一.下列每组单词中,有一个与所给单词不同类,将其序号填入题前括号内(20 分) ( )
  1. panda A. tiger A. day A. leg A. three A. man A. red A. peach A. bee A. feel A. guitar B. ruler B. Tuesday B. foot B. door B. teacher B. brown B. plane B. butterfly B. cough B. pants C. zebra C. Friday C. grape C. seven C. nurse C. skirt C. pear C. dog C. cold C. violin
( )
  2. Monday ( )
  3. hand ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  4. one )
  5. doctor )
  6. white )
  7. banana )
  8. ant )
  9. headache )
  10. piano
二、选择正确的词填空(20 分) ( )
  1. A. What ( )
  2. Sally is A. hungry ( )
  3. A. How often B. tall floor do you live?I live on the second floor. B. Where C. Which . She can't get the book on the table. C. short
do you go to see movies? Once a week. B. Where C. When
( )
  4.-- is the coat? --Thirty-five Yuan, please. A .How B. How much C. How old .
( )
  5. I can't hear you. Please read it
A. carefully
B. loudly
C. quickly
( )
  6. What's wrong with you? A. I have a headache. you? ( )
  7. What's the weather like today? A. It's Sunday today. ( )
  8. Where is Tom going? A. He's watching TV. ( B. He can do it. C. He's going to school. B. It's sunny. C. It's late outside. B. I don't like beans. C. Is there any thing wrong with

  9.当别人对你说“Let’s go skating!”,你不想去可以说: A. Sorry, I can’t. B.OK, let’s go. C. That’s a good idea.

  10. 当别人对你说“What’s your job?” 你可以说: B. I’m a doctor. C. I’m Li Ming’s mother.
A. I’m Kate.
三、选择恰当的答案(15 分) ( )
  1. Your new dress is very nice. How much is it? ( )
  3. Are there any apples on the desk? bus? ( )
  5. When does the supermarket open? A. Near the tall tree B. Thank you. It’s 35 Yuan. C. Yes, there are some apples. ( )
  2. Where is the washroom?
( )
  4. Do you often go to school by
D. It opens at 8:00 in the morning bike.
E. No, I don’t. I go to school by
四、组句 (15 分)
  1.How often you play football do?.

  2. eats always ice-creams on He Saturdays.

  3. I you help Can?

  4. the dress How is much?

  5. Peter going sometimes swimming likes.

五、读下面故事,然后选择.(15 分)
There is an apple tree in the yard of Mike’s house. There are a lot of apples on the tree. They’re big, red, and sweet. One day, Mike wants to get an apple because he likes eating apples very much, but he’s too short. So he puts a chairs under the tree. He wants stand on the chair to get the apple, but he still can’t get it.
His brother comes up to help him. He gets two apples. One is for Mike, the other one is for himself. Mike is very happy. ( )
  1. An apple tree is . A. near Mike’s house C. in Mike’s yard B. behind Mike’s house D. in Mike’s room
( )
  2. Mike . So he wants to get an apple. A. is hungry apples. ( )
  3. Mike puts a chair under the tree because. A. he is too short to get the apple C. his brother asks him to do that B. he wants to stands on it D. he is tired B. is tall C. very happy D. likes eating
( )
  4. His brother gets at last(最后) A. one apple B. two apples C. three apples D. nothing
( )
  5. Is Mike very happy at the end? A. Yes, he is B. No, he isn’t C. Yes, it is
六、读下面故事,然后回答问题(15 分) Last week Bill went shopping with his sister Jane and his aunt Mary. They went to the bank first and then they went to the market. Aunt Mary bought some fruitgrapes and apples. Bill wanted coconuts, but there weren't any. Aunt Mary bought some ice
creams. She had one, Jane had one, but Bill had two ice creams, Bill was very happy. Questions:
  1. How many people went shopping? 2 Where did they go first?
  3. What kind of fruit did Aunt Mary buy?
  4. Who had two ice creams?
  5. Was Bill very happy?



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