剑桥少儿英语一级上册重点掌握内容 剑桥少儿英语一级上册重点掌握内容 一级上
单元 第一单元 I’m Sam. 重点单词及句型 重点词汇 pen, pencil, pencil-case, ruler, book, bag, eraser, my, your, his names for boys: Sam, Bill, Alex, Tom, Ben, Fan, Dan names for girls: Pat, Lucy, Ann, Sue, May, Jill, Lan, Kim 重点句型 I’m …. His /Her name is …. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you, too.

第二单元 It’s a goat.
重点词汇 horse, fish, duck, turtle 乌龟, cow, rabbit, cat, chicken 鸡, dog, sheep 绵羊, frog 青蛙, goat 山羊. 重点句型
  1. What’s this?
  2. It’s a ….(动物名)
  3. This is my ….(动物名) 第三单元 重点词汇 I like apples, bananas, pears, grapes, mangos, grapefruits 柚子, oranges, pineapples, watermelons, peaches, coconuts, lemons apples 重点句型
  1. What would you like, sir/Miss?
  2. I want some ….
  3. Would you like an apple? Yes, please/ No, thanks.
  4. Here you are.
  5. Me, too. 第四单元 重点词汇 What’s in hat, turtle, table, pig, friend, clock, fish, baseball 棒球, bird, pen, pouch 小袋子, Tony, fun, time my hat? 重点句型
  4. What’s in my hat? What’s on the table? Let me try. This is my friend, Tony.
第五单元 重点词汇 My body Nouns: hair, eye, ear, neck, hand, foot, head, nose, mouth, arm 手臂, leg 腿; and the Verbs: see, smell, hear, taste, touch, clap, hold, pick, monster’s write, catch, stand, run, kick, stamp, hop, jump 重点句型 He’s got three eyes, four hands, four ears and three legs. Touch your head. What can we do with our hands and feet? What can you see? I can see a book. We can see with our eyes.

