Where are you going? I'm going to school。你要去哪里? 我上学去。 Where are you going? We're going to the playground。你们要去哪? 我们去操场。 What's the weather like today?今天的天气怎样? It's cloudy and windy. It's going to rain. 阴天又起风,快要下雨了。 What's the weather like on Monday? It's rainy. 周一的天气怎样? 下雨。 Is that dog yours? No, it isn't. 那只狗是你的吗? 不是的。 Whose new car is this? It's mine. 这是谁的新车子? 是我的。 Is it Peter's? Sorry, I don't know. 是彼得的吗? 我不知道。 Do you often play football? Yes, I do. 你经常踢足球吗? 是的。 Do you often go to see movies? No, I don't. 你经常去看电影吗? 不是的。 What does your father do every day? 你父亲每天在干什么? He often works at his computer. 他常在电脑上工作。 What is the teacher doing? 老师在干什么? He's reading some newspapers. 他在看些报纸。 Who opens the door? 谁在开门? What does the math teacher say? 数学老师说些什么? Bill is hungry. 比尔饿了。 Is he tall ? Yes, he is. 他长得高吗? 是的。 Is she young? No, she isn't. 她年轻吗? 不是的。 How many people are there in your family? Five. 你家有几口人? 五口。 Who are they? 他们分别是谁? They're my grandparents, my parents and me. 我的祖父母,父母和我。
What is your father? He's a doctor. 你父亲是干什么的? 他是医生。 Who often cooks in your family? My mother. 在你家里谁常做饭的? 我母亲。 Who likes to watch TV in your family? 在你家谁喜欢看电视的? My father and I. 我和我父亲。 The sun is bigger than the earth. 太阳比地球大。 Which is bigger, the sun or the earth? The sun. 太阳和地球,哪个更大? 太阳。 Which is the biggest animal? 最大的动物是什么? The biggest animal is the blue whale. 最大的动物是蓝鲸。 Which animal is the quickest of the three? 哪个动物是这三个里跑得最快的? How many days are there in a week? There are seven days。一周有几天?7 天。 What are they? They're Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday . 它们是哪几天?它们是.....。 What classes does Peter have on Monday? 彼得在周一上那些课? He has English, Chinese, and P.E.. 他要上英语、语文和体育。 I can do it. Can you? 我能做,你呢? Can you skate? Yes, I can. 你会溜冰吗? 会的。 Can you catch the bird? No, I can't. 你会捉鸟吗? 我不会。 Where are the boys? They're in the classroom. 男孩在哪里? 在教室里。 Where's my bag? It's under your bed. 我的包在哪? 在你的床底下。 There isn't any food in the fridge. 冰箱里没有食物了。 There aren't any bananas in the fridge, but there are some potatoes。 冰箱里没有香蕉了,但还有些土豆。 What did you do last Sunday? 上周日你做了些什么? I did many things. I went to a park. I watched TV. 我做了很多事。我去了公园,又 看了电视。
Did you have a good time last Sunday? Yes, I did。上周日你玩的开心吗? 是的。 Who is your best friend? Daisy is my best friend 你最好的朋友是谁?戴茜。 She is only seven years old. She lives on a small farm。她只有七岁。 她住在小农 场里。 Which floor do you live on? I live on the tenth floor。你住在哪一楼? 十楼。 Where does Sam live? 萨姆住在哪儿? He lives in a tall building. 他住在一座大楼里。 Shall I wash my socks? Yes, please。我可以洗我的袜子吗? 可以。 Shall I carry the bag for you? 我帮你带这个包好吗? No, thanks. 不用了,谢谢。 This carrot is too big. It's heavy. 这个萝卜太大了,很重。 Would you like some apples? 你想要些苹果吗 Yes, I'd love to. No, thank you.?是的。 不,谢谢。 What does the man want to have.? 男人想要什么? Which bedroom does the man choose? 男人会选哪个房间? What pets does the woman want? 女人想要哪个宠物? What do you like doing best? I like playing tennis. 你最喜欢干什么? 打网球。 I like singing but he likes dancing. 我喜欢唱歌但他喜欢跳舞。 Is your brother named Peter? Yes, he is。你的兄弟叫彼得吗? 是的。 How do you go to school? I go there by bus. 你是怎样去上学的?我乘公交车去的。 When does the zoo open? It opens at 7:
  00. 动物园什么时候开门? 7 点。 When does the film start? It starts at 8:
  00. 电影什么时候开始? 8 点。 How often do you go to the park? 你多久去一次公园? Once a week. 一周一次 Twice a month。一月两次 Three times a year。一年三次
