二级上册班单元测试二 2008-7-23 Unit4?unit6 重新排列字母,使其成为完整的单词。10%
oard ddirle isanld umscioobk trstee

armket t s r ai h g t ounrd wtaerafll incema
  1, What’s the English for “Dalanqiu”?(
  2, What’s the Chinese for “coconut”? (
  3, What’s twenty-three plus nine? (
  4, What’s ninty minus seventy? (
  5, You can read many books here. (
  6, You can go to a place by bus here. (
  7, You can put your money here. (
  8, You can go there if you are not felling well. (
  9, You can drink coffee here. (
  10, You can see many animals here. ( 读题选择。20%
  1, Ben: Can I help you?( A: Yes, here it is. C: Yes, you are. ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )
B: Yes, please. I want some fish. D: Yes, please help me.

  2, 2, Peter: Can I play football with you? ( A: No, I can’t . B: Yes, he can.
C: Yes, you can. )

  3, 3, Sam: Can you wait for me at the bus station? ( A: Sorry, I can’t. B: Yes, please. C: I’m ok. ) C: Yes, of course. )

  4, 4, Linda: Can you mop the floor? ( A: No, you can’t. B: Thank you.

  5, 5, Mary: What are you going to do? ( A: You can ask my mum. C: To the zoo.
B: I’m going to play tennis. D: at home. )

  6, 6, Mary: Can I go with you to play it? ( A: Sure. B: No, I can’t C: Yes, I can.

  7, 7, Mary: Who is going to play with you? ( A: Yes, I am. B:Do you know. C: Sam. )

  8, 8, Mary: Where are you going to play? ( A: We are playing outside. B: In the playground in our school. C: Now.
  9, 9, How do you go to school? ( A: By bus. B: once a week. ) B: go shopping. D: going shop ) C: Tomorrow.

  10, 10, They like to( A: going shopping. C: go shop.
  1,What does he like doing?

2, What
does she like to do?
does he like doing?
What kind of books do you like to read?
What kind of books do you like to read?

读题填入图片所代表的单词。并猜出答案。10% What am I?
My name is May. I live in a small
Ann and her mum and dad. I’ve got

two arms. I’ve got long yellow

and brown beautiful dress and white
I wear a I
can’t read.
speak. In the day, I sit
next to the
Ann’s bedroom. at
night, I sleep with Ann in her What am i? I am a __ __ __ __! 读句子判断是否正确。10%

She is having an English class.(
They are dancing now. (
He is riding a bike.(
He is playing with a dog.(
He is cooking.(
  1, Ok, I’ll ask her right now. Goodbye!
  2, I’m sorry. I don’t know. I’ve got my book. look, it’s here.
  3, Maybe it’s May’s. You can ask her.
  4, Goodbye!
  5, Jane, whose book is this? Do you know?
  6, Well, whose book is it then?
  1, he what does doing like? 2, come and in look the at new shoes. 3, place which would like you go to? 4, we on are our for way a holiday. 5, I can ask question a ? 阅读短文,回答问题。9% Hi! my name is Lily. I am ten years old. I am in Class four Grade five. In our class. Anna likes to draw pictures. Tom likes playing football. Bill likes to play basketball, and Sam likes to read books. We all have different hobbies. 1, Wha’s her name? 2, Was she nine years old last year? 3, Which class is she in? 4, What does Anna’s hobby? 5, What does Bill like doing best?



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