I like apples
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四年级 UNIT2 Bag 包 铅笔 钢笔 书 尺子 铅笔盒
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an apple apples a banana bananas a pear pears a grapea mangograpes mangoes
a grapefruitgrapefruits
an orangeoranges a peachpeaches a pineapplepineapples a coconutcoconuts a watermelonwatermelons a lemonlemons
An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
一天一个苹果,医生不来找我. 一天一个苹果,医生不来找我. An apple a day that’s what I say
一天一个苹果, 一天一个苹果,就是我所要说的
What would you like ,Miss?
I want some coconuts, please!
How many? 多少
I’d like one , please.我想要 我想要 一个. 一个.
What would you like, sir? 你想要些什么,先生? 你想要些什么,先生?
I want some apples 我想要些苹果
Would you like an apple? Yes ,please.\ No ,thanks
O d o -- ?dog O f o fog雾 雾 O ho hot热 热
O?lolot签 签 Omomop拖把 拖把 Ononot
儿童摇床 Ohohop单腿跳 Ococot儿童摇床 单腿跳
Box盒子 盒子 Cob 玉米 Clock 闹钟 Cod雪鱼 雪鱼 Cock公鸡 公鸡
Dog 狗 Doll洋娃娃 洋娃娃 Dot点 点 Fox狐狸 狐狸 Log圆木 圆木
Mop拖把 拖把 Pod豆荚 豆荚 Pot茶壶 茶壶 Rock岩石 岩石 Sock短袜 短袜
(1-)Would you like an orange? Yes, please.
  2)Here you are ! What’s your favourite fruit? I like bananas. How about you ?
  3)I don’t like bananas, but I like peaches. Me too.
Two come to a fruit bananas shop. They want to get someapples .but they can only get some --oranges and .so they are not happy. children just then ,twocome into the box room .they have got a big bananas .in side ,there are some .the monkeys see them. They happy are very
重点单词 Apple苹果 苹果 Banana香蕉 香蕉 Pear梨 梨 Mango芒果 芒果 Pineapple菠萝 菠萝 Orange橘子 橘子 Coconut椰子 椰子 Watermelon西瓜 西瓜 Lemon柠檬 柠檬 一般词汇 Grape葡萄 葡萄 Grapefruit釉子 釉子 Peach桃子 桃子 Favourite最喜欢的 最喜欢的 Fruit水果 水果 Shop商店 商店



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