG). The group contains representatives from 20 firms, and meets regularly to discuss the leadership development of the organisations' high-flyers. B TLRG recognises just how significant line managers are in the process of leadership development. Unfortunately, with today's flat organisations, where managers have functional as well as managerial responsibilities, people development all too often falls victim to heavy workloads. One manager in the research group was unconvinced by the logic of sending his best people away on development courses, 'only to see them poached by another department or, worse still, another firm'. This fear of losing high-flyers runs deep in the organisations that make up the research group. C TLRG argues that the task of management is not necessarily about employee retention, but about creating 'attraction centres'. 'We must help line managers to realise that if their companies are known as ones that develop their people, they will have a greater appeal to high-flyers,' said one advisor. Furthermore, selecting people for, say, a leadership development programme is a sign of commitment from management to an individual. Loyalty can then be more easily demanded in return. D TLRG has concluded that a company's HR specialists need to take action and engage with line managers individually about their role in the development of high-flyers. Indeed, in order to benefit fully from training high-flyers as the senior managers of the future, firms must actually address the development of all managers who will be supporting the high-flyers. Without this, managers will not be in a position to give appropriate advice. And when eventually the high-flyers do move on, new ones will be needed to replace them. The next challenge will be to find a new generation of high-flyers. 首先得搞明白的是这篇文章到底讲的什么。不用看具体内容,有两个地方直接告诉了。 一个是题目说明的第一句话, 另一个是正文的标题。从这两个地方就可以看出全文探讨的是公司未来接班人??也就是潜力股??的培养问题。 A 段讲了 TLRG 这个贯穿全文的研究组织诞生的原因:现行的研究满足不了需要,于是大多数公司只能自己探索发
掘接班人的模式;(即第五题的答案) B 段讲了直属经理(line managers)对于发掘接班人的重要性(真是干什么都要从基层抓起),以及经理们的一些 疑虑; C 段讲的是接班人问题对公司的重要性,并且应该让院线经理们明白这种重要性; D 段是针对前面列出的问题,提出的解决建议,什么专家协助等等。 整篇文章分为四个部分,层层递进,有很强的逻辑性。拿这样的文章来做阅读材料应该是相对容易把握的。 题目解析: 图中蓝色的线为答案潜伏的地方。7 个题干基本是将原文中的句子用另外的词语和句型表述出来,所以题干中的关 键词都能在正文里 找到与之匹配的, 比如第四题题干里的 expert 对应 D 段的 specialists,第六题的 too busy to 对应于 B 段里的 heavy workloads,第七题的 interest 对应于 C 段的 appeal。 第一题说“经理们必须采取措施使潜力股们相信他们对公司的价值”,也就是要让潜力股们对公司忠诚,即 C 段说的 creating “attraction centres”和 loyalty。 第二题说“组织必须把目光投向正在培养中的潜力股以外的地方”,即 D 段最后两句话所说的寻找新一代的潜力股。 第三题和 B 段的最后一句话完全是一个意思:怕培养潜力股的投入收不回成本。 第四题说开发潜力股,经理们需要在公司内部得到专家支持。答案是 D 段的第一句话:公司的人力资源专家需要采 取行动。HR specialists 就是 expert。 第五题说公司现在没有在指导策略的支持下辨别潜力股。也就是说公司是依靠自己来发掘人才的。答案是 A 段的第 一句:现行的研究满足不了需要,所以公司只能形成自己的一套体系。 第六题, 经理们太忙了, 无暇顾及潜力股的发展。 答案是 B 段的: Unfortunately, with today's flat organisations, where managers have functional as well as managerial responsibilities, people development all too often falls victim to heavy workloads.。不幸落在了高工作负荷的人的肩上。高工作负荷,也就是 too busy。 第七题, 看重作为雇主名声的公司可以吸引潜力股。 答案是 C 段的这么一句: their companies are known as ones if that develop their people, they will have a greater appeal to high-flyers。如果公司是以开发员工而著称的话,将会对潜 力股产生更大的吸引。以开发员工而著称(known as ones that develop their people),名声很好,也就是看重自己作 为雇主的名声。 疑似生词: 疑似生词:
  1、line managers 直属经理,业务经理
  2、flat organization 扁平化的组织,即企业中的单层管理组织对应的单词 hierarchy 等级制的公司
  3、poach vt. (侵入他人地界)偷猎(或捕鱼), 水煮,剽窃,挖角 eg: A rival firm poached our best computer programmers. 我公司的竞争对手把我们最好的计算机程序编制员挖走了。
  4、runs deep 纯粹是想说一下那句著名的谚语:Still water runs deep 静水流深。
  5、fall victim to 成为。。。。的受害者 B 段中的原话:People development all too often falls victim to heavy workloads.人员发展成为高负荷工作的受害 者,也就是说经理们因为太忙而无暇顾及潜力股的培养,即第六题的答案。
  6、retention 保留,在文中指留住员工。是风险管理中常见的专业名词。
这里解析的是第四辑真题 TEST 1 阅读部分的 PART
  4。 马上要考试了,争取出解析的速度能快点。当然,不会以牺牲质量为代价。 大家有什么疑问,可以提出来,事先甚至单独进行解答。 祝大家都能取得好成绩。 主要解答蓝色标注的空。 The secret of success in electronic commerce lies in placing a new emphasis on a well-established area. That area is customer service, which is now the only point of (
  19) between a business and the buying public. There are a number of factors in a real-world shop that (
  20) people's perceptions of a business: these (
location and the appearance of the premises,the quality and the pricing of the merchandise or services’and the behaviour of the staff. However, if a company is trying to make a good impression with online customers,most of these factors do not (
  22) a part. In the (
  23) of these factors, the way customers are (
  24) when they have a reason to call has a fundamental effect on a company's ability to retain them as customers. Even more than regular telephone or in-person customers, web customers are impatient,easily frustrated and always conscious that they have other places where they can (
  25) their business.Preventing them from doing that means meeting them on their own(
  26)and providing them with what they want. This necessity, in(
  27),means that companies that sell over the net must get back-end functions right. Imposing(
  28) requirements on customers will not work; a business that (
  29) on customers emailing for assistance instead of using the phone, for example, will lose repeat custom. If the phone is used, it must be answered (
  30), and the staff should look for ways of helping even the most awkward customers(
  31), as is more usual,trying to find some(
  32) to blame the customer for any problem. An important,final point is that it is vital that all addresses,web links and phone numbers work properly and efficiently. This ought to (
  33) without saying.Experience,however, shows that it does not.
