1. Let's do it. Hello, your name, please? I'm Sam. Hi! I'm Pat. I'm An Qi. Hi! I'm Zhang Xin. Hello! I'm Lucy. Wow! This is my new book! This is my new pencil! This is my new bag! My new book! My new book!
  2. Activity. Show me your pen! a pen. a pencil. a pencil-case. a ruler. a book. a bag. an eraser.
  3. Make words. bag . bat. Dan . fan. hat. map. mat pan. Sam. van.
  4. Look, Listen, read and learn. Apple. Bag. Cat. Sand. Hat. Dan. Lan. Fan.
Pat. Sam.
  5. Listen, write and read. Bag . Bad. Fat. Hat. Lap. Mad. Map. Cat. Rat. Sad. Tap. War.
  6. Write and stick. Write your name and put it on this tree board.
  7. draw and say. Hello! I'm Sam. His name is Bill. Bill is my friend. Hello! I'm An Qi. His name is Alex. Alex is my friend. Nice to see you! Nice to see you, too!
  8. Let's sing and dance. Hello! Hello! Your name, please? I'm Sam. Nice to see you!
  9. Listen, chant and act. My friends are your friends. Your friends are my friends. His friends are her friends. Her friends are his friends. Our friends are their friends. Their friends are our friends.
  10. Let's Sam is my My friend May is my guess. Who is Sam's friend? friend! is Pat. cousin.

  11.Draw, write and answer. Who is this girl?
  1. Ask and answer.
a horse. It's a long tail. Smile, please! What's this, Mr Li? It's a goat. Hello, friends! This is our animal world. Please love our animals! a horse. a cow. a rabbit. a cat. a chicken. a dog. a fish. a duck. a turtle. a frog. a sheep. 2 .Listen and number. Woof! Woof! Meow! Meow! Cock-a-doodle-doo! Quack! Quack! Tweet! Tweet! Baa! Baa! Cluck! Cluck! Oink! Oink! Moo! Moo!
  3.Make words. Bed. Desk. Egg. Hen. Leg. Pen. Vet. Wet.
  4.Look,listen,point and read. Bed. Desk. Pen.
Pencil. Pencil-case. Ben. Den. Ken. Len.
  5.Listen and circle. Bad. Bed. Hen. Ham. Pam. Pen. Leg. Lad. Dan. Den. Wet. Mat. Ted. Tap. Net. Map.
  6.Let's play. Duck, duck, duck! Duck, duck, duck! Elephant! Duck, duck, duck! Duck, duck, duck!
  7.Draw,say and stick. This is my cat. I love it. Let me try!
  8."Bingo" game.
  9.Let's sing. Old MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O. And on his farm he had a cow, E-I-E-I-O. With a moo, moo here; and a moo, moo there. Here a moo, there a moo, everywhere a moo, moo. Old MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O.
  10. Listen, number and match. Dog. Chicken. Cat. Goat. Lizard. Duck. Fish.
Cow. Sheep.
  11.Let's guess. What is it? It's a cat. No.
  1.Ask and answer. What would you like, Sir? I want some apples. What would you like, Miss? I want some coconuts, please! How many? I'd like one, please.
  3. Chant it. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. An apple a day that's what I say.
  4.Make words. Dog. Fog. Hot. Hop. Lot. Mop. Not. Cot.
  5.Reading practise. Box. Cob. Clock. Cod. Cock. Dog. Doll. Dot. Fox. Log. Mop. Pod. Pot. Rock.
  6.Listen and circle. Box. Desk. Cop. Cap. Dog. Bed. Got. Get. Hot. Hat. Jog. Jam. Lot. Let. Mop. Map. Not. Net. Pot. Net. Rod. Red. Sock. Sack.
  9.Let's sing. I like to eat apples and bananas. I like to eat pears and coconuts.
  10.Draw and tell. A magic tree! I want my tree full of apples.
  11.Listen and work in pairs. Would you like an orange? Yes, please. Here you are! What's your favourite fruit? I like bananas. How about you? I don't like bananas, but I like peaches. Me too.
  12.Listen, read and write. Two monkeys come to a fruit shop. They want to get some bananas. But they can only get some apples and oranges. So they are not happy. Just then, two children come into the room. They have got a big box. Inside, there are some bananas. The monkeys see them. They are very happy.
  1.Look and guess. a turtle! a clock! a pig! an apple! a fish! What's on the table now?
Hello! This is my friend, Tony. It's our fun time today. Hello! Good morning. Please watch carefully! What's in my hat? Two cars! Two birds! Two books! Three pens! Wow! a baseball! a bird! a bird! a bird! a bird!
  2.Ask and answer. What's in my bag? It's a pen.
  3.Make words. Hid. Lid. Nib. Hit. Sit. Fit. Did. Kid. Nit. Pit.
  4.Reading practise. Pit. Lip. Lid. Six. Hit. Zip. Kit.
  5.listen and write. Write the missing sounds.
  6.a guessing game. What's in my bag? a book. What's in my book? a pen and a ruler. What's in my desk? a bag, a ball,... What's in my hand?
It's an eraser.
  8.Game time. What's in your bag? A ruler? Yes.
  9.Let's chant and sing. What's in the hat? What's in the hat? Rulers, pens, books and pencils. What's in the hat? What's in the hat? Flowers, socks, birds and cars.
  10.Make your own chant. Who can make your own chant? Let me try!
  12.Listen, read and write. This is a big hat. You can eyes many toys in it. You can find a toy car in this big hat. You can find a toy dog in it, too.
  1.Draw or stick and the monster's. Who wants to try? He's got three eyes, four hands, four ears and three legs. Hair. Eye. Ear. Neck. Hand. Foot. Head. Nose. Mouth. Arm. Leg.
  2.Copy cat. Touch your head! Touch your nose! Touch your ears! Touch your mouth!
  3.Do it.
  4.Make words. cup. mud. bus. bug. bud. cut.
gum. bun.

