Unit 1 Hello, I’m Sam.
词汇 句型 a pen, a pencil, a pencil-case, a ruler, a book, a bag, an eraser
  1. Hi! I’m Pat.
  2. This is my new book.
  3. Nice to see you. /Nice to see you, too!
  4. Who is this girl? /This is Jill. my, your, his a
语法点 自然拼读
Unit 2 It’s a goat.
词汇 句型 语法点 自然拼读 a horse, a fish, a turtle, a duck, a cow, a chicken, a goat, a rabbit, a dog, a frog, a sheep, a cat
  1. What’s this, Mr. Li? /It’s a goat.
  2. It’s a long tail. It’s a… e
Unit 3 I like apples.
词汇 句型 apples, grapes, bananas, mango(e)s, pears, grapefruits, oranges, peaches, pineapples, coconuts, watermelons, lemons
  1. I like bananas.
  2. I don’t like bananas, but I like peaches.
  3. Would you like an apple? Yes, please. /No, Thanks.
  4. Me too.
  5. Here you are! n 单复数 a/an o
语法点 自然拼读
Unit 4 What’s in my hat?
词汇 句型 语法点 自然拼读 a clock, a baseball, a hat, a table, a turtle, a pig, a fish, a bird, a pen, fun, time, friend
  1. What’s in my/the hat/bag/box/desk/hand?
  2. What’s on the table? in, on i
Unit 5 My body and the monsters
词汇 身体部位名词: hair, head, eye, nose, ear, mouth, arm, hand, leg, foot, neck 动词: clap, hold, pick, write, catch, stand, run, kick, stamp, jump, hop, see, smell, hear, taste, touch
  1. He’s got three eyes...
语法点 自然拼读

  2. We can see with our eyes.
  3. What can you see?/ I can see a book. can u
Unit 6 Let’s play games.
词汇 动词: draw, throw, catch, hide, pick, kick, put 词组: bounce the ball kick the shuttlecock catch the beanbag throw the beanbag hide and seek pick and put Where is Sam? He must be in the lemon house. where a_e
句型 语法点 自然拼读
Unit 7 Fruit and vegetable party
词汇 蔬菜: vegetable, potato, bean, carrot, tomato, pumpkin 水果: fruit, lime, banana, orange, lemon, pear, apple, pineapple, watermelon 食品: chips, cheese, butter, sausage
  1. Which one do you like, the banana or the orange?
  2. I like oranges. which e( he, she…)
句型 语法点 自然拼读
Unit 8 Colors around us
词汇 句型 自然拼读 new, street, nice, beautiful, live, lot, wait, hurry, truck, lorry, different, favorite
  1. What’s red? The apple is red.
  2. Do you like blue? Yes, I do./ No, I don’t. i_e
Unit 9 Where is my toy car?
词汇 交通工具: train ,car, ship, boat, plane, bike, bus 介词: on, in, under, between, behind, next to
  1. Where is my toy car ?
  2. It’s under the cap.
语法点 自然拼读

  3. Have you got a toy car ? Yes, I have/No, I haven’t. 介词:on, in, under, between, behind, next to o_e
Unit 10 An easy maths lesson
词汇 句型 自然拼读 giraffe, snake, horse, hippo, elephant, bee, tiger, ant count, plus, minus, maths, easy, busy, fun
  3. One plus two is three. u_e
Unit 11 Our family tree
词汇 mum, dad, grandpa, grandma, nephew, niece, cousin, son, daughter, photo, family, tree, home make, show, read, watch, drink, hold, eat
  1. I‘ve got a friend here.
  2. Is that your grandma?
  3. She is watering the flowers now. 一般疑问句:Is that your grandma? 现在进行时:She is watering the flowers now. oo
语法点 自然拼读
Unit 12 Let’s make friends
词汇 friend, hobby, swimming, climbing, talking, bike-riding, hopping, drawing, wearing, sleeping, singing, drinking, reading, listening to music, doing homework, playing computer games, flying a kite, helping mum, go shopping,roller-skating
  1. What does he/she like doing? He/ She likes flying a kite.
  2. What’s your hobby? I like bike-riding. like doing?? ? sh
语法点 自然拼读
Unit 13 Paper clothes show
词汇 服饰词汇: shirt, dress, skirt, jacket, hat, socks, T-shirt, glasses, trousers, shoes, shorts, vest 名词性物主代词: yours, mine, his, hers, ours, theirs, its
  1. Is that yours? Yes, this is mine.
  2. This is my T-shirt.
  3. These are my shorts. 名词性物主代词 ch
语法点 自然拼读
Unit 14 Let’s help the old
语法点 自然拼读
动词: feed, mop, sweep, wash, scrub, clean, comb, cross, tidy 家居: bookcase, sofa, floor, window, kitchen, cupboard
  1. What is he/she doing ? He /she is mopping the floor.
  2. Would you like to listen to my story ?
  3. Would you like a cup of tea? Yes, thanks a lot. 现在进行时 th
Unit 15 A happy new year
词汇 动词: guess, blow, bounce, wear, sleep, drink, fly, put 玩具: train, plane, car, ship, helicopter
  1. Who’s he ?
  2. You are Li Ming.
  3. Happy new year!
Unit 16 An English evening
词汇 句型 语法点 colors, animals, fruits, clothes, body parts, school things
  1. What have you got?
  2. Let’s have a race. Let’s…



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