级上册期中 期中测试 剑桥少儿英语 2 级上册期中测试
听力部分 一.单词辩音 ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A. play )
  3. A. tired )
  5. A. quiet )
  7. A. plate )
  9. A. doctor B. plane B. tried B. quite B. polite B. daughter ( ( ( ( ( )
  2. A. fifty B. fifteen )
  4. A. would B. should )
  6. A. straight B. street )
  8. A. please B. piece )
  10. A. cough B. caught
笔试部分 二.单项填空
  1.Shall I carry your bag? A.It’s green B. No, thank you. C. It’s five.

  2.Would you like to come to the cinema with me after school today? A. Yes, I’d love to B. I’m going to school C. Yes, I like it

  3.This boy is very cold. He would like . A. a nice T-shirt B. a hat C. a coat

  4.How do you go to Shanghai? A. By train B. It’s three o’clock C. I’m his brother

  5.When does he go to school in the morning? A.At five o’clock B. He came back late C. It was raining.

  6.How many floors does your building have? It has floors. A. five B. fifth C. the fifth

  7. Have you got any apples? A. Yes, I haven’t B. No, he don’t C. No, I haven’t

  8. How much is the ruler? A. Here you are. B. There are 5 C. It’s 1 Yuan.

  9. Tom likes dogs, he doesn’t like flies. A. and B. because C. but

  10. What should you do if you are ill? A. Play football 三.找对子,连线 找对子, (
  1). You put books in this. You drink from this. You need this when it rains. You wear this in summer. You put your shoes under this. 四.看中文单词 (
  1)头痛 __headache_ (
  2)牙痛 (
  3)胃痛 (
  4)感冒 (
  5)发烧 umbrella sunglasses bed bag cup B. Eat a lot of food C. Have a good rest
五.选择合适的动物填空 mouse cow snake fish sheep

  1.Which animal lives in water and is cat’s favourite food? is cat’s favourite food.
  2.Which animal has got white “hair” on the body? has got white “hair” on the body.
  3.Which animal walks with no legs.
  4.Which animal is afraid of cats? is afraid of cats.
  5.Which animal eats grass but gives us milk? eats grass but gives us milk. 六.根据情景选择合适的对话,连线。 根据情景选择合适的对话,连线。 A. Shall I open the door for you? B. Would you like to have some tea? C. Shall I clean the blackboard for you? D. Shall I wash my socks? 七.选择合适的疑问词填空 Where What kind When Who Which How many Why What 看到妈妈在洗自己的袜子 看到老师在擦黑板 客人到你家来做客

  1. do you live?
I live in Nanjing. Mr. Xu is.

  2. is your Chinese teacher?

  3. people are there in your family?
There are 3 people.

  4. do you like, the blue one or the green one?The blue one.
  5. does the library open?
  6. is your favourite lesson? It opens at 9:
  00. I like Maths.

  7. __ do you like to read that book? Because it’ interesting. s
  8. of animal do you like? I like dogs.
  1. Is there any food in the bag?(作否定回答)

  2. 用 tall, taller 写两个句子。

  3. I’m ten .(对划线部分提问)
九. 完型填空 Tim lives on a farm in the south of England. Every day he gets up and helps (
  1) father before he goes to school.On the farm, there (
  2) many animals. And Tim (
  3) some chickens. In the morning he puts a llthe eggs in a basket for his mother. Tim would like to have a cow (
  4) the milk is very good. After breakfast Tim goes (
  5) school. It’s very far. ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A. her )
  2. A. are )
  3. A. have )
  4. A. or )
  5. A. to B. his B. is B. had B. because B. in C. our C. were C. has C. but C. at



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