  5.Read and listen. duck. gun. jug. mug. nut. rug. hut. tub.
  6.Group work. Look, do and talk. What can we do with our hands and feet?
touch. clap. hold. pick. write. catch. stand. run. kick. jump. stamp. hop.
  7.Sing, chant and act. You put your right hand in, you take your right hand out. You put your right hand in, and you shake it all about. You do the Hokey Pokey, and you turn yourself around. That's what it's all about.
  8.Pairwork. Look, learn and say. see. smell. hear. taste. touch.
  1) what can you see? I can see a book. What can you hear? I can hear a car.
  2) we can see with our eyes. We can hear with our ears.
  9.Look, match and learn. Sign language. Thank you! Please. No. yes.
  10.Let's play.
  1) pass it and say it. Pen!
  2) feel it and say it. What is it? It's a ruler.
  11.Rhythm-clapping and tapping. One-two-three. One-two-one. Three-two-one. Two-three-one. One-three-two.
  12.Look, guess and match. Whose body is it? Giraffe. Snake. Frog. Duck. Monkey. Elephant. Hippo. Horse. Cow. Tiger. Rabbit. Crocodile.
  13.Listen, look and read. We each have two eyes, two ears, and one mouth. But some monsters have many eyes or ears. They have three hands or four feet. Can you draw a big monster and show it to your classmates?
  1.Let's enjoy.
Let's play games. Which one do you want to play first? Bounce the ball. Kick the shuttlecock. Draw the clown's nose. Catch the beanbag. Hopscotch. Throw the beanbag. Hide and seek. Where is Sam? He must be in the lemon house. Pick an apple and put it under the chair. Do you understand? Yes.
  2.look, listen, point and say. Cake. Name. face. Make. Game. Plane. Wave. Sound practise. Came. Make. Hate. Wake.
  4.sing, chant and Teddy Bear, Teddy Teddy Bear, Teddy Teddy Bear, Teddy Teddy Bear, Teddy Teddy Bear, Teddy Teddy Bear, Teddy Teddy Bear, Teddy Teddy Bear, Teddy
act. Bear, Bear, Bear, Bear, Bear, Bear, Bear, Bear,
turn around. touch the ground. show me your shoes. eat more fruit. go upstairs. wash your hair. turn off the lights. say goodnight.