  19、A relationship B association C. meeting D contact
  20、A force B determine C decide D fix
  21、A enclose B consist C include D contain
  22、A get B run C play D have
  23、A absence B lack C need D scarcity
  24、A cared B treated C dealt D considered
  25、A deliver B bring C move D take
  26、A policies B standards C terms D conditions
  27、A turn B sequence C line D order
  28、A dense B rigid C deep D solid
  29、A demands B insists C expects D instructs
  30、A punctually B precisely C promptly D presently
  31、A apart from B other than C except for D rather than
  32、A case B excuse C fault D purpose
  33、A do B make C go D come 我个人认为,完形填空这种题型属于 BEC 阅读里相对不容易把握的。其他几个部分多参照原文就能找到答案,而 完形填空的答案有的时候靠分析是得不出结果的,因为会考到一些固定用法,而且是商务英语里的固定用法。固定用法 一时半会是无法积累的。要想做好 BEC 里的完形填空,一是要掌握一定的解题技巧(比如排除法和猜题),二是要培 养商务英语的感觉。感觉的培养也有两种途径,一个是多读原版商业英语文章,另一个就是把历年 BEC 真题里的完形 另一个就是把历年 填空原文填上空缺的单词反复朗读。 填空原文填上空缺的单词反复朗读。 这篇名为《电子商务成功秘诀》的文章主要分析了从事电子商务必须考虑的几个 factor。重点考虑的是如何服务客 户,不是在线的,而是电话。 19 题首先考的就是一个固定的商务英语用法。Point of contact,接触点。商业词典的解释:Person or a department serving as the coordinator or focal point of an activity or program.英文 WIKI 的解释:A point of contact (POC, also single point of contact or SPOC) is the identification of, and means of communication with, person(s) and organizations(s) associated with the resource(s). 26 题,on one's own terms,根据某人自己的主张。联系此句上下文,是说电子商务的客户不好伺候,得按照他们的 意思来提供他们想要的。所以后面的 28 题应该选择 rigid,僵硬的。意思是不能把一些僵硬的要求强加在客户的身上。 27 题,in turn 相应的;in sequence 按顺序,依次;in line 成一直线;in order 整齐,秩序井然。
31 题,后面的 as is more usual 是插入语,在这里完全可以忽略不计,联系整个句子的意思。是说员工应该想办法 对付哪怕是最难对付的客户, 而不是找借口去指责客户。 所以应选 rather than (而不是) apart from 相当于 except for, 。 除了…外(都),other than 相当于 except,除…以外。 32 题,理解了上下文,应该选 excuse。与 fault 相关的短语是 find fault with 33 题,go without saying 固定用法,不言而喻的意思。
人邮第四辑真题 TEST 1 阅读部分 PART
  5。 。
0 Regular meetings with clients are important to a healthy collaboration. They 00 may be set up by the client, for example to review with the progress of current 34 projects, to give new instructions that may have lead to a contract variation 35 or to discuss any concerns. The client meeting which can also be arranged 36 by you or another member of your company to attract from new business, to 37 address a problem unless that needs to be solved or to give an update or status 38 report on current business ventures. Your part is in these meetings will dictate 39 the kind of information you need and how you should prepare for them. If you 40 will be responding to questions put by your client, the material you present 41 should deal in specifically with the request that was made. The meeting should not 42 only move off the agenda without the permission of the person you are meeting. 43 If you have prepared properly, you should be able to anticipate both questions and 44 to respond properly. If you are put on the spot and asked for details you do not 45 have, respond honestly - do not speak about



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