1. Hi! Everybody!嗨,大家好!
  2. Hello! 你们好!
  3. Good morning/ afternoon/Evening! 早上/下午好/晚上好!
  4. Good morning/good afternoon, class/everyone/boys and girls/Children! 同学们,上午/下午好!
  5. How are you? 你们好吗? Fine, thank you .我很好,谢谢你。
  6. Nice to meet/see you. 很高兴见到你们. Glad to meet you .见到你很高兴! Nice to see/meet you again. It’s nice to see you again.很高兴再次见到你们!
  7. Happy Children’s Day.儿童节快乐!
  8. Merry Christmas Day.圣诞节快乐!
  9. Happy Mid-Autumn Day. 中秋快乐!

  10. Happy birthday to you! 祝你生日快乐!
  11. Happy New Year! 新年快乐!
  12. Happy Teachers’ Day! 教师节快乐!
  13.What’s your name?My name is Bobo. 你叫什么名字?我叫 Bobo。 Now, let me introduce myself.现在我介绍一下我自己。
  14. Are you Andy ? Yes, I am .你是安迪吗?是的,我是。

  15.Where is Andy?I am here.安迪在哪里?我在这里。
  16. Give me a big hug .给我一个大大的拥抱。
  17. You look so pretty today! 你今天看上去真漂亮!
  18. What’s the weather like today? 今天天气怎么样啊? It’s sunny/rainy/cloudy/windy/snowy today. 今天阳光灿烂/雨天/多云/有风/下雪。 二.课堂组织用语 。 1 Class begins!上课。 2 Now let’s begin our class/Lesson.上课。 3 Time is up. It’s time for class.时间到了,该下课了。
  4. Well, that’s the end of our class.下课。
  5. Be quiet! 安静!

  6. Silence, please. 安静!
  7. Stand up, please. 起立!
  8. Sit down, please. 坐下!
  9. Sit up/well. 做好!
  10. One, two, three, four , four ,four. (做好的前提语)
  11. No playing.不要玩。
  12. Hands on knees.小手放在膝盖上。
  13. Sit well/straight. 坐好/正。
  14. Be careful.小心。
  15.Follow directions.听指令。
  16.Listen carefully.仔细听。 三.课堂活动用语
  1.Come here ,please.请过来。 Come to the front, please. 请到前面来。
  2.Go back to your seat, please.请回到你的座位上。
  3. Let’s listen.咱们一起听。
  4. Let’s make.一起做。
  5. Let’s chant.一起说唱。
  6. Let’s sing.一起唱。
  7. Let’s learn.一起学。
  8. Let’s count.一起数。
  9. Let’s do actions.一起作动作。
  10. Let’s watch cartoon.一起看动画。
  11. Let’s talk in English.一起来说英语。
  12. Let’s play a game. 我们一起做游戏。
  13. Let’s watch and play.一起看图说话。
  14. Let’s do a Warm-up.我们一起做热身。
  15. Are you ready ? 你们准备好了吗?
  16. Ready, go! 准备,开始!
  17.Quicky/slowly.快点、慢点。Hurry up! 赶快!
  18. By turns. /One by one.按顺序./一个一个的来。
  19.Look at me ,please.请看着我。 Look at me/her/him. 看我/她/他
  20.Pease look at the blackboard/your books..请看黑板/书。

  21.Please speak loudly.请大声说。
  22.Lit next to me.请坐在旁边。
  23. Everybody together!/ All together!大家一起来。
  24.I’m going to tell you a story.我要给你们讲个故事。
  25.Shh,please listen carefully.嘘,请仔细听。
  26.Behave yourself.表现好一点。
  27. Look at the blackboard 看黑板/书!
  28. Do you have any questions? 你们有问题吗?
  29. Understand? 明白吗?/ Clear? 明白吗?
  30. Pardon? 再说一遍好吗?
  23. Can you hear me? 能听见吗?
  24. Can you see it / the blackboard? 能看到它/黑板吗?
  25. Listen and do the action. 听并做动作。
  26. Listen and point.听并指。
  27. Listen and repeat. 听并重复。
  28. Listen and answer the question. 听然后回答问题。
  29. Listen read and spell the words. 听读并拼出这些单词
  30. Listen and read twice for each word. 听并把每个词读两遍。
  31. Read and write. 读并写
  32. Write it on the blackboard/in your exercise book/workbook/ a piece of paper . 把它写在黑板上/你们的练习本上/活动用书/一张纸上。
  33. Have a try. 试一试 Try again, please./Once more, please. 再试一次/再来一遍。
  34. Pay more attention to this, please. 请注意这一点。
  35. Put up your hands/Raise your hand/Hands up. 举起手来
  36. Put down your hands/ Hands down. 放下手。
  37. Now please work in groups/pairs 小组/同桌两人讨论。
  38. Talk to your partner. 跟同桌讨论。
  39. Tell your desk mate 告诉同桌。
  40. Let review the song/game.我们来复习歌曲/游戏。
  41. Open your books, please. 请翻开书。
  42. Please turn to Page
  12. 请翻开书到 12 页。

