姓名 班级得分 一.听选句子(
  10) 听选句子( ) ( )
  1. A. I watched TV yesterday. B. I washed clothes yesterday. C. I watched a movie yesterday. ( )
  2. A. Did you take a bath? B. Did you take a walk? C. Did you take any pictures? ( )
  3. A. I can climb mountains. B. I can climb trees. C. He can climb mountains. ( )
  4.A. Where are the boys? B. There are the boys C. They are boys. ( )
  5. A. Today is Tuesday. B. Today is Thursday. C. Yesterday was Tuesday. 二.单项选择(
  10) 单项选择( ) ( )
  1. What are you doing here? A. I’m buying some bread for my mother. B. Yes, my sister’s here with me. C. I don’t like it here? ( )
  2. What’s the weather like today? A. It’s Sunday today. B. It’s sunny. C. It’s late outside. ( )
  3. My name is Tom. What’s yours? A. Fred . B. Yes, it is. C. Fine thanks. ( )
  4. Can I work here? A. No, I can’t. B. Yes, you can. C. Yes, he can. ( )
  5. What did you eat for lunch, Jane? A. Two cheese sandwiches. B. In my kitchen. C. Because I am hungry. ( )
  6. Is that camera yours? A. I often take pictures for my friends. B. No, it isn’t. Mine is there. C. My camera is in your hand. ( )
  7. How many days in a week? There are seven. A. there are B. there is C. are there ( )
  8. The sheep is big. The elephant is bigger. The hippo is the of the three. A. big B. bigger C. biggest ( )
  9. Can you swim in a pool? No, I . A. can B. can’t C. don’t ( )
  10. Where are my books? They’re your bag. A. not B. between C. in 把单词的适当形式写在相应的横线上( ) 三. 把单词的适当形式写在相应的横线上(
  20) hotter, easier, hottest, easiest, buses, working, eat, tries, came, write, women, running, drink, thinnest, has, took, boxes, having, washes, went, men, swim, fattest, flying, goes, got
  2. -ing 形式 bus box man woman work have fly run

  3. 第三人称单数 try wash go have

  4. 比较级最高级 easy hot fat thin
  5. 动词的原形 drank ate wrote swam cinema library hospital swimming pool school
在相应的词语之间连线( ) 四. 在相应的词语之间连线(
  10) (
  1. see films
  2. read books
  3. swim
  4. see a doctor
  5. learn English
  1. play TV
  2. watch football
  3. climb bikes
  4. ride mountains
  5.draw pictures 选词填空( ) 五.选词填空(
  10) watched can’t sick went When
  1. A: Can you catch the bird? B: No, I .
  2. A: Where did you go yesterday? B: I to Shanghai.
  3. A: did you get up? B: At 7:
  4. A: What did you do yesterday? B: I TV and made dumplings.
  5. A: Why did you go to bed so early? B: Because I felt . 六.连词成句(
  10) 连词成句( )
  1. bread some is there fridge the in 冰箱里有一些面包
  2.doll buy did a yesterday you 你昨天买了一个洋娃娃吗?
  3.table there a book Maths is on the 桌子上有一本数学书
  4.did what you for eat supper 你昨天晚饭吃了什么?
  5.you go bed to 你昨天晚上几点睡的? when did night last

写出动词的过去时态( ) 七.写出动词的过去时态(
  8) go get have say
is take
are am
  10) 翻译句子( )
  1. Sunday is a happy day for Tom because he can go shopping.
  2. I can sing an English song.
  3. Where are the books? They’re on the shelf.
  4. There isn’t any fruit in the fridge?
  5. What did you do last Sunday? I took some pictures. 九.阅读并回答问题(
  12) 阅读并回答问题( ) Last week Bill went shopping with his sister Jane and his aunt Jill. They went to the bank and then they went to the market. Aunt Jill bought some fruit, mangoes and apples. Bill wanted coconuts, but there weren’t any. Aunt Jill bought some ice creams. She had one, Jane had one, but Bill had two ice creams. Questions:
  1. When did Bill go shopping?
  2. How many people went shopping?
  3. Where did they go first?
  4. What kind of fruit did Aunt Jill buy?
  5. What did they all eat?
  6. Who had one ice cream?



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