第六单元 重点词汇 Let’s play draw, throw, catch, hide, pick, kick, put, bounce the ball 拍球, kick the shuttlecock, throw the beanbag 丢沙包, catch games. the beanbag 接沙包, hide and seek, pick and put 捡捡放放 重点句型
  1. Where is …?
  2. He must be in the ….
  3. Pick an apple and put it under the chair. 第七单元 重点词汇 Fruit and Fruit 水果, vegetable 蔬菜, party 舞会, welcome 欢迎, potato Vegetable 土豆, lime 酸橙, bean 扁豆, banana 香蕉, fries 薯条, cheese 奶酪, butter 黄油, sausage 香肠, carrot 胡萝卜, orange 桔子, Party tomato 番茄, lemon 柠檬, pear 梨, apple 苹果, pineapple 菠萝, Miss 小姐, Mr.先生., Mrs.夫人, watermelon 西瓜, pumpkin 南瓜, honey 蜂蜜, sad 伤心的, help 帮忙, bear 熊, home 家
  8. 第八单元 Colors around us 重点句型 Let’s give a fruit and vegetable party. Let’s welcome Miss Pear. Mr. Lime, please. Which one do you like, the banana or the orange?
重点词汇 New 新的, street 街道, beautiful 漂亮的, truck/lorry 卡车, hurry 快点儿,wait 等待 tick 打勾, many 许多的, want 想要, front 前面, show 给…看, shorts 短裤, different 不同的, pair 一副, choose 选择, favourite 最喜爱的
  1. Let’s go and have a look.
  2. Please wait.
  3. Hurry up.
  4. What is red?
  5. The apple is red. 第九单元 重点词汇 Where is 介词:under 在…下面, on 在…上面, in 在…里面, between 在… 和…中间, behind 在…后面, next to 在…旁边 my toy 交通工具:train 火车, jeep 吉普车, car 汽车, ship 轮船, boat car? 船, plane 飞机, motorbike 摩托车, bike 自行车, bus 公交车 其他词汇: lots 许多, much 很多 (修饰不可数名词) mat 垫子, toy , 玩具, need 需要, wheel 车轮, wing 翅膀、机翼, leg 腿 重点句型
  1. ?Where is my toy car? ?It’s under the cap.
  2. How much ice cream do you want?
  3. Have you got a toy car?
  4. Yes, I have. / No, I haven’t. 第十单元 An Easy 重点词汇 math Count 数数, plus 加, minus 减, math 数学, easy 简单的, busy lesson 繁忙的, fun 有趣的, give 给(出), all 所有的, ping pong 乒 乓球, take away 拿走, missing 缺少的, 重点句型
  1. Let’s count.
  2. Math is fun.
  3. Math is easy.
  4. We are busy.
  5. Take away five oranges.
  6. One plus two is three. 第十一单 重点词汇 元 家庭成员:mum 妈妈, dad 爸爸, grandpa 爷爷、姥爷, grandma 奶 奶、 姥姥, nephew 侄子, niece 侄女, son 儿子, daughter Our family 女儿, cousin 堂兄弟姐妹 tree 动词:water 浇水, read 看(书), watch 看(电视、电影), drink 喝, hold 握着, eat 吃, take 拿, tell 讲(故事) 其他词汇:family 家庭, home 家, tree 树, flower 花, newspaper 报纸, seat 座位, photo 照片
  1. I’ve got a friend here.
  2. Nice to meet you.
  3. Take a seat.
  4. Is that your grandma?
  9. She is watering the flowers now.
  10.Come and show us your family photo. 第十二单 元 Let’ Let’s make friends. friends. 重点词汇 Friend 朋友, hobby 爱好, flying 飞, bike-riding 骑自行车, go shopping 购物, wearing 穿着, swimming 游泳, drawing 画画, climbing 爬, roller-skating 溜冰, talking 谈话, play computer games 玩电脑游戏 重点句型
  5. What does A like doing? A likes flying a kite. What’s your hobby? I like bike-riding. Come and have a look.
第十三单 元
Paper Clothes Show
重点词汇 衣物:shirt 衬衫, dress 连衣裙, skirt 短裙, jacket 夹克, socks 袜子, T-shirt T 恤衫, glasses 眼睛, trousers 长裤, shorts 短裤, vest 背心, shoes 鞋 名词性物主代词:yours 你的, mine 我的, his 他的, hers 她的, ours 我们的, theirs 他们的, its 它的 重点句型
  1.What does A like doing?
  2.A likes flying a kite.
  3.What’s your hobby?
  4.I like bike-riding.
  5. Come and have a look.
第十四单 重点词汇 元 动词: tidy 整理, feed 喂, mop 拖 (地) sweep 扫, wash 洗, scrub , 擦, tea 茶, clean 清洁, comb 梳理 Let’s help 名词:hair 头发, floor 地板, kitchen 厨房, cupboard 柜橱, the old. street 街道, bookcase 书柜, window 窗户, tomato 西红柿, sofa 沙发
  6. What is he/she doing? He/She is mopping the floor. Her we are. Yes, thanks a lot. Would you like a cup of tea? I’ll clean the kitchen.
第十五单 重点词汇 元 Present 礼物, make 制作, who 谁, guess 猜, riddle 谜语, shot A Happy 投篮, ours 我们的, blow 吹, balloon 气球, fish 鱼, bounce 弹、 拍, wear 穿着, sleep 睡觉, drink 喝, fly 飞, put 放 New Year 重点句型
  1. Who is he?
  2. You are Li Ming.
  3. Happy New Year!
  4. How long is your snake? 第十六单 重点词汇 元 English 英语, evening 晚上, quietly 静静地, fast 迅速, asleep An English 睡着, past 过去, turnip 萝卜, pull 拔, suddenly 突然, fall 掉 下去, break 休息,, indoors 室内, group 组 Evening 重点句型
  1.Wow! What a big turnip!
  2. I can’t pull it out.
  3. Let me help you.
  4. No problem.
  5. Let’s do it.



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