沪江 BEC
《 编剑桥 务 语 级》-Vocabulary
Unit 1a Teamwork
toiletries:n. ? 妆 , 居国 厂、清洁、 妆 公 major brands: 导 维 a survival course: go for profit: 计划进 expatriate:n. ?ü居 巧 求 训课 润 behind
creative thinking:创
profile:n. 简介、 传、概况 schedule:进 计划
simulation:n. ?G拟训练 stick to the schedule:严格
Unit 1b Communication
exceed:v. ????、胜过 understate:vt. 轻 over-estimate:vt. 过高 写 说 management:n.( 业、机关 )管 员 follow-up evaluation: 计 manageable:adj. ???8管
seminar:n. 研讨会、讨论会 续评 deadline:n.??终
Self-study and Exam practice
have everything to do with:与…关系 factor:认为 aggressive:adj. ”f”f?e‰V?C、 indicate:vt. 显 、 curriculum vitae:个 简历、 历,简称 CV human
Unit 2a Entertaining
customer satisfaction form:顾客满 questionnaire:n.调查 、问卷 ?ò围 、 况问卷 complete the form 填写 (为 criterion ?C复数 ) 格 atmosphere:n.
criteria:n. 标
attentiveness:n.‰i ? 、 值 enhance:vt. ?¨高、 加 价格 求 interior mezzanine:n. ( design: 内 团 介 层与
value for money: 层 团 间 ) 层楼
reasonable prices: 饮
group dining:
catering requirement:
tour groups:
corporate events:公
沪江 BEC

wine tastings:

steak:n.?E?x business trip: 公务 vegetarian: call
company presentations: 公 in:顺 处 , …‰n?h
alike:adv. ‰n样
evolve: 渐发 be of importance:具
pride ourselves
on/upon:为…感 供 饮 务,

along with:
to cater for:
gently:adv. 轻轻 strive:为获 …‰@???s奋
, concept:n. 概 ,观 , distinctive:adj.与众 tourist:n. ??客,观光客 awful:
suitable:adj. ??适, 适 adj. ??’m?C,恶
memorable:adj. 难
Unit 2b Corporate hospitality
corporate hospital: 务 v. ?¨?^,说 social setting: 交场 in due course:经过 时间, 适当 时 poor timing: , 业 交 tip: ?9巧, n. 窍门, 告 be in need of: mention:
trade fair:贸 们兴 ?G?[?C, 响

teenage:adj. …)?-?C
prospect:n. 可
, 考

a fact-finding mission: fortunately:adv. ?b运 sociable:adj. ??交际 intimate:adj.亲 , 标
concern:v. 对…??‰Y??;n.“??7 证 rugby:n. ( 领 n. 丢 ) 边 适当 )橄榄球


ensure:v.???f, ,
;n.?q交, chit-chat:n.( see…as: ,说 in due …看
ability:n. ???s, ) ,闲谈 、兴
purposeful:adj. ??清 ,处 … 声说话 时
disposal: 、
therefore:adv. ‰\??, stand around:闲 in term add up to:
lie in…: (
whisper into his ear: course/time:经过 时间,
来看, …‰@??
沪江 BEC
Self-study and Exam practice
continental breakfast:欧 party: 终 会 bilingual applicants:具 工 告 双语 请 end-of-year 书 P.A.
job advertisement:
marketing secretary:营销 管 术 营销 时间
(Personal Assistant) : skills: skills: 沟 policy:内 雇 , 交际 工 up-to-date
administrative support: information technology:
secretarial communications
science marketing assistant: 科 official working hours: 产经 决纠纷 员 工
an internal recruitment long-term employment:长
production manager:
work overtime:加
take legal action against:
对…?¨??诉讼 settle the secretarial and 预 …?q货 顾客 订单 况
unforeseen circumstances:难 时 货 place your order with:
meet agreed delivery dates: 约 ,专卖 legal advisers: 考虑,处
outlet:n.?5销 …?¨??来
established customers: a backlog of orders:积压 , 爱 on…basis:
at one’s disposal:
…‰????a?… be popular with ab.:为惯 , price ?5‰n?y?)介词 at call in:来访 …还 远
…?( 础 值 迟
look forward to sth.:
value for money: call by: 顺 访问 ??
cater for: 办 个时间
an overview of…:对…?C概 a long way from:
postpone till/until…
Unit 2 Customers
reorganise: n.改组, 改编 n.风险项 n.积压 办 loan: n.银 贷款 forecast: n.预测 oval: 椭圆 ,坚固 consume: v.…8费, venture: backlog:
warranty:(产 n.
) 证书
finalise: ???q, v. , 响
Unit 3a
Ordering goods
headquarters:n.(公 )总 catalogue:n.???ì?X录单
mail order company:邮购计划
沪江 BEC
recommendation: n.?????f、 建议 n. ???ì、项 measurements
item: 产 n. charts:
、 货 图
in standard length: 标 knitted skirts:针织裙