  5.Pat and catch. Let's catch the big white cat.
  6. a guessing game. Yellow bee, yellow bee. I see something you don't see, and the colour of it is red. a car! a bag! a book!
  10.listen,look and read. Many children come to play in the fruit park because the houses are fruit-shaped. Soon Zhang Nan is in the peach house. Linda is in the pear house. Wang Hua is in the apple house. Li Ming is in the mango house. Lily is in the pineapple house and Sam is in the lemon house. They are each other from the "fruit" houses.

  1.Listen,look and say. This is a new street. The houses are very nice and beautiful. A lot of people live here. Really? Let's go and have a look. Please wait. Hurry up! This is a beautiful house. The windows are blue and the door is red.
  2.listen, look, point and say. bike. five. kite. mike. nine. rice. ride. Sound practise. bite. dine. file. line. mine. nice.
fine. side.
hide. lime. slide. write.

  3.show and tell. What colours have you got? please come to the front, show and tell us. Hello! My cap is blue. My bag is orange and my shorts are green.
  4.Match the socks. Colour the socks a different colour. hat. jacket. sock. skirt. dress. shirt. shoe. dress. T-shirt.
  5.Listen and do. Go to the green tree. Go to the...
  6.Let's chant. Red is the colour for an apple to eat. Blue is the colour for a sea to swim. Yellow is the colour for the great big sun. Green is the colour for the leaves on the tree.
  7.Ask and tick. Do you like blue? Yes, I do./No, I don't.
  8.Look and tick. Choose your favourite colour. You may tick as many as you want.
  9.Look and do the pairwork. What is red? The apple is red.
  10.Look and say. The frog is green. The sheep is white...

  1. Listen, look and say. Sam, where is my toy car? It's under the cap. How much ice cream do you want? Lots, please. a toy motorbike. a toy bike. a toy jeep. a toy train. a toy plane. a toy ship. a toy bus. a toy boat. a boy car.
  2.Look and write. Where is it? It's under the cap. On. Under. In. between. Behind. next to.
  3.Look,listen,point and say. Close. Nose. Phone. Home. Rose. Cone. Sound practice. Zone. Bode. Pope. Lobe. Lone. Token. Joke. code. vote. pole. dose. poke. Those. Hope. Coke. Mole. Note. Sole.
  5.Draw and colour your "new" car.
  6.Sort them out. Which needs wheels? Which needs wings? Which and who need legs?
  7.Pairwork. Have you got a toy car? Yes, I have. Have you got a toy train? No, I haven't.
  8.Let's chant and sing. Train, train, train, we are on the train. Getting off the train, we are in Beijing. Bus, bus, bus, we are on the bus. Getting off the bus, we are in the zoo. Bike, bike, bike, we are on the bike. Getting off the bike, we are at school.

  9.Look and write.
  10.Look and say. The snake is in the tree.
  1.Listen, look and talk. Let's count. one plus two is three. Maths is fun. Three, two, one. Maths is easy. But we're busy. Hey, take away five oranges. Please give me all the pingpong balls. I've got one. I've got two. I've got one. I've got two. I've got one.
  2.Listen, look, point and say. Mute. Huge. Fume. Cute. Duke. Tube. Fuse. Sound practice. Nude. Lute. Mule.

  3.Let's say. four plus three is . six plus two is . six plus one is . nine minus four is . minus three is ten. nine minus three is .
  4.Count, read and order.
  5.Look, think, draw and say. three minus one is two. four minus three is one. four plus two is six. five plus three is eight. nine minus five is four.
  6.Let's play.
  1) Choose one number in the air first. How much do you need to make it 10?
  2)Find the missing numbers on the floor. Which numbers are missing?
  7.Let's chant. one, two, three, three, two, one.
counting numbers is fun. Four, five, six, six, five, four. open the windows and close the door. seven, eight, nine, nine, eight, seven. seven boy's names are called "Steven". ten, ten, ten, ten, ten, ten. ten children want to count them again.
  8.Word total Can you find Can you find Find out the giraffe= snake= hippo= horse= elephant= bee= puzzles. an animal worth less than ANT? an animal worth more than TIGER? value of each animal.