How much is the ticket? It's 20 yuan. 票价多少? 20 元。 Let's make fruit salad. 让我们来做水果沙拉。 Have you got an apple? Yes, I have. 你有苹果吗? 有。 Has Jane got a new computer? No, she hasn't. 珍妮有新电脑吗? 没有。 Can I help you? Sure, I'd like to buy a pencil. 你要什么? 我想买铅笔。 Can I have one please? Sure. Here you are. 我可以要一个吗? 可以。给你。 I like birds but I don't like dogs. 我喜欢鸟但我不喜欢狗。 What's wrong with you? I have a headache。你怎么了? 我头疼。 What's the matter with you? I have a toothache。你怎么了? 我牙疼。 Is there anything wrong with you? I have a bad cold. 你怎么了?我得了重感冒。 Did you have a bad cough yesterday? Yes, I did。昨晚你咳的严重吗?是的。 You should take a rest. 你应该休息。 You must clean your bedroom before you go out。在你出去之前你得先打扫好你的 卧室。 Where does Kevin's father work? 凯文的父亲在哪儿工作? He works in a computer company. 他在一家电脑公司工作。 When does Kevin's father have his lunch? 凯文的父亲什么时候吃午饭? He always has his lunch at one o'clock. 他总是在一点钟吃午饭。 Please read it loudly. 请大声朗读。 Please do it carefully. 请认真做(这事)。 Please walk with her slowly. 请跟她一起慢慢走。 You've got to see the animals. 你得(应该)去看一看那些动物。 I've got to go now because it's getting late. 我现在得走了,因为很晚了。
动词过去式: come came go sit went sat sleep slept stand stood 重要词组: play with 和...玩 by bus 乘公交车 wait for 等待 kinds of 种类 ask for 要求 a piece of 一块 a bunch of 一束 be afraid of 害怕 run away 逃跑 have a good time 玩得开心 look for 寻找 as much as 和...一样多 at home 在家 a few 一些 go on 继续 worry about 担心 after sport 运动后 a cup of 一杯 a pair of 一双 by oneself 自己 take back 带回 stop doing 停止做 enjoy doing 喜欢做 get on 上车 all of 所有 put on 穿上 a lot of 许多 go out of 走出 draw drew ride have rode had drink drank eat ate run do ran did say said see saw were took get got sing sang make made
swim swam take is/am was are
throw threw write wrote
time for lunch 午餐时间 far away 远 get off 下车 one of them 其中 take off 脱下 plenty of 大量 a bottle of 一瓶 from... to...从...到...
a glass of 一玻璃杯 a bowl of 一碗
make face 做鬼脸 stay in bed 躺在床上 pick up 捡起 wake up at six 六点苏醒 work at his computer 电脑上工作
five to ten 十点差五分 not ...any more 不再 take a good rest 好好休息 on one's way 去...路上
I.Choose the correct words for the sentences。(选择正确的词填空)
  1. Jane at six every morning。 A. wake B. wake up C. wakes up
  2. Sally is . She cant get the book on the top of the bookcase。 A. hungry B. tall;C. short
  3. You need to go sailing。 A. ship B. glasses C. bag
  4. Which is colder, the ice-cream or the hamburger? The is colder。 A. icecream B. hamburger
  5.Who is the oldest of the three? 。 A. grandfather B. father C. me
  6. I cant hear you. Please read it 。 A. carefully B. loudly C. qucikly II. Read and choose the right answer. (阅读并选择正确的答案)
  1. Whats wrong with you? A. I have a headache. B.I dont like beans C. Is there any wrong with you?
  2. Whats the weather like today? A. Its Sunday today. B. Its sunny. C. Its late outside。
  3. Where is Tom going? A. Hes watching TV. B. He can do it. C. Hes going to his school。
  4. Is that camera yours?
A. I often take pictures for my friends。 B. No, it isnt. Mine is there。 C. My camera is in your hand。 III. Translate sentences into English(中译英)
  1。你住在几楼?我住在 10 楼。
  2。我可以洗我的袜子吗?可以,请吧。 IV. Translate sentences into Chinese. (英译中)
  1.Would you like some apples? Yes, Id like to。
  2.I like singing but he likes dancing。 V. Read the story then answer the question. (读下面故事,然后回答问题) Last week Bill went shopping with his sisters Jane and his aunt Jill. They went to the bank and then they went to the market. Aunt Jill bought some fruit-mangoed and apples. Bill wanted coconuts, but there werent any. Aunt Jill bought some ice creams. She had one, Jane had one, but Bill had two。 QUestions:
  1. When did Bill go shopping?
  2. How many people went shopping?
  3. Where did they go first?
  4. What kind of fruit did Aunt Jill buy?
  5. What did they all eat?
  6. Who had one ice cream?



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