Name 听力 Listening part
一、Listen and choose(听录音, 选出您所听到的单词) ( )
  1、 A. doll B. dog C. bus D. don‘t ( )
  2、 A. open B. pen C. crayon D. ball pen ( )
  3、 A. 97 B. 67 C. 37 D. 87 ( )
  4、 A. 10:15 B. 10:50 C. 2:12 D.2:20 ( )
  5、 A. he B. she C. we D. see ( )
  6、 A. write B. white C. what D. water ( )
  7、 A. bread B. balloon C. blue D. bird ( )
  8、 A. purse B. puzzle C. puppet D. perhaps ( )
  9、 A. shorts B. shoes C. socks D. so ( )
  10、A. thirty B. thirteen C. forty D. thirsty ( )
  11. A. Tuesday B. Thursday C. Wednesday ( )
  12. A. sweep B. sweet C. strict ( )
  13. A. Mr B. Mrs C. Miss ( )
  14. A. closet B. clothes C. clouds ( )
  15. A. path B. park C. pork 二、 听录音,判断你所听到的内容与句子是否相符,相符的打“√”,不相符的打“×” ( )
  1. Yang Ling and her sister are playing the violin. ( )
  2. I can make a puppet,but Nancy can make a model plane. ( )
  3. Helen doesn’t like drawing pictures. ( )
  4. We like the five tigers on the kite. ( )
  5. They often dance and play basketball after school 三、Listen and choose(听录音, 选择正确的答案) ( )
  1. A. He is young and active. B. He is strict and tall. C. He is smart and active. ( )
  2. A. It’s over the bed. B. It’s near the closet. C. It’s over the end table. ( )
  3. A. We have cabbage and fish. B. We have potatoes and pork. C. We have mutton and potatoes. ( )
  4. A. I can make the bed. B. I can clean the bedroom. C. I can put away the clothes. ( )
  5. A. Fish. B. Apples. C. Cabbage. 四、Listen and number(根据录音顺序用
  2. 3…, 给下列句子标序号) ( )
  1. What can you do? ( )
  2. Great! You’re helpful. ( )
  3. Are you helpful at home, Chen Jie? ( )
  4. I can sweep the floor. I can cook the meals. ( )
  5. Sure. 五、Listen and write(听一听, 写一写)
Hello! I’m Amy. I’m thin and . My favourite day is , because we have tofu and for lunch that day. I often watch TV and books at home. I’m helpful at home. I can cook the meals. Look! There is a big and many colorful(色彩缤纷的) flowers near my house! How nice!
笔试 Writing part 六、Read and choose the right answer(找出下列每组单词中不同类的单词) ( )
  1. A. young B. active C. principal ( )
  2. A. food B. sweet C. fresh ( )
  3. A. closet B. cloud C. curtain ( )
  4. A. building B. grass C. flower ( )
  5. A. near B. behind C. nice ( )
  6. A. he B. she C. we D. Mr Hill ( )
  7. A. lunch B. hungry C. dinner D. breakfast ( )
  8. B.bathroom C.livingroom D.classroom ( )
  9. A. like B. under C. over D. behind ( )
  10. B. grass C.trees D. farm 七、Read and write(根据汉语提示写单词或短语) . (文静的)
  1. She’s young and pretty. she’s very .(星期四)
  2. What day is it today? It’s
  3. ?What’s your favourite fruit? ?I like grapes. Thay’re . (酸的)
  4. ?What can you do, Mike? ?I can . (浇花) (卫生间)and a living room.
  5. There are two bedrooms, a kitchen, a 八、Read and choose the right answer(单项选择) ( )
  1. ? ? ?I often watch TV and read books. A. What can you do? B. What do you have on Fridays? C. What do you do on Saturdays? ( )
  2. There is a big bridge the river. A. on B. over C. near ( )
  3. I watch TV Saturdays. A. on B. at C. in ( )
  4. What do you have on Tuesdays? A. Today is Tuesday. B. We have cabbage and tofu for lunch. C. We have computer, P.E and math. ( )
  5. What's your favourite fruit?
A. I like mutton. It’s health. B. I like grapes. They are sour. C. I like grean beans. It’s fresh. ( )
  6. ?Tomorrow is Tuesday ,What day is it today? ?Today is . A. Monday B. Saturday C. Wednesday many small houses in my village. ( )
  7. There A. is B. are C. have you like for dinner? ( )
  8. What A. are B. do C. would ( )
  9. ?Are you helpful at home? ? . A. Yes, I am. B. Yes, I can. C. Yes, I do. ( )
  10. Are there any tall buildings in the village ? A. No, there aren’t. B. Yes, there is. C. No, there isn’t. 九.Read and find(读一读, 找答语)
  1). ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. What’s your room like ? )
  2. Where is the school? )
  3. What would you like for lunch? )
  4. Are there any goats? )
  5. Can you use a computer? A. Yes, I can. B. No, there aren’t. C. It’s nice and big. D. I’d like some tomatoes and mutton. E. It’s in the village.

  2). Ⅰ Ⅱ ( )
  1、Is this your jacket? A. I‘m ill. ( )
  2、What’s the time? B. They‘re my father’s. ( )
  3、Shall we copy it now? C. She‘s in the classroom. ( )
  4、What’s the matter? D. Yes, I do. ( )
  5、My pencil is too short. E. At four. ( )
  6、What time do you go home? F. Thank you. ( )
  7、Where is Miss Li? G. You can have this long one. ( )
  8、Do you like puppets? H. Four thirty. ( )
  9、Whose jeans are they? I. All right. ( )
  10、Here‘s a kite for you. J. No, it isn’t. 十.排序
  1. Oh, what’s the matter?
  2. I‘m sorry. Are you ill?
  3. Good morning! How are you?
  4. I’m tired.
  5. No, I‘m not ill.
  6. Thank you very much.
  7. Not so good.
  8. Here’s a chair for you.



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