  9.Think and do. Use your own way to do "+"(plus) and "-"(minus).
  1.Listen, look, ask and answer. Hello, Mum and Dad, I've got a friend here. Thanks! Is that your grandma? Yes, she is watering the flowers now. And my grandpa is reading a newspaper. Hello, nice to meet you. Take a seat, I'll be down in a minute. Hi, make yourself at home!
  2.Look, listen, point and say. Book. Cook. Good. Foot. Sound practice. Cool. Hood. Hook. Goose.
Zoo. Root.
Moon. Spoon.
Look. Tooth.
Boot. Pool. Wood. Woo.

  3.Let's sing and work out the puzzle. We are one family, one big, big family. We are one family, one happy, happy family.
  4.Look and talk about Nick's family. Who's Nick's dad? Bob Green. Who's Nick's mum? Sue White.

  5.Make your own family tree and share it with your friends. Choose any one or design your own "family tree".
  6.Look and say. How to greet them? Hello! Hi! Good morning! How do you do! Nice to meet you! This is my dad. He's reading a book. Dad is reading a book. Mum is reading a newspaper. Grandfather is watching TV. Grandmother is drinking tea. Niece is holding a doll. Mickey is eating fish.
  7.Listen and chant. Family, family, a big family. Dad, mum, grandpa. Mickey, niece, grandma. Family, family, a big family.
  8.Making groups. Which ones are of the same "family"? Look and say each picture first and then make groups by circling or drawing a line.
  9.Show and tell. Come and show us your family photo. This is my father. This is my mother. This is my dog.
  1.Listen, look, ask and answer. What's your hobby? I like bike-riding. I like going shopping. I like wearing a red dress. I like swimming. Swimming is good. Come and have a look. Who can be your friends? What does A like doing? A likes flying a kite. I like talking with friends. I like drawing. I like listening to music. I like climbing trees. I like roller-skating. I like helping mum.

  2.Listen, look, point and say. Sheep. Shelf. Shirt. Shoe. Shop. Shorts. Shoulder. Shower. Sound and practise. Short. Fish. Brush. She. Shark. Shall. Should. Show.
  3.Share with My friend is My friend is My friend is My friend is your friends. Pat. She is eight. We often watch TV and do homework together. Sam. He is seven. We often play football together. Ben. He is nine. We often play computer games together. Zhang Xin. We often listen to music together.

  4.Group work. We



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适当运用电教媒体 提高英语教学艺术性

   适当运用电教媒体 提高英语教学艺术性 所谓艺术,就是要多变化,多人性化。任何东西如果只是单一,单调重复的话,就没 有艺术! 艺术基本上有两个功能,第一功能是使人激动,使人思考,使人奋起。第二功能是能 让人放松,使人宁静,使人感悟。在英语课中,教学环境与条件比较狭窄,难免要造成语言 环境与生活环境脱节,导致“聋哑”英语的产生。为了充分提高英语课堂教学的艺术性,使小 学英语全方位开放,不受时间、空间、教材的限制,使素质教育真正落到实处,我们不妨适 当运用电教媒体。 一.善用电教媒体,营造优美的学 ...


   问天气: 问天气 A: How's the weather out there? 外面的天气怎么样? B: It's chilly. 很冷. A: Do you think it might rain? 你想会下雨吗? B: It's beginning to sprinkle. 已经开始下毛毛雨了. A: Do you like rainy days? 你喜欢雨天吗? B: No, I don't. 不喜欢 A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: What's the ...


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   听英文歌学英语 (时态、名词性从句、虚拟语气、状语从句、定语从句) 时态、名词性从句、虚拟语气、状语从句、定语从句) 英语时态: 现在进行时:declan galbraith - walking in the air - 童声 现在完成进行时:way back into love 现在完成时:queen - we are the champions - 皇后乐队 我们是 冠军 过去时现在完成时:george strait - i saw god today 过去完成时:疑问句 have yo ...