  43. Please take out your notebooks/exercise books. 请拿出笔记本/练习本。 四、表扬鼓励用语
  1. Good! ( better best )好!(更好!最好!)
  2. Right! 正确!
  3. Yes! 是的!
  4. Very good! 非常好!
  5. Great! 太棒了!
  6. Wonderful! 非常精彩!
  7. Excellent! 很棒的!/Much better.好多了。
  8. Great job! 做的不错!Exactly.完全正确。
  9. Well done! 做的好!
  10. Cool! 太棒了!/Super! 超级棒!/Bingo!很棒!
  11. That was great! 非常好!
  12. You are great! 你真棒!
  13. You have done a great job.你做的非常棒。
  14. He has done a good job.他做的很好!
  15. You are a wonderful boy/ girl. 你是个很棒的男孩/女孩。
  16. You are the winner! 你是获胜者!
  17. Congratulations! 祝贺你!
  18. Claps 鼓掌! /A big kiss/hug.一个热情的吻/拥抱。
  19. You are special! 你很特别啊!
  20. You are so clever.你太聪明了! 五、课堂批评用语
  1. Stop talking! No talking!不要讲话!
  2. Don’t be late again! 下次不要再迟到!
  3. Don’t do that again! 不要再那么做了!
  4. I’m sorry you are wrong. 很遗憾,你错了!
  5. I’m sorry, but that’s wrong. 很抱歉,那是错的!
  6. No laughing /fighting/pushing/yelling/Playing! (Pease don’t laugh /fight/push/yell/play!) 请不要笑/打架/推/大喊/玩。 六.课堂提问用语

  1. What’s this/that/it? 这/那/它是什么? It’s a book/an apple/egg.它是一本书/一个苹果/鸡蛋。
  2. Is this/that/it a bird/an elephant? 这/那/它是一只鸟/大象吗?
  3. What day is it today? 今天星期几? It’s Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/ Friday/Saturday.今天是星期日/一/二/三/四/五/六.
  4. What do you like? 你喜欢什么?
  5. Do you like apple or banana? 你喜欢苹果还是香蕉?
  6. What color is it? 它是什么颜色? It’s red/green/blue/yellow.它是红/绿/蓝/黄/色。
  7. How many fingers do you have? 你有几个手指?
  8. Who would like to answer my question? 谁想回答我的问题?
  9. Who wants to try? 谁来试一试?
  10. What’s wrong/matter with you ? 你怎么了? 七.课堂告别用语
  1. Bye.再见!
  2. Goodbye/bye-bye。再见!
  3. See you! 再见!
  4. See you tomorrow! 明天见!
  5. See you on Tuesday.星期二见!
  6. Have a nice weekend.周末愉快!
  7. Have a nice holiday.假期愉快!
  8. Have a good time! 祝你们度过一个快乐的时光!
  9. Hope to see you again.希望再次见到你们。
  10. Good lucky! 祝你好运!
  11. Have a wonderful night! 做个好梦。



   一、问候用语 1. Hi! Everybody!嗨,大家好! 2. Hello! 你们好! 3. Good morning/ afternoon/Evening! 早上/下午好/晚上好! 4. Good morning/good afternoon, class/everyone/boys and girls/Children! 同学们,上午/下午好! 5. How are you? 你们好吗? Fine, thank you .我很好,谢谢你。 6. Nice to meet/see yo ...


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