XXXXXX 学校 剑桥少儿英语启蒙 启蒙( 教学质量测试卷 剑桥少儿英语启蒙(下册)半期教学质量测试卷
Chinese Name 汉语名) (汉语名) 题号 得分 Ⅰ Ⅱ Ⅲ English Name 英文名) (英文名) 总分
Listening(30 points) ( )
Ⅰ. Listen and tick. ( )
  1. B
  2. X ( )
  1. O
  2. W ( )
  1. T
  2.Y ( )
  4. A. Ben B. Daisy ( )
  5. A. father B. mother ( )
  6. A. China B. the USA ( )
  7. A. red B. yellow ( )
  8. A. six B. two ( )
  9. A. go to school C. go back home ( )
  10. A. This is my mother. C. this is my father. Ⅱ. Look, listen and link.
  3. E
  3. H
  4. J
  3. Z
  4. L C. Mary D. Tom C. sister D. brother C. the UK D. Japan C. blue D. green C. three D. four B. go to bed D. get up B. That’s is my sister. D. That’s is my brother.
Ⅲ. Listen and tick in the brackets.
Ⅳ. Listen and fill in the blanks. This is my family. This is my mother. She is a (teacher\nurse). This is my father. He is a (teacher\doctor). That is my sister. She is a (pupil\nurse). I am a (teacher\pupil). My family is happy. There is a table in my bedroom. This is my bedroom. There is a (table\door)and a (bed\book)in my bedroom. There is a (window\pencil)and a clock on the wall. There is a toy on the (bed\desk).
Writing(70 points) ( )
个字母的大小写。 Ⅰ. 默写 26 个字母的大小写。
抄写下列单词和短语,注意占格。 Ⅱ. 抄写下列单词和短语,注意占格。 father pupil teacher
My mother is a teacher.
This is my room.
Happy birthday to you!
It’s nine.
选出正确的答案,填在括号里。 Ⅲ. 选出正确的答案,填在括号里。 ( )
  1.??Good evening, Meg. Ted. A. Good morning B. Good afternoon C. Good evening D. Good night ( )
  2.what’s your name? . A. I’m six B. It’s a book C. My name is Sam D. Good bye ( )
  3.Where are you from? . A. I’m from China. B. I’m OK. C. Good D. I live in Beijing. ( )
  4. What time is it? A. This is a book. B. It’s nine C. That’s all right. D. Can I help you? ( )
  5. What day is today? A. It’s six. B. My name is Tom. C. Today is Sunday. D. Thank you. 连线题。 Ⅳ. 连线题。
Ⅴ. Fill in the blanks with correct words
am, In
I a nurse. My mother a doctor.
My father You
a teacher. a pupil.
There is a book the desk. There is a toy the sofa. There is a TV the table. There is a bird the tree.
get up have breakfast
at six. at seven.
go to school go back home

  2. I
  4. at eight. at five.

  1. I
  3. I
Additional (20 points) )
写出下列句子的中文意思。 Ⅰ. 写出下列句子的中文意思。
  1. Nice to see you!
  3. Where are you from?

  2.Thank you!
  4. I’m from China.
Ⅱ. Read and colour.



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