vendor:n. 销
asap(as soon as possible)尽
Unit 3b
Cash flow
、现 款 ,现 动 cash flow gap:现 图 额 case study: bill:vt. ?h求 labour …
cash flow:现
final payment: ?C费
bar chart:
down payment:订 款
remainder:n.‰??ì?“ credit terms: 额 order books: 订货
early settlement discount: 、 条件
outstanding:adj. ‰??ì?C 缺
outstanding balance:
a shortage of cash: 现 款 客户
turnover: 营业额 financing n. 、 货 penalty:
costs: 筹 n. 处罚、罚款 管
cash on delivery: 货 potential customer:
margin: ??润 inventory: n. n.库 hard sell:强 销
flat management culture:
Self-study and Exam practice
workmanship: ( 细节 deliver:v. ?y……e?? forecast:n.预测,预报 …~费 delivery:n.…e货 settlement: measurement:n.长 ,高 协议 gap:n.缺口, 距 ,v. 细 )工艺, 艺 negotiate:v.谈 , retail:v.?7?? detail:n.
penalty:n.惩罚,处罚 grant:n.给 ,
potential:adj.?’‰??C ,可 patience: , ,缺 ,
n.?’‰?…c ,可
patient:adj. lack:
?????7?C , n. v. 没
familiar: adj. …??4?C
average: adj.??均
aggressive:n.?????C, sector:n. ( combination:组 )组 ,联 业、贸
furthermore:adv. ‰@??, 仅 ) 门, 业 、 accordion: 动 )
however: n. …{风 销(
, 过,
for instance: 传) combine:v. (
promotional: (电
equally:adv. ?’???C,
equalize:v. ?3?’??
?C equality:n.????
segment:n. ????
沪江 BEC
alternate: adj. 轮 v. 证 ,证实 ,
, 交
cable: 电缆, n. 缆绳 ,感 荣
forthcoming: adj. ?w将, 来 cash on delivery:货 款
demonstrate: credit terms:
flatter:v. ??…?,讨 条件 on
interest on…:…?C??? ,习惯 …???款 , 现 为订
pay for…:

介词 for cost of
pay in cash:in ?? labour:劳动 as
price…at: ‰“ …?C价格,习惯 outstanding balance: 款
介词 at 额
down payment:
30 days net:净 30 ?= early
settlement discount:
penalty charge:罚款
Unit 3 Commerce
currency:n.货币 paying-in slip: 【 , 务 】 (银 ) 款单 payee:n.…~款 adviser:n. 顾问 deduct:v.减去, interest:n.???
transaction:n.交 cashier:n.??纳 dividend:n. 股 n. ?3运 ? ;逻辑 货
deposit:n.?q?l, ,红 deductible:adj. 减去 haulage:n. 货运业,货运费 件 ) consignment: logistic:n. ?k
margin:n. 页边,空 custom duty:关税
courier:n. (递
Unit 4a Brand power
selling point:卖 environmental-friendliness:n. 对环境 , 环
user-friendliness:n.?) 户 kitchen appliances:厨 加产 种类 ) 家 saturate: ?3饱 vt. cut-price: 价 supermarket chains: marker: 润 estate 具 competitive advantage:竞争优势 diversify:vt. ??样 经营,
own-label clothing: ( 贴 连锁 场
industry analyst: 业 mortgage:n.?s???c揭,
retail food
margin:n. ????,赚头
boost profit: 高
沪江 BEC
agent: 产 n.优 ,奖券
points: (

scheme: 实 (顾客) 奖励计划 reputation: 誉、
interest rate: ,
incentive:n.‰?激,鼓励 eventually: adv.终 、 销 fixed 、 终 rate: 固
gradually: adv.??渐 v.组 , 综
survey: n.调查、 审视
outlet: 专卖 n. ”,
banking on a Brand: bank
on 既可
Unit 4b Public relation
advertising campaign: 告 n.?8…?厅 up-to-date: itinerary:n.?I线、 awareness:n.‰-识,认识 strategy: accurate:adj. ?5???C , freelance journalist: 稿 记 senior executive:高级 管 传 动 dealership: ???ì经销 n. 许权、 许经销 showroom:
Self-study and Exam practice
considerably: adj. ?’当 deficit:贸 券、 证 role: , 当 facility:(可数 n. 营经济 业 现 满 diversify into:进 个领 , 个 发 be 词) 工厂 leisure wear: 闲 , 诚 trade
private sector: campaign: ( emerge:v. ??现,
loyal:adj.??实 )运动、 传 动
voucher:n. ?5?l
primary:adj. …¨?h?C,
happy with sb./sth.:对 faced with: 对 种局
be/stay loyal to:对…?f?^??诚 润 notable:adv.格 stable:adj.稳 运输、 讯、银
be committed to:对…‰???…?诺 , 别 deficit:n. ?b??、
recession:n.…l?k?= 损、 业,
gross:n. 总
remained:v. ‰k?: ,继续, 业机构 infrastructure: 战 义 础设 (
enterprise:n.公 ,组织, ) ; 础结构 strategic:
adj. ?k???C,具
Unit 4 Brands
  8, 会 stick to:坚 , ,继续 feedback:n. ??馈 见
沪江 BEC
counterfeit:v. ‰-见 )执 speed
adv. 伪 uo:加

forecost:n. 预测、预报 promotional:adj.
comment:n. ‰-见、评论 传)
v. ?¨
implementing: ( 册 标 innovate:
stylish:adj. 时尚、时 、鼓励
trademark:n. ??标、 bona fide:adj. 真实 , 真
v. ?}?C、创
incentive:n. ‰?激、动
、真诚 、 时 v. ?3…
authentic: adj. ?????C、 ???k进 phase out: cycle:n. …?环 贴,奖 、 、 pasta:
genuine: adj. 真诚
phase: 阶 n.
domestic:n. 国内 loss-leader: 、经销公
shelf-life: 货 销
expectancy:n.?=?? 费 ,
outlet:n. ??发
household name:家喻户晓
Unit 5a Relocation
relocate:vt. vi. ??迁, adj. 发达 、 、 running costs:管 inflation:n. ?f货 infrastructure:n.?( 础设 , 胜 胀 费 logistics:n. ?“?? overheads:n. ?0业 cosmopolitan: 界 sophisticated: 管 费 , 球
successive:adj. 继 spectacular:adj. 壮观
unspoiled:adj. ??损
Unit 5b New Premises
premises:n.( 询公 业、机构 车线 )经营场 、 产场 、办公场 property consultancy: 产 , business
bus route:公共
corporate business area: 务区, 务
district,commercial district,commercial area。 high streel ( n. ??赁, lift:n. ( ) 华 业 街 metro station: 铁 full amenities: 设 leasehold:
赁权 国 语)电 tenant:n. ??户、 单 endorse:v. 请 expressly:adv. ?2?A?C 、 为 告 别 、清 、
homogenize:v. ?3?e??、
establishment:n. 公
沪江 BEC
业机构 区 议
underline:vt. 强调、
multinational:n. 跨国公 语 work ethic:职业 图 、
industrial estate:工业园 boardroom:n. ?’?/会 别 会
industrial park:工业园区、 lease:vt. ??赁、 计 数
floor plan:楼层
distinguish:v. 区别、
adj. ?t数, 概
prominent:adj. ?m?(?C 、
4e4 oximately:adv. ?[ 约、
prestigious:adj. ???????C v. 赞 、 、签 、 书
generator:n. 发电机 aspiration:n. ?]?g、
retain:v. ?f?‰ , 复数
slogan:n. 口号
endorse: 样
differ:v. ?????
entail:v. …??h , 、 琐 , 系
conservative:adj. 传统 dedication:n. 贡献、 ,给 献
optimism:n. 乐观 triviality:n. 琐 刻
edge:n. 边缘 、
ethic:n. 伦
Unit 5
short-sighted:adj. ?X光 adv. ?[???? 产 fully-automated:adj. ?2‰?动 long-running:adj. 连续运 浅 long-lasting:adj. ?^续时间长 , 久 mass-produced:
Unit 6a Reporting results
company performance:公 评 supermarket chain: 连锁 稳 价 breakeven: adj. ?t?_损 n. bar-chart:n. ?k?¨图 , exchange volatile: adj. 可变 rate:兑换 、汇 , 绩 marginally:adv. ?}??、 performance evaluation:绩
graph:n. 曲线图,图 ongoing:adj. ??‰?进
disposal:adj. ????, 让
deliver:v. 实现 润 计划
net cash:净现
exceptional